Today is the 12th day that Sister Ai is trapped at home.
 When I wake up every day, the first thing is still to check the data related to the epidemic of the day.
 Although I heard the academician Zhong Nanshan said that these days will be the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of confirmed cases soaring, I still can’t help but be scared.
 Not only the epidemic, but various hot news events in recent days, the bird flu in Hunan, the earthquake in Sichuan, and the fire in Putian, Fujian, all made people suspect that everything was so untrue and made people want to cry.
 Sometimes I really want to cover my head and look at nothing and think about nothing, but I can’t help brushing the news and wechat moments again and again.


 I saw Xiaoyun sending a message in the wechat moments last night. It’s really awful in 2020. If it’s possible, I really hope this is all a dream.
 Xiaoyun and Big Bear have been together for 5 years. After going through ups and downs, they are finally going to a happy marriage life, because they are still struggling, and they want to get married during the spring festival.
However, the date of marriage was booked, the hotel was booked in advance, the wedding company was also booked, the wedding invitations were all spread out. The epidemic spread out.
 Now, the deposit cannot be refunded, and the two young people communicate with each other across the screen of the mobile phone every day.
 And because of the communication of marriage and rescheduling, it also involves some trivial matters between the parents and families of both parties. They can’t help but quarrel a few times.
 When Xiaoyun chatted with some of our good sisters, she couldn’t help complaining with us;
 In fact, when she was sensible, she also understood that this kind of thing is not a problem for anyone. It ’s just that they both feel a little depressed, and because of the inconvenience of communication through WeChat phone, there will be certain misunderstandings.
 Obviously it is a problem that can be solved by embracing, but through the screen of the mobile phone, there will be accumulated grievances.
 But, sometimes, we can’t help thinking, why did the two of us encounter such a bad luck? Did God think we two were not suitable and deliberately broke up?
 Maybe every girl has had such a dream. They hope that life can be as good as a movie. When we are in the trough of life, someone will run across the street and hug us to help us solve all problems.
 But unfortunately life is never a movie. After growing up, many things will make people want to sigh.
 Adults have long lost their capricious rights. Even if they cried today, they still have to accumulate all their energy tomorrow, clean up the collapsed roof bit by bit, and regain a warm house.
 Just like Xiaoyun, at the end of the chat, she said to us with a grin: “Okay, when the epidemic is over, we will have a wedding, and you can’t be absent!”  Did you hear me?  Then we will dance together!


 There is a saying: If you don’t come again, I’m going to snow.
 During this time, it was not only Xiaoyun who encountered emotional problems.
 A few days ago, a reader asked me in the background. I don’t know what happened recently. I feel like I don’t know what to talk with my boyfriend. Every day ’s chat seems to be coping. I think that the jokes he tells are not funny, and I feel that he has changed. Everything is so strange, is there no love between us?
 In fact, in the opinion of Sister Ai, maybe you are still in love with each other. You have been together for a long time, and naturally you will not be as sweet as when you are in love at the beginning.
 As time goes by, the enthusiasm will slowly recede. Once you haven’t seen each other in three seconds, you feel that you are living like a year. Now you don’t see each other for a week and you can bear it.
 However, when feelings enter a flat period, some small contradictions and small frictions will continue to appear.
 Therefore, feelings must be carefully maintained. It requires the joint efforts of the two people to constantly create freshness and increase the concentration of feelings.
 Especially in such a special period, there is no more effective and direct way of communication between the two people. The epidemic situation makes people panic, but the beloved one cannot stay beside.
 Uneasiness and anxiety, coupled with a lot of boring time, it is easy to make people feel that their relationship is starting to go wrong?
 So, during this time, you must give your partner more companionship and patience.
 You know, sometimes they are angry just to make you pay more attention to them. She wants to fight not justified, just to hear you say I love you.
 If there is no way to meet, just make a few more video calls instead.
 There is no way to hug, just say a few words like I miss you, I love you, I want to hug you.
 There is no way to get tired together, just find something to do together and make some games.
 After all, love is not the end, companionship is the destination.


 “Zhao Yingming! Can you hear me! Come back safely! I’ll take care of all the housework for a year if you come back safely!” On January 28, Sichuan Province sent a medical aid team to Wuhan, a man shouted in tears, he is the husband of Zhao Yingming, one of the team members.
 Life is really not easy, but in the long darkness, you are the brightest light.
 There will always be some love, let us believe that eternity is not only a legend;
 There will always be some human warmth, let us find the courage to move forward courageously;
 There will always be some company to accompany us through the long years.
 Today is Lichun, and no winter will not pass, just like no spring will not come.
 The movie “New Bridge Lovers” says: The person who dreams in dreams will go to see her after waking up.