First of all, it ’s not bragging, sometimes superstitious stuff is a magic, if you believe it, it’s true. If you don’t believe it, it’s wrong.
 Just when the messages in the background were all splitting up breaking up, Sister Ai was stuffed with “dog food”.
 Lingling paid attention to the subscription during 10.1, saw that [seeing] could help her to find a boyfriend. 
 then!  Of course, there is no boyfriend.
 I remember that Sister Ai wrote an article some time ago. After seeing it, Lingling felt very interesting and shared it in her wechat moments.
 Coincidentally, a boy in Lingling’s list also followed Ai Sister, so the boy commented under lingling’s wechat moments, “You also see love skills”!
 Later, they began to chat privately, with love skills as the topic, and opened the conversation box.
 One day, they started a conversation on the topic of “how did they pay attention to this official account”.
 The boy asked Ling Ling: “Are you learning how to fall in love?”
 Lingling said: “yes, I want to find a boyfriend.”
 After learning that the boys are also single, they chatted and talked about their feelings.
 I used to think that I was [seeing] taking out orders, but now it seems that sharing will also help each other to find the lover.
 So, Sister Ai will come to take stock for everyone today. Where are the gentle and considerate lover of others’ find?


 One day, I was walking on the street with my bag, and suddenly a thief pulled the bag behind me and ran away.
 I was stunned for a second, then cried while running and shouted: “Thief! Catch the thief!” 
 Then my current boyfriend ran to the front and threw the thief (boyfriend graduated from sports school).
 When he returned the bag to me, I didn’t know if I was too excited or too happy, so I cried while holding my boyfriend.
 Then, my boyfriend comforted me with a smile.
 Later they were together …


 I have a habit is that when I taking the transportation, I will get sleepy. When I went to school abroad to take an international flight, I fell asleep as expected.
 Later, when I woke up, I found that I was drooling on the arm of the boy next to me! 
 I looked at him with an embarrassed and polite smile, and then I felt extremely embarrassed. I was about to turn my head and run.
 He said, “You stained my clothes and you want to run like this? 
 The saliva I left is not swill, which is dirty!  But I still said embarrassedly: “Then what do you want!”
 He said, “Well, give me your contact and I’ll call you.”
 Later … later together.


 My good sister said that her brother (same grade but young age) is a cool guy and would like to introduce him to me. 
 At that time, I just watched the Korean drama “Pretty Sister Who Always Eats”, and I said I love cool guy!
 Then my good sister sent my photo to my boyfriend. I didn’t expect him to look at the photo for a long time and said that this is what he wanted the girlfriend to look for. Then he came to meet me.
 Later, in order to thank my good sister, I introduce my younger brother to her.


We know each other from the game, lol , I assist him. He was caught a few waves across from me.
 Then his mentality exploded and began to complain about his teammates, I was very angry, and I sprayed up against him, scolded hundreds of rounds and found that we are all in Chengdu.
 He called me and found out that I was a girl. He kept saying sorry he didn’t think about that I am a girl. He hung up and sent a short apology. 
 Later, we often invite each other to play games together, and then, we were together.


 We know each other in the toilet.
 A small hospital department has only one toilet.
 Two pits, regardless of gender, he used one, I used another one.
 Diarrhea together is very embarrassing.
 The key is just finished pulling together and coming out to wash hands together.
 After knowing each other, making jokes with each other and then being together, this is a tasteful love story.


 how to say?  Mainly by dreaming!


 Once I drank too much, and when I woke up, I found an extra boyfriend.
 We didn’t went to hotel on the night of drinking, and we just walked hand in hand on the street overnight.
 We also went to the campus of Beijing Foreign Language School to swing …. We have been together for more than two years now … still very reliable.


 The son of my dad’s friend. We are typically the legendary green plum bamboo horse.


Everyone is busy meeting all kinds of people, thinking that it is enriching life, but the most valuable encounter is to meet oneself again at a certain moment, only then understand:
 Traveling the world is just to find a way to go back to your heart.
 And the one who belongs to you will come to you one day.
 Make you feel that the rain and dew in this world are all for you, and the stars in the night sky are all bright for you.