I received a message from a fan in the background yesterday.

‘I broke up with my boyfriend. ‘

We were supposed to go on a trip together for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, but he suddenly told me yesterday that his mom wanted him to go back to hometown for the holiday, so he couldn’t go with me for holiday
I couldn’t help but break up with him.

He also looked shocked, “how could you break up over such a little thing?”

But, in fact, it was never just this little thing that made me want to break up. Rather, it was the accumulation of too many disappointments behind it.

The trip was something we already had a deal, I also spent a lot of time to look for place and hotel, in the end, but in exchange for his a light sentence: cannot go.

There are so many similar things, he is always like this, easy to promise, but always broken promises.

How can I still believe that he said he would love me well?

Chen Qiu (a Chinese artist) said: “There is a big misunderstanding about love, we always think that the breakup happens at the moment we say it.

In fact, break-up is not decided by just one thing, and behind all leaving there are countless moments of wanting to break up.

What are the moments that make a couple most want to break up?


I was walking down the road with a friend the other day, and my friend suddenly said to me.

You look not good.

I love to cook and I love food, but after being with him, he doesn’t like any of my interests.

He doesn’t like every meal I cooked for him, and he could find reasons to dislike anything I said.

He yells at me a lot when he’s in a bad mood, always finds a reason to count me out, and always argues with me about the smallest things. 

At that time, I felt sad every day because he couldn’t make me feel he loves me.

The two of you should bring more positive energy to each other, make each other feel happy because of your presence and become tenderer because of your thoughtfulness.

When all the relationship brings to itself is negativity and instability, the relationship will be gradually abandoned.


The two of us are long-distance couples, Valentine’s Day I took train to buy gifts in advance, drove more than 300 kilometers over to spend the holiday with her, shopping for a day, almost spent all the money.

The money on the dinner can only eat two bowls of noodles, she asked me with straight face how to treat her, and I said the money is not enough.

But she ordered the most expensive bowl of noodles.

I bit my teeth and looked at my account balance, just enough for the bowl of noodles and a few more dollars, and gave her an extra marinated chicken feet.

There was only one bowl of noodles, and she was playing with her phone while eating, I asked her if I could have a bite. Maybe she was too focused on her phone, she ignored me.

I tried to touch her hand, she suddenly knocked my hand away, and a few drops of hot soup spilled out after hitting the noodles, splashing my arm.

She suddenly lost control and yelled at me.

Why do you always ignore what I’ve told you I like! You only know how to care about money, why other boyfriends are so generous, don’t come to me again

After turning around and heading out, I cried and finished the bowl of noodles.

As you become more and more fond of comparing me to your best friend’s boyfriend, and as you become more and more inconsiderate of my feelings and feelings, I can’t find a reason to continue with you.

Just graduating are the poorest of the poor, so don’t compare and demand to be treated like someone else’s boy/girlfriend without considering the reality of the situation.

What’s more, if you want to get the enviable love, you have to look at your own capital first.


The other day I had a break to eat at the restaurant downstairs, just in time for a new couple to get married, I witnessed the whole process was very moved, suddenly had a momentary impulse to get married.

I hope that in the future I can be like that couple, holding each other’s hands to toast to all the guests, I hope that in the future I can be like them, to get the recognition and support of family and friends.

I’m texting you to ask when are we getting married? You didn’t call me back.

I called you and you said, ‘ I don’t want to think about marriage.’

I thought to myself, I may never be able to wait for that day with you.

Forget it, no more waiting.

If you are old enough to talk about marriage, give the person you love the most a definite message as to when exactly you will marry her and give her a home.


Recently a few new movies are screened and wanted you to go with me to watch them. You said you didn’t have time to watch the movies with me.

The last time we had dinner together was 2 weeks ago, the last time we held hands was 20 days ago, the last time we watched a movie together was 2 months ago, and the last time we kissed I don’t remember.

When you turn from being anxious if you can’t reach me for 5 minutes into repeatedly stressing to me that you need space.

When you no longer care about my anger and sad
When an argument you stop trying to resolve and instead say you don’t want to explain and stop talking about it.

When I realized that standing with you, nothing I could say or do would help, I gave up.

Love is that two people spend time together.


I’m afraid of dogs, especially the very large ones.

One time, the evening overtime until more than ten o’clock to go home, go to the entrance of the community, suddenly sprang out of a big yellow dog followed me, it is dozens of meters away from me to stop and look at me.

I was drenched in cold sweat, legs soft to a move dare not move, with a crying voice to the then male ticket call, said.

“There’s a dog following me and I’m too scared to walk, will you come downstairs and get me and help me get rid of it?”

He said calmly, “don’t be afraid, the dog will not bite you, don’t worry, you just keep going, and I don’t hang up my phone.’
I hung up the phone and turned my head to stare at the dog, who after a moment wagged his head and walked away, dashingly.

I walked upstairs, gathered my things, and left without any thought
When we were together, you said you would protect me whatever happens, but now, you don’t even care about my safety anymore.

Break-up could happen after you’ve argued hysterically and then exhaustedly made up.

 When saving enough disappointment, will leave.

More than loving you, I want to love myself well.