I have seen this sentence: How narcissistic can boys actually be?
 Probably, the girl smiles politely at him, he thinks the girl like him, and think about where their children go to school.
 Some boys think that girls making up,wearing high heels and small skirts just wanna to seduce them…
 In fact, the girls may not even be interested in knowing who he is.
 So, in the eyes of boys, what kinds of behaviors of girls will be thought seduce them by boys.


 Wearing his white shirt,
 Walking around him
 Don’t forget to add one more sentence:
 Do you think if my new lipstick is painted nice?


 Leaning gently on his shoulder
 With a soft voice to say
 Oops so tired
 I want to borrow your shoulder
 The wind blows your long hair and brings a burst of fragrance


 Wearing a sexy lace pajamas
 The small cutouts on the clothes bring some temptation
 Close to his ear and whisper
 The heat gently touched his ears
 How could he hold back?


 “I want to give you a gift”
 “What is it?”
 “What about me?”


 Bathe with him


 I am sick
 I need your hug and kiss which can make me healthy


 While he was working
 Staring at him with a smile on his chin
 Follow his shadow


 Hush, tell you a secret
 My period is gone


 Occasionally hug him
 Give him a passionate kiss


 Do you know
 For those who like you
 Your existence is the biggest temptation
 Your breath, your clothes corner, your hair
 He can’t stop his heart
 Can’t help but want to be close to you
 Kiss you
 Your mouth is the most delicious candy


 Bright spring
 Gentle breeze
 Flower Tree Pavilion
 Can’t match the style of your eyebrows


 Every time I look at you
 I can feel the thrilling temptation
 Heart surging, undercurrent surging
 I want to hug you forever like this
 Talk about love, talk about love


 《Love In Cholera》 says
 Soul love is above the waist
 Physical love is below the waist
 I love your soul
But can’t resist the temptation of your body
 Just want such feelings
 From top to bottom, from inside to outside
 Convergence of mind and spirit, unity of spirit and flesh
 Do you like such feelings?