Some time ago, when Xiaoman chatted with me, she suddenly popped up this sentence: I don’t believe in the love of the show in the circle of friends forever!
 I was curious and couldn’t help asking her what was going on.
 It turned out that Xiaoman went to Xiaoya’s house of bestfriends a few days ago. Since Xiaoya fell in love, they haven’t been together for a long time.  Xiaoya’s boyfriend was particularly enthusiastic and volunteered to cook, so that Xiaoya didn’t have to worry about it, and chatted with Xiaoman, which made Xiaoman very envious, and laughed at the fact that the single dog food was full.
 As a result, while eating, Xiaoya and her boyfriend were so quarrelsome about small things.
 Xiaoman felt that if they were not scrupulous about herself, they might have to overturn the dishes. Xiaoman was particularly embarrassed, and it was difficult to finish the meal and then went back home.
 As a result, before I got home, I saw Xiaoya’s circle of friends: “Dear bestfriends came to play with me. Mr. S (Xiaoya’s boyfriend) personally cooked a big meal. I was really happy today, love you ~”
 In addition to the photo with Xiaoman, the photo of the dinner, and a face photo with the boyfriend.
 Xiaoman was still thinking about writing a comment. She saw that Xiaoya’s boyfriend liked it and commented: Love you, my wife ~
Xiaoman suddenly felt that this world is too hypocritical, I really didn’t understand the world of couples!


 Many couples like to show affection in the circle of friends. With a boyfriend and the boyfriend proclaiming singleness in the circle of friends, interesting things to be done together must be sent out, and gifts from the other party should be sent out. This is a very sweet moment in the relationship and important memories.
 But how much is the love in the circle of friends?  This is a metaphysics.
 Qianqian has met a couple. Boys like to show affection in the circle of friends, and send pictures of girlfriends everyday, saying that kissing baby is more beautiful ; Valentine ’s Day news, saying baby, I will always be with you.  ; Goddess Festival Posts, saying that you are my eternal goddess, the girl is particularly happy and will pretend to let others see her boyfriend’s post inadvertently, showing how much she loves her.
 But Qianqian knows that many things sent by boys are only visible to his girlfriend group. In another group, he creates a lonely and sensible image of a single man.
 Sister Ai saw a girl. On her birthday, her boyfriend gave her a crystal ornament that made her cry. She was so angry that she had a big fight with her boyfriend. She turned around and ordered a bunch of flowers for herself and said it was from her boyfriends.
 The circle of friends likes a small stage, and its social attributes make us feel that our words and deeds are being followed by everyone. People can’t help but unconsciously whitewash themselves, wrap themselves, and want to show their better side.  .
 The loving couples in the circle of friends often show the highlight moments in love rather than the real daily life.
 In a real couple’s life, there are not only vows, gifts, sweetness, and fun, but also quarrels, boredom, boredom, and utter grief.


 So some people say that showing love in the circle of friends is really too low!
 Feelings are two people’s own affairs, is it true that only two people know best.
 Show affection, die fast.
 Those who like to show affection in the circle of friends are nothing more than vanity, just pretending to perform.
 True love doesn’t need to be specially shown.
 Those who have been shown by other couples are just their daily life.
 They value the little bit of warmth in ordinary life, they believe in their feelings, and they have confidence in their feelings.
 When two people who really love are together, just one eye meets, you can sweeten the people around you.


 I joked with Xiaoman: Didn’t you say before, when you have boyfriend, you want to show your affection in the circle of friends?  Will you show again in the future?
 Xiaoman thought for a while and said:Yes!
 The show of love in the circle of friends is an affirmation of our lovers and will make them more secure. After all, you are willing to show love in the circle of friends. It has already shown that you are serious about this relationship and will not break up easily (grouped except that kind).
 In addition, the show of love in the circle of friends is an alternative confession, a sense of ritual. It will help me record those romantic, sweet, memorable, shiny moments in love. When we look back together, we will feel very romantic!
 Of course, the most important thing is that I have eaten “single dog” food for so many years!  When i have a boyfriend, I have to throw a lot of money out, and counterattack a wave of crazy!
 In fact, Sister Ai is not opposed to show love in the circle of friends. As Xiaoman said, showing love is actually a way of recording love and a different kind of romance.
 But Sister Ai sincerely hopes that the lovers will come up with the show of love rather than the deliberately created settings and carefully selected moments, but the ordinary moments picked up at will.
 True romance is not just sweet words that survive in the circle of friends and a solemn pledge of love.
 It is the love of every moment in the ordinary life, the accompanying company, and the tacit understanding.