Sister Ai has a fan who believes in the constellation, which belongs to the type that looks at each other’s constellation and depends to going on or not.
 It’s a pity that she has the ability to be a sultry man, and she has no chance of actual combat so far, so she is very curious to ask me, can you talk from practical experience, what is it like to fall in love with the boys of the twelve constellations?
 Sister Ai wants to answer, but unfortunately I don’t have such a skill, I can gather the twelve constellations … I don’t just look at the constellations when I am in love!
 However, considering that there are indeed many girls who are still very interested in the constellation, Sister Ai really asked a circle of love experiences around me, and friends who wants to know more about the constellation, I want to talk to you today,  Which constellation boy is the sweetest?
 Everyone is welcome to take the seat.
 Anyway, there is no guarantee of accuracy. If there are similarities, it is indeed a coincidence.


 Scorpio boys are generally not easy to fall in love with a person, because they are very smart, easy to understand people’s hearts, but once a Scorpio boy falls in love with a person, then he will definitely do everything to love her.
 Scorpio’s love is fierce and fanatical. Once he really falls in love with someone, he is ready to spend a lifetime with this girl. He is absolutely dedicated and loyal and will stick to this love.
 Regardless of age, space gap, or external pressure, there is no way to shake his resolve.
 But at the same time, he will have the same requirements for his partner, so if he encounters a betrayal, Scorpio will definitely revenge.
 Scorpio has a very strong possessiveness towards his girlfriend and especially likes to be jealous. If the girl is with him, he must give him enough confidence and security.
 Girls who have not been loved by Scorpio men are not enough to talk about love.


 Face-saving, narcissistic, and masculine Leo. It is standard to eat soft but not hard. The Leo boy like young girls to worship him and need him.
 But you may have a hard time imagining that the Leo outside looks like a big cat when facing someone they like they became lonely and majestic.
 They will take good care of their girlfriends, and they will work hard and give no complaints for their girlfriends to lead a better life.
 If they accidentally make their girlfriend angry, they will also coquettishly please each other without a bottom line.
 Moreover, Leo boys have a particularly strong sense of field, especially short-term protection, that is, I can say that my girlfriend is not good, but if outsiders dare to say that his girlfriend is not good, he will definitely desperately fight with that person.
 If you like an overbearing presidential boyfriend, a Leo boy is worth having.


Cancer male
 Falling in love with a Cancer boy is equivalent to finding a full-time nanny, chef, cleaner, full-time driver, personal bodyguard, or 7 * 24h full-time online.
 Cancer boys are homesick, warm, down-to-earth, and tolerant. There is no vigour and no romantic surprises with them, but there are safe and stable.
 In a word, the life pattern of the husband and wife. Let you lead a retirement life in advance.
 Very suitable for marriage, especially for girls, never have to worry about widowed childcare. Cancer boys take care of their children carefully more than girls.
 However, it is said that Cancer is also a constellation with more male treasures


 Pisces men are gentle, romantic, attentive, and sentimental, which is what many girls think of their boyfriends.

 Fall in love with them you can enjoy the treatment of idol drama, fall in love with Pisces is Valentine’s Day every day.
 They can feel every little emotion of girls, without being dizzy by their straight men’s thinking. Many times girls have not said that the boys in Pisces will also devote themselves to creating romance and surprises for girls.
 But one thing is, the Pisces boys are really walking central air conditioners.
 There are a lot of sisters and sisters around him, all of them are ambiguous, maybe he is not deliberately ambiguous, but his heart is too soft, they want to give more girls happiness! 
 If you can accept this, the relationship between Pisces boys is really good!


 The Taurus boys are very stubborn, very picky, very careful, very stingy.
 But this is all towards outsiders, when they treat the people they like, they become that very mad man.
 Take you to eat delicious food, honestly pay the salary card, save money to buy a house and offered to add your name, want to marry you.
 The Taurus people don’t have too many tricks, they just take care of their homes, they just want to stay with you and live well every day.  (It ’s enough to marry a wife, they don’t dare to mess with others)
 Maybe they are not very romantic, but with Taurus boys, he will ensure that you eat well every meal and you will not be short of money.
 After all, there are really few people like them who can make money and save money.
 As long as you don’t worry about you will get fat after marrying them.


