In everyone’s impression, boys should be handsome and heroic, and they are synonymous with hormones. They can’t match the words of charming, soft and sweet anyway.
 But once a boy starts to fall in love, everything becomes different.
 You simply can’t imagine the extent to which boys can fall in love.
 The picture is a bit beautiful, you slowly realize it …


 Can you imagine a big fat man with a height of 1.8 meters and a weight of 180 standing in front of you, twisting his stomach and twisting his buttocks in a circle?
 I think my eyes are a little blind.
 The key point is that my husband will come in such a set, and he says, “Huh ~~ people don’t want to wash the dishes ~”, “Baby wants pizza?”
 I don’t think I want to have a son.
 Once the 25,800,000 steel man who was dragging outside was turned into a silly son of the next landlord’s house?  I really want to apply for him to be rebuilt!
 For his unrestricted behavior, my experience is: just play it.
 If it doesn’t work well at once, then play it twice.


 I think I accidentally had the wrong gender with my boyfriend.
 He is thinner than my waist, long legs, buttocks, even the skin is tenderer than me!
 Every time after bathing, he likes to put on a big bath towel and scratch his head.
 Show me his perfect figure, like the blue-story Huadan of a TV series, touch his thigh with a pretentious touch, and show off his shoulders.
 Still squeezing my throat and asking me: Am I beautiful, sexy or not?
 Leaving me stand alone, silently touched the fat on my stomach, I didn’t want to say a word.


 I never expected my boyfriend to be so sticky.
 I’m very concentrated on working, and often doesn’t even care about eating.
 So he often receives his news when eating:
 “Big stupid