I often hear some girls arrogantly say, “Sister, I have money and high appearance. Why do I need to find a boyfriend?”  What’s the use of boyfriend?  Can you eat or drink? 
 What’s the use of boyfriend?  This question can only be answered by girls who have fallen in love.
 A girl who has no love experience can never understand it. The girl in love is talking about her boyfriend. It seems that he boyfriend could not do everything well, but if you persuade her to break up and she will not listen.
 There are many girls who are in love and are particularly keen to introduce their brothers to their best girlfriends. In fact, it is because they have gained a lot of sweetness from love, so they also want their friends to feel the same happiness.
 So, what is the biggest role of boyfriends in the eyes of girls? 
 (Today’s “dog food” has been freshly released, non-combatants please evacuate quickly …)


 Senior breeder, long-term meal ticket.
 When I was with someone in the beginning, I was 167cm,45kg and my physical examination was always malnourished. I was always afraid that I would gain weight and look bad. I didn’t dare to eat two more bites of my favorite cake.
 However, together with him for 2 years, I gained 20 pounds.
He changed all kinds of ways to cook and let me eat delicious food all day. I only enjoyed this treatment with my mother. At noon, He ordered a takeaway in advance for me at the company. Later, he bought a heated lunch box directly for me and prepared lunch in advance.  Colleagues made fun of me by raising a little kitchen lady at home.
 Occasionally, I complain that he has made me fat, he is very proud, “I spent so long, and finally let you grow some meat.  Our mother who came home to visit us won’t think that I abused you!”
 I secretly lost weight and didn’t eat at night. He lost his temper rarely: what are you doing? Why do you want to lose weight? Health is the most important!  What should I do if you get a stomachache?
 I was joking with him, “now you may don’t care if I get fat. When I become a big fat woman, you will definitely leave me.
 He told me very seriously: I really do not want you to grow into a fat woman, because fat itself is unhealthy, your weight is just fit right now, if you eat until your weight is 150 pounds, I must pull you to lose weight first,  But we must use scientific methods to lose weight.
 However, you believe me, even if you fail to lose weight, I will not despise you.
 I believe in him.


 The biggest role of boyfriends is to accompany and share!
 Share all things, beautiful scenery, interesting people I met, memories of the past and longing for the future, all can be shared.
 We may be able to take good care of ourselves and make a lot of money, but this is different from the feeling of two people.
 With a boyfriend, it is a crippled self who meets the other half of the perfect fit, and then becomes a complete circle.
 No matter what you experience, pain, anxiety, frustration and unbearable, you can tell him that he can help you share all the pressure and accompany you through the uneasy time.
 Beside him, you can burp fart without washing your hair for three days, you don’t have to hide yourself carefully, and you are no longer afraid of injury. You can be yourself honestly and truly.
 Since then, there has been an eternal and warm corner in your heart. No matter where you go, you know that someone will always be waiting for you and will never be alone again.


 Having a boyfriend is having another father.
 When you are shopping, he is always carrying the bag and wallet; when you are resting, he is the best pillow for you;
 He will always help you solve the dishes you don’t like to eat;
 In winter he is a mobile hand warmer; In summer he is a must-have parasol;
 He likes to cook for me, and I don’t need to brush my dishes after I eat.
 I just need to bring myself to go out to play, air ticket, hotel, itinerary … he has already arranged everything;
 When I was sick, He was more anxious than me. When I was infusion, he stared at the infusion bottle without blinking …
 He spoils me very much, I am particularly at ease with him.


 My boyfriend is a very gentle person. After getting along with him, I feel very gentle.
 I was grumpy before, and I often looked at nothing, and it was just too bad.
 It is too bad for it is extreme, self-righteous.
 After I was with my boyfriend, I felt that he was really good-tempered, and he was not in a hurry when he encountered anything, but it wasn’t just a kind of useless, but he would settle things quietly.
 For example, when I took a train with my boyfriend and met a bear kid screaming and screaming, my temper couldn’t help but went up and quarreled. If the kid didn’t listen, I would yell at his parents. However, my boyfriend would take out a candy. And he will play a game with the child, and then the child would become quiet.
 It was also with him that I realized how deeply it is a rare thing to think about with empathy, and how important it is to have stable emotions.
 I think the biggest use of my boyfriend is that he can always unblock me easily, making me softer and softer.




 When someone asks if you have a boyfriend, you can proudly say: Yes.
 Never eat someone else’s “dog food” anymore.

I remember a long time ago, when I was shopping at night, I saw a couple on the roadside arguing.
 The girl shoved the boy and shouted with a cry: “Other people’s boyfriends would buy everything their girlfriend like without hesitation. What about you? I have been shopping with you for the whole day, and you can’t afford any clothes I like. I just want to drink a cup of milk tea. You said it was too expensive. What use do you have? “
 The boy lowered his head and squeezed out a few words for a long time: I’m sorry, I just paid the rent, can I buy it for you next time?
 There is a saying: this world was originally boring, but you are here.
 For a relationship, money is very important, but it is never the most important thing.
 What is truly eternal is the collision of two hearts, the lonely soul suddenly meets a companion, it is all your dreams and expectations that everyone understands, whether you cross the trough or the mountains, there are people to accompany you, hug you, it is plain  The firmness of time.
 Maybe your boyfriend is not the best one, but he is irreplacable.