The day before yesterday, there was a little cousin who didn’t often communicate with me, and suddenly he posted something in the wechat moments: don’t be too “ice and clean”, “yellow dress, fluffy hair”, “Yu Shuxin ” ……
 I’m curious. A straight guy who is obsessed with Kings Canyon everyday and doesn’t listen to things outside the window, why suddenly be interested in the entertainments.
 After my questioning (gossip), my cousin told the truth: He recently like a girl. When he saw the girl chasing the show, he went to watch it, and wanted to share more common topics with girl.
 Although he thought it was super boring when he watched it, he insisted on watching it and picked up Weibo search related topics that he hadn’t played for a long time. 
 It must said that the little cousin still has a lot of ideas.
 If he continues to chat like this, the girl will probably like to chat with him and fell in love with him, but as for the boyfriend’s preference or the preference between sisters, it depends on the situation.
 There is such a sentence: love is the biggest driving force for progress.
 If we fell in love with someone, we often change ourselves unconsciously and do a lot of things that we wouldn’t do before.
 So, what kind of “shame” things do boys secretly do to attract girls like?  Sister Ai will show you today:


Knowing well about her is important.
 In order to catch up with girls, it is necessary to first understand girls in depth.
 For example, to learn some make up knowledge, to understand what color the girl said about the most popular lipsticks; know that the air cushion that the girl says is not a hovercraft, BB cream is a very simple cosmetic.
 This way, when the girl painted peach makeup, you won’t ask her with concern: Why are your eyes swollen?
 Also have a look at the hottest variety shows and TV series recently, know some of the hottest super star, and understand the knowledge of some constellations, so that when girls talk about related topics, you will not be dumbfounded.
 Understand the common sense of girls’ physiology, such as the special period of every month, so that you can give timely and effective care when she is uncomfortable.


Create an image and dress up from head to toe.
 What kind of oil head, curly hair, and you should bravely to have a try, it is best to dress up according to the type of male stars that girls like.
 Washing face frequently, learning skin care, and solving all the problems with a piece of soap, you have also started to prepare facial cleanser, water lotion, shampoo, shower gel, and learned to apply facial masks on a regular basis.  Others bought men’s perfume.
 Weight control and keep fit.  


Learning to lower the selection standard and become more practical.
 From the time when I was young and frivolous, I looked in the mirror three times a day, and each time I sighed: How can I be so handsome?  In addition to Aigaki Yui in this life, who else can deserve me!
 Why do I think Xiaoling who leaves next door is so cute?  It would be great if she could promise me to eat together at night!


 Pay attention to “Love Skills”, learn the chat skills with girls, make conversations, dating notes, how to promote feelings, how to confirm relationships and other knowledge of men and women.
 Try to understand the psychology of girls, learn professional knowledge, and get yourself out of single as soon as possible.
You can also secretly observe the kind of guys who have many girlfriends around them, who used to despise them, learn how to chat and how to make girls happy.


Work hard and make money.
 Make up your economic strength.


 One of my wishes for a birthday every year is to bless me having a girlfriend this year.
 Koi will be secretly forwarded.


A dream.
 Dreaming to confess to the girl you like.
 In Zhugegri, Ziwei said: “My mother told me that she waited for a lifetime, hated for a lifetime, thought for a lifetime, and complained for a lifetime, but still thanked God for letting her have this’ waitable, hateful, but  Thinking, complaining ‘people. Otherwise, life will be like a dry well, no fun. “
 In fact, it is a great luck to love someone and be loved.
 I really like this sentence: When I think of spending the rest of my life with you, I look forward to the future.
 When you like someone, you will feel that your body is full of power, that you have unlimited imagination and expectation for the future, and that every day is so beautiful and so meaningful.
 Loving someone is a very happy thing!