Before the end of March, CICI ‘ last love has officially come to an end.
 The reason for breaking up is also very simple. In CICI’s words: no derailment, no domestic violence, no quarrel, just boring.
 When I woke up one day, looking at the person sleeping next to me, I felt very strange.
 CICI was at a loss for a while, and suddenly couldn’t remember when they started. There was no longer the desire to communicate. When they met something interesting the first thought was not to tell each other, but to send a wechat moments.
 When I get along with him, there is embarrassment in the silence, and there is no longer the tacit understanding before.
 So, in the evening, CICI had an appointment with him to have a meal together, and expressed the idea of breaking up, and the boy readily agreed, because he also felt the problem between them.
 CICI said that it is not regrettable that the two people who once talked about nothing have reached the point where they have nothing to say, but the people who were once intimate have become so strange.
 In fact, sometimes the relationship is like this. When you love, it is true love, but when you don’t love, you really over it.
 Love comes from freshness and dopamine, but the reality is calm lake water, not so many waves.
 It ’s easy to move and fresh, but lasting love is hard.
 Therefore, when the sense of freshness fades, and when dopamine dissipates, many feelings disappear like this. Everyone jokes that if you get tired, you can change to another person.


 Xiao Gu said that he did not want to fall in love recently.
 Because I don’t want to realize the familiarity with a person from the beginning, and carefully run in, finally I can finally expose the snow-white belly to the other side, but in the end, it is inevitable that we will break up.
 Modern people’s feelings come and go quickly. With a few positive feelings, they can be exaggerated into love. When they look at their eyes, they can try together. After a few days of conflicts, they quickly pull away. The beginning and ending are all too scribble.
 I still want to fall in love with someone who doesn’t feel boring.
 There is no need to start quickly or to end scribbled.
 We slowly approached, slowly understood, slowly liked, and slowly together.
 I want to be pampered by one person as a whole, and I want to give him full of love.
 We listen to each other’s secrets and thoughts, we share the pressure and heavy responsibilities of life, and we share the sweetness and happiness of life.
 There can be quarrels, there can be conflicts, there can be differences, but never thought of breaking up.
 Beside him, there is only determination and calmness in my heart.
 Compared to the joy of seeing at first sight, what I want is not to be bored for a long time.


 There is an old couple in the community, often seeing them walking together in the small park holding hands.
 A few days ago, I saw grandpa let grandma stand under a flower tree and took a picture of her awkwardly with her mobile phone.
 Grandpa’s sights are not very good, the phone is very slow to open, and the grandma has no urging at all, holding a posture a little shyly to wait for grandpa.
 In their world, other people and scenery have become foils. I was really touched at the time and watched it for a long time.
 It is said that falling in love is easy to get along with, and the feelings are indeed fragile. If it is not properly maintained, when it is not known, it will be ground into gravel by the fine life, and the wind will disperse when it blows.
 But someone who really understands love will treat love with awe.
 Knowing how to cherish, how to tolerate, and how to manage.
 It’s already very difficult to meet someone in love in this life, so don’t let go when you can have it.
 Solve problems together, learn to make concessions during quarrels, learn to be tolerant of the other party ’s mistakes, and learn to occasionally add a touch of color to a dull life.