How does it feel to love someone?
 Liu Tong said: If you care about a person, he lives in your life is full of details, not feelings. If you care about a person, his life in your world is all a story, not a comment.
 In fact, in feelings, men are often not as good at disguising as women. If he likes you, as long as the girl pays more attention, all the details can be seen.
 Love someone couldn’t be hidden.
 If a man really loves you, his eyes will glow, his hugs will be warm, the tone of his words, his daily attitude, and every bit of detail, you can feel that concern.
 Some words, boys can only say to girl he really love.
 If he told you, you must know that he really loves you.


Sharing  words
 “Do you know …, tell you one thing …”
 Remember that there is a question: when did you find yourself fall in love with her?
 One of the high praises replied, the general idea was: When I saw a crooked neck tree on the side of the road, the first idea was to send a photo to her.
 When a boy always encounters all new and interesting things and wants to be the first to tell you, don’t doubt that he must like you.
 It ’s just like loving someone, can’t help but want to share everything with you, want her to walk into your life, want her to know more about you, and want to bring you joy.
 Wen Yiduo wrote: “This morning I woke up and pulled up the grass for a long time. I thought that I would be happy to see you waiting for you to come back. The lotus was also budded. Maybe I would have to wait for you to come back to see it.
 Love will turn a straight science boy into a poet. He starts to work hard to find fresh flowers from the ordinary days.
 Because of you, everything is so beautiful, because I love you, I love the whole world.


Meaningless nonsense
 I once heard a little couple of my age chat on the train.
 During the two-hour drive, the two of them basically did not stop except for snacks.
 The content of the chat between two people is basically:
 ——Will I be fat if I eat so much?
 ——Of course not!
 ——Why not get fat?
 ——There is no reason, you won’t be fat!
 ——Why wouldn’t it be fat for no reason?
 I heard a lot of laughter next to me and thought they were like two elementary school students.
 In fact, I noticed the boy when he was waiting for the train. He was standing there by himself at first. When he was touched accidentally by others, he didn’t say anything. He moved back two steps silently, looking very silent and shy.
 But who knows, after being with his girlfriend, he became like this.
 Love is such a magic that can make a man shy of words and silence shy in front of others into a proper wordy man.
 The happiest thing is being able to find someone and tell her a lot of nonsense.
 She doesn’t bother you or think you are naive.
 When you are together, you can behave like a child without words and deeds. You don’t have to worry about annoying the other party. You don’t have to be careful about words.
 The nonsense that seems meaningless is actually the meaning of love.


Words of concern
 “What are you doing? Have you eaten? Is your money enough?”
 Xiao Peng ’s boyfriend often said to her: “Do you have enough money, let me give you some money?”  .
 Xiao Peng often laughed at him and said, looking at our chat history, I thought I had found a father!
 After spending time with his boyfriend, Xiao Peng felt that her ability to take care of herself had plummeted, as if she had become a fool.
 Finally, she went back to her hometown, and her boyfriend told her: Have everything been brought together? Do you know how to get a ticket? If someone talks to you, just ignore him!  Are you in the car? Have you got off?  have you eaten?
 Her boyfriend always said that Xiao Peng felt too silly to take care of herself, fearing that she would be hungry and thin, or that she might be deceived.
 If you like someone, that ’s the case. You want to give her the best things. You always worry that she can’t take care of herself and you want to take her with you all the time.
 When the boys who like you are together, you will think that he is as verbose as your mother.

 There is a saying: love someone is a romantic romance.
 The sign of true love is sharing anytime and anywhere and paying irrespective of return.
 There is no real sweet words, but only flowers in the bottle. It looks beautiful, but it is easy to decay.
 People come and go in this era, and long-term affection has become too extravagant. We are used to weighing the pros and cons and calculating the gains and losses.
 If you are fortunate enough to meet someone who treats you with sincerity, don’t hesitate and be brave,
 Don’t miss the person who really cares for you.