 Aquarius male has a special temperament, indifferent, rational and alienated. It is easy to distinguish them by looking carefully in the crowd.
 The inner world of Aquarius is not something that ordinary people can understand, so outsiders think they get mad from time to time.
 So falling in love with Aquarius can sometimes be confusing.
 He is suddenly cold and hot, and the casual appearance will make the girl feel insecure.
 But, Aquarius really likes a person, both romantic and sweet, and willing to break through all the bottom lines for you.
 Aquarius man is one of the constellations that has the biggest gap in commenting on the style of painting. Some people say that they are scrum, and others say that they are very loyal.


 The boys of Aries are enthusiastic and direct, full of energy, like a small stove in summer.
 They are like the little children who don’t grow up.
 Aries in love is also like a child, impulsive and direct, like is like, and can’t wait for the flowers and chocolate trumpet to come together, it’s imaginative to make people pretend not to understand.
 When he likes a girl, he treats her very well with the whole of his life. He just wants to give her what she feels good. It doesn’t matter what you give, as long as you want, as long as I have it.
 But it is a pity that the Aries boy’s likes are too long-lasting and come and go quickly. Just like a child, they leave the girl who likes kindergarten behind after a summer vacation.


 A Capricorn with more reason than sensibility is generally a workaholic without feelings, and is not so sensitive to feelings by nature, but once you really fall in love with someone, that is great!
 ——It ’s no use falling in love with it. Expect Capricorn to take initiative, be brave, and actively pursue a girl?  That’s really hard!
 A Pisces boy may love you 60 points and can show 100 points, but a Capricorn boy who loves you 100 can only show 30 points.
 I don’t know if it ’s shy, it ’s certain. Even if the heart is already overturning the river, Capricorn has the ability to express as steady as Mount Tai.
 After all, it is a person who can talk to the whole process with a smile emoticon. It seems that the wooden, boring Capricorn is really not affordable for ordinary people.
 However, if you really walk into Capricorn’s psychology, you will know how hot their feelings are.
 Capricorn is the kind of standard straight man who doesn’t say anything good and does not have romantic thoughts, but will definitely be good to you-after all, others may not be able to bear them!


 Libra boys have high natural emotional quotient. For those small tricks in love, Libra boys are familiar with them.
 So as long as they want, they can coax their girlfriends particularly happy.
 The Libra boys have a gentle personality. Even if the girls are sometimes excessive, they are not easy to be angry and will still be spoiled.
 However, Libra has absolute face control, and those with low face value have no chance.
 Moreover, if there is a higher face value than his girlfriend to pick him up, Libra is easy to shake.


 Do boys in Virgo also have girlfriends?
 Just kidding, the boys in Virgo are actually pretty good! Although they are too strict, and even their girlfriends are often picky about them.
 However, the boys of Virgo are the kind of legendary mouth who is upright, who dislikes you for eating too much, and secretly cooks supper for you at night.
 Virgo men are also very delicate in their thoughts, and caring for girls is also considerate. If you like a Virgo boy, take care of their fragile glass heart and give them a sense of presence, they will love you more!


 Free as wind. Outgoing lonely patient.

 It is said that Gemini will fall in love with someone till death.
 But the point is, few really make them fall in love.
 Because they sometimes do not understand their feelings.

 Don’t try it easily. Lovers can try it boldly.


 Born to be unrestrained and love freedom.
 Not easy to get distracted. Unless he feels that he has met someone who can really control them.
 They are easy to fall in love, but don’t take it seriously, they don’t care about girls who take the initiative to tease them.
 But if you are good enough to shine, he will take the initiative to chase you.
 Sagittarius is cheerful, optimistic, and has a good personality, and does not care about many things, so it is an interesting thing to fall in love with them. Girls are often amused. However, Sagittarius boys generally do not care about people in life.  .
 You can fall in love, but if you want to get married, you’d better think about it carefully!
 It is often heard that a girl attributed the reason for the breakup to a horoscope difference.
 But Sister Ai still really feels that although constellations do have certain commonalities, people are really different from each other. Every constellation has scum men, and every constellation also has excellent men.
 And no matter what constellation, the key to love is to attract each other!
 Otherwise, no matter how good the boy is, he doesn’t like you.
 So, when you are in love, it ’s no problem to use the constellation as a reference, but don’t be too addictive, it is not necessary to send a rejection card to others too early.