Yesterday’s Sister Ai posted an article: How do boys coax their grumpy girlfriends?
 Many boys finished reading it, and in the comment area, they scolded Ai for being wrong in three ways, and guided girls to trample on the dignity of boys, let men kneel and lick girls, and even swear directly …
 I had a black question mark at the time: I just jokingly used the word “licking”, and the meaning between the lines, but just wanted to let boys take more care of the girl’s emotions, so that everyone learns to coax girlfriends happy.
 Some boys really don’t overreact. After all, your girlfriend is your own. Usually you don’t spoil, and you don’t coax when you get angry. Naturally, someone will spoil her, someone will coax her, and then you know the ending …
 To be honest, I really doubt whether these boys really love someone.
 Because if you really love someone, you must only be afraid that you don’t give enough and do not do well enough, instead of always complaining about the other person ’s temper and high demands.
 However, several boys said that they must respect and understand each other in love. In fact, this has always been particularly recognized by sister Ai.
 As the title says: Love is made, it is also made.
 The sweet words that cannot be implemented into actual actions are not love, but those who act and squander their emotions without scruples will naturally not get the desired results.


 Song Song met a boy some time ago and met on a social network. After a few weeks of chatting, it felt pretty good, so they met.

 They went out for dinner several times, and watched a few movies. Song Song thought that this is love, and she can’t waiting for the announcement in the wechat moments.
 It didn’t take a long time. Song Song’s medical examination found a little gastritis and told the boy that the boy was particularly “distressed.” Her boyfriend said to her: Babe, why don’t you know how to take care of yourself, and remember to eat on time.”

 Then there was no more. When they went out for dinner, the boys still kept the spicy pot bottom.

Later, Song Song worked overtime until 10 o’clock in the evening, and the take-out at noon was too cold to eat. She took a few bites and got a stomachache. The cold sweat kept moistening her clothes.
 Just when the boy called, Song Song endured the pain and talked about this situation. The boy told Song Song: ” it’s okay, drink some hot water, you’ll be fine after sleeping, remember to drink some porridge tomorrow morning! I have already said that to you, how can you not take care of yourself?”
 But clearly he lived only 20 minutes away from her.
 All his care and love are just talking.
 Don’t just say you love her, without any actual action.
 We are all adults. It is time to learn to distinguish true and false. Good love is never just about talking, but telling you with practical actions every time you need it.


 I have been doing emotional counseling for so long. Sister Ai has seen too many girls suffer and lose in love, so I always hope that boys meet the girls they like and must take care of them as much as possible.
 Because, the girl who is addicted to love is really stupid and is easily trapped by love.
 Therefore, girls are acting spoiled in love from time to time, playing with a little temper, and there is no problem with Xiuxiu’s feelings. On the contrary, it is a small conflicts between lovers, which will make the two people’s feelings more intimate.
 But Sister Ai also wanted to say that it is true that too much conflicts will spoil your emotion.
 There are indeed some girls who really can’t grasp the middle of this.
 Some of the things they did, both girls, couldn’t bear it:
 The boy talk to her and she could wait for a long time to reply, but for whatever reason she looked for the boy, if the boy didn’t return in a second, she immediately becomes very angry;
 She was dissatisfied with the gift from the boy, so she sold the gift without saying a word, and she still wondered: how could he not learn from someone else ’s boyfriend?
 Boys don’t care about playing games, it ’s okay for you to be spoiled, but it ’s too bad to sell his equipments;
 Also, I can understand that you don’t want him to be ambiguous with the opposite sex, but it ’s wrong to delete all of his friends with girls ’profile pictures …
 Everyone is an adult, in fact, whether a person loves us or not, we can feel it!
 There is no need to refer to other people’s getting along patterns to confirm whether they are happy or not.
 The sweetness of others’ love may not be suitable for you.
 It ’s really stupid to try to use your boyfriends patience to show how much he loves you.


 There is no perfect boy in the world, but some are perfect to be your boyfriend.
 He may not be able to do everything, take care of your emotions at all times, and meet all your wishes, but he is very sincere and willing to pay for you as much as possible and be kind to you.
 Such a boyfriend is reliable enough.
 It’s not easy to meet. It’s harder to meet someone who is sincere to you, you should learn to cherish it!
 Feelings are mutual, it is not wrong for you to desire him to protect the little girl in your heart, but he also hopes that you can also protect his inner innocence and fragility.
 The best feeling is that I am willing to be nice to you, and you acknowledge me heartily.
 Learning to empathize, consider each other, respect each other, and fulfill each other is the way to live a long-term and harmonious relationship.