Yesterday, a reader sent a message to me at night, and told me angrily and aggressively.

I think my girlfriend is unreasonable!

We have a female colleague in our company who is single and a few years younger than me.

I was talking to her once and found out that we lived close to each other, and then I drove to work every day.

Later, she said she was embarrassed and brought me breakfast a few times for her appreciation.

As a result, my partner found out about it, and she and I had a big fight. She thinks that I cheated on her

I swear, I really didn’t think of too much, just took care of my new co-workers.

It’s all just normal human interaction, why does she distrust me? It’s really annoying to be doubted!

Can’t I even talk to other girls when I have a girlfriend?

Honestly, I could feel the anger and helplessness of the boys even through the screen.

Maybe he does not think of too much
But he did do one thing wrong, and that was – he failed to recognize where the boundaries of the relationship between men and women.
In fact, many people have different opinions on the topic of whether or not there is pure friendship between men and women.

But I think there needs to be a boundary when it comes to making friends with the opposite sex, whether you have a partner or not

Doing ambiguous things in the name of a friend, it may hurt the friendship and may even hurt the innocent guy/girlfriend.  I absolutely raise my hands against such things.
These are three things to keep in mind when dealing with the opposite sex!


Sharing feelings, having little secrets that belong to each other.

Friends also share things about themselves to each other, like interesting or annoying things that they usually meet, but not everything.

Once you tell this secret to the other person, it shows that you have an unusual relationship with this person.

Especially if you have secrets that only two people know, the relationship is much closer.

Another thing to be reminded is that if you are having a boy/girlfriend, never talk to your friend of the opposite sex, or even ask him/her to help analyze and resolve the issues between you.

Be aware that it is likely that your friends of the opposite sex will be the biggest problem.


Physical contact, intimate behavior.
There will be more or less physical contact between friends of the opposite sex, but even if you’re in a good relationship, don’t have overly intimate contact such as ruffling hair, touching faces and whispering in the ear.

It’s the most sensitive point between friends of the opposite sex.

Maybe some people will say that for all the years we’ve been together, I’ve always thought of him/her as a brother/sister, even if he/she is naked I don’t have any idea!

But, others would never think so.

If you are just friends, your behavior like this will disturb others .
There are some things that really only work between couples, and since you only think of each other as friends, don’t do these excessive things.


Together every day.

We often say that no matter how often you talk on your phone, feelings rise faster than if you don’t see each other as often.

Especially when two people are together, it’s easy to develop some feelings.

The two get along and you can feel the expressions, tone of voice, and even smell of the other person when they speak. You will make frequent eye contact, motion contact.

Such behavior is actually very dangerous.

It is said that a gentleman’s friendship is as light as water.

A really good friend should want the other person to have a good life and not give the other person random trouble.

Especially when the other person has partner, your friendship is bound to make certain compromises and concessions.

It’s a courtesy to not bother. 

If you still do everything with him/her in mind.

No matter what time of night it is, you still send a text: play a game together!

You ran faster than her boyfriend when they said you were moving, and you didn’t tell your girlfriend.

It is a sacrilege to friendship.

In fact, the relationship between friends of the opposite sex is not that complicated, it’s just that there is a problem with the way you get along, as long as you grasp the square inch and do not break the bottom line, this kind of friendships are not difficult to last.

Do you have any friends of the opposite sex who play well? How have you both handled your relationship?