When I brushed my teeth this morning, the toothpaste accidentally got on my clothes, and I suddenly remembered a story.
 My university roommate Anan and her classmate yaya went to the public restroom to wash their faces in the morning. Yaya was almost awake and almost dizzy, using facial cleanser as toothpaste.
 Anan couldn’t help making fun of her, and then accidentally dropped the toothpaste foam, and then hit her foot along the chest …
 This time, it was her turn to make fun of her.
 Since then, Anan became famous in our dormitory in the first battle, and she has sincerely been called “Brother Nan” by our hearts for the next three years.
 Like many small breasts, although Brother Nan usually likes to laugh at herself, saying: I am proud of my small breasts, and I save fabric for the country.
 He also said: The small chest only looks good in clothes. The temperament supermodels are all small chests.
 In fact, privately, Nan often often feels inferior because her chest is too small. She even feels a little sorry for her boyfriend and is afraid that her children will not be able to eat enough in the future.
 When our girls were together, she often worked with everyone on breast enhancement ways, but the result was still … useless.


 In the eyes of many people.
 It is instinctive for boys to like big breasts, but small group of boys like small breasts.
 Big chest = sexy.
 True love is lost to the big chest.
 With a proud chest, it is always easier to win the attention of more men.  (There are also girls)
 Therefore, if there is a choice, girls will most likely want to have beautiful big breasts.
 But there are some boys who like girls with small breasts.


 In high school, the boys ’dormitory secretly talked about who had more the girlfriends, whose girlfriends were more beautiful, and also had better body and sexier than their girlfriends.
 At that time, my best buddies (including me) in our dormitory liked a girl in the next class. The standard angel face and the devil’s figure. Wearing a skirt in the summer was so sexy.
 But in the end, I fell in love with my deskmate.
My deskmate was so thin, as if she had not yet grown up.
 Others may have small chests, but she has no chest.
 However, She is so cute, just like an elf, her brain is full of strange ideas, which always makes me stunned.
 Now that we have been married for two years and our children are 6 months old, we can only say that don’t underestimate girls with small chests. The children are definitely enough to eat.
 In fact, all men should be the same. No one does not like a woman with white skin, beautiful big breasts, long legs and good temperament.
 But we all know that such girls will not fall into our hands even if they are blind!
 There must be some trade-offs in finding a partner, there is no absolutely perfect woman.
 It’s just that some women encounter you, and you will unconsciously shield her from other shortcomings, and think that she is the most perfect and the most suitable.
 As for whether it is a big breast, it doesn’t matter at all!
 Before I fell in love, I just wanted to fall in love with a girl with big breasts. After meeting her, I think girls with small breasts are also pretty.


 Unlike other boys, I really think that girls with small breasts look better.
 I always feel that girls with small breasts have more choices to wear, and they can control all styles.
 The last second can be soft and cute, and the next second can be cool and handsome. Occasionally wearing a thicker underwear, it is also easy to be sexy.
Having a girlfriend with a small breast is equivalent to falling in love with 10 different types of girls.
 Moreover, girls with small breasts are generally open-minded.
 With them, the distance between hearts can be very close.
 Sometimes it makes boys feel that they are with their brothers, there will not be so much careful, fear that they will accidentally make her angry.
 But there is a lot more loyalty.
 The most important thing is that the small breasted girl will never ask you: are you with me because of my breast?
 What I want to tell the girls is,
 Regardless of the size of the chest, the confidence from the girl ’s bones, and the temperament emanating from the inner cultivation are the highest standards for identifying a girl ’s beauty.
 The person who really loves you not only loves your appearance, but also loves all your imperfections.
 They will not dislike you because you have a small chest, nor will they like others because they have big breasts.
 Appearance is only the way you like it at first. The character, three outlooks, and ways of thinking under the appearance are the deciding factors that determine whether a relationship can start and end.
 After all, boys will choose to be with the person they like, not a chest or buttock, or a face.
 Please believe that someone will love you, he loves your lovely kindness, loves your strong self-confidence, also loves you stingy, loves your sufferings.
 They are in love with the person you are intact.