Recently, a friend has just established a relationship with her male god. the boy is actively chased by the girl. She is very happy to share her secret ways with friends.
 When talking with me, my friend said: I found that in recent years, the number of couples around me is that girls chasing boys mostly.
 If I think about it for a while, it really is. As far as I know, there are already six such couples around me.
 In fact, when it comes to women chasing men, there will still be many people who disagree. They will think that women chasing men is too cheap. Even if they catch up, boys generally do not know how to cherish.
 It is more reliable for boys to chase girls.
 Is this really true?  Is there any difference between female chasing males and male chasing females?


 Women chasing men too cheap?

 Many people say that girls can’t chase boys, boys will feel that girls are too unreserved and don’t cherish what they get too easily.
 I think there is no necessary relationship between them.
 To use an analogy that may not be appropriate, would a normal person think that the Audi A6, which was drawn by the mall lottery, is cheaper than the Audi A6 that he once bought with a lap of money?
 One’s value never depends on other external things.
 Believe that you deserve a good relationship, and to be brave for your own happiness is a cool thing and self-confidence. How can you “drop the price”?


 Female chasing male interlayer yarn?
 It is often said that men chase women across mountains, women chase men’s interlayer yarn.  It is easier for girls to chase boys.
 But Sister Ai thinks it may not be necessary!

 Girls may be too easy to fall in love with love, often trapped by love, and getting deeper and deeper.

 Many girls may not like the boys who chase her at first, but after a long time, they will be gradually moved and will like him slowly.

 But most boys are sensible in terms of feelings.
 In the face of love, they often make a life at a glance. If they like you, they will like you in the first place, but if you happen to be not the type he likes, it will be embarrassing.
 When you go after him, he will naturally treat you with a condescending attitude and look at you with an eye for inspection,

 You want to fall in love with him, want him to be passionate, irrational, hormonal hurricane, but he calmly scored you in his heart: good looking, plus ten, you are good at cooking, plus 10 points, laughing too loudly-20 points …
 In this case, do you say that women chase men’s interlayer yarn?  Sorry, it’s just across the Sahara.

 So, the most basic premise for women chasing men is that boys do not hate you.

 Also, women chasing men must have certain skills and methods, absolutely must not be hard to chase!  !  !

 Such tricks as stalking and dedication are really not easy to use. As a result, girls are often moved by themselves while boys are not moved.

 Women who chase men for half a year have not yet achieved results, either use the wrong ways or choose the wrong person, the latter is more likely, I suggest you to change another goal!


 Is it easy for women to chase men for long and happy?
 In fact, no matter whether men chase women or women chase men, the key to happiness depends on who you are, who he is, and whether you can talk to each other.
 Otherwise, if you meet a scum man / scum woman, whether it is a woman chasing a man or a man chasing a woman, you will not be happy in the end.
 However, in many cases, the reason why women chase men is prone to problems is mainly because some girls have not taken their minds well.
 After the two are together, some girls will be too humble, and feel that boys are good for her and are pitying her instead of really loving her.
 Or the sense of security is extremely lacking, fearing that the present happiness is an illusion, can’t help being jealousy and strong control, and finally makes the other party feel depressed and out of breath.
 There is another situation where girls will fall into another extreme. I feel that I paid so much to chase you. After we are together, you have to treat me better, ten times better and 100 times better to compensate me.  .
 Then treat the other party’s contributions as they should be. As a result, it is easy to have problems.
 So, in the final analysis, no matter whether men chase women or women chase men, the person being pursued is not superior, and the person pursuing is not humble.
 Being together is just the beginning. Establishing an equal and harmonious relationship. Learning to manage feelings and solving problems reasonably are the ways in which feelings can last forever.


 Back to the original question: What is the difference between chasing a man and chasing a woman?
 Sister Ai’s answer is: no.
 Whether it is a woman chasing a man or a man chasing a woman, it is just putting a heart in front of another person, hoping to get the desired response.
 To like someone does not break the law, and pursuing someone does not mean you are inferior.
 Excellent you deserve a equally good partner.
 It’s hard for us to meet someone we like. If we meet, be brave and go for it!
 There are thousands of different kinds of love in the world. What you write is a story that belongs to you.