There has always been a saying on the Internet: I have been single for a long time.
 Sister Ai feels that the person who first said this must be a boy.
 Boys and girls are really too different creatures, the changes between boys and girls are very different.
 Want to know what’s the difference?  Look down with Sister Ai–


 The standard for finding girlfriend for boys is getting lower and lower

 For boys who have been single for a long time, the spouse selection standard will drop again and again,
 I used to want: beautiful, lively, generous, sensible, white, tall, thin, beautiful, gentle, smart, considerate,
 Later, I felt that it would be fine if not so beautiful, as long as the personality was generous.
 Then I thought: the chubby is also cute, a little shorter is acceptable, a little done is also okay,
 Single for a long time: female, just live
 Finally: Recently, the men are also a little bit cute?  ?
 But what about girls?  Not falling but rising.
 Even if she keeps saying: It ’s okay to be male and live.
 A really good boy appeared to pursue her, and she began to pick and choose again and again.
 His work is not stable enough, the economic pressure will be great in the future,
 He is too careless to take care of people at a glance,
 He is too greasy, no, no, absolutely not,
 His home is very far? Forget it, I don’t want to go to a place so unfamiliar …
 In fact, the core reason is that the boys are simply wanting to get rid of the singles and want to fall in love.
 The girls would think for a long time, even considering how many wedding banquets they will get married in the future, they feel that they are not so young, and there is not much chance of trial and error.
 If they fall in love, they want to run to get married.


 Boys have been single for a long time, to see everyone is a beauty.  Girls have been single for a long time, and everyone is a scumbag.

 Boys have been single for a long time, and their views on the opposite sex have changed a lot.
 Girls who once felt disliked, unbeautiful, and dismissed are now very cute.
 A boy met a pretty girl on the road and smiled at him. He even thought about the their children’s names.
 Girls have been single for a long time, and the requirements for the opposite sex are becoming stricter.
 The little brother who delivers food will ask two more words, and he wonders if he wants to plot against me?  terrible!
 Seeing her girlfriend’s boyfriend, she can think of so many shortcomings and think: Forget it, no man in the world has any good things. Don’t give me such a boyfriend!
 After seeing the young and handsome idol, after the urge to lick the screen, she can’t help but think: Forget it, what does it have to do with me?


Boys are getting sloppy and girls are getting man

 After being single for a long time, boys will gradually let themselves go, throwing away garbage for three days, changing clothes every week, cleaning hair for two months, and cleaning up the room for three months …
 They feel that these jobs are meaningless, and no girls will come to him anyway.  Lost the motivation to clean up.
 Girls who have been single for a long time will inspire extraordinary strength and become more independent and stronger.
 They learned to repair the water pipes themselves, change the light bulbs, decorate the house … and gradually became the way they wanted to marry.
 Every single girl who has been single for a long time has a tendency to be a female man, but is forced to become strong, temporarily wrapped in soft emotions, and began to learn to protect herself.


boys are more and more eager to take off , however, single girls more and more enjoy single

 Boys have been single for a long time, they will doubt their charm, and then arouse a strong desire to conquer,
 It makes them find a girlfriend as a task, a challenge, they will find various ways and ways to get rid of the single situation.
 If a girl is single for a long time, will she feel that she is at fault?  Otherwise, why are the boys blind?
 But they will gradually lose the courage and ability to fall in love.
 They still believe in love, but do not believe that they have the luck of having love.
 Sometimes they feel lonely and want someone to stay with, but more often they enjoy the feeling of being single.
 I feel that the men encountered in reality are too shallow and ignorant, and no one can really understand her heart.  No one deserves her love.
 In the end, they are eager to fall in love while escaping from socializing.  Insulting themselves for deserving while insisting on the pursuit of perfect love.
 In general, when someone is single for a long time, men will become more and more “casual”, but women will become more and more “demanding”.
 Everyone has lost the best mentality to face love and lost part of their ability to love.
 In fact, both boys and girls will want to have a good relationship. They can find people who will accompany them all their lives. From then on they will share the sweet and sour gift of the years, and they will never be lonely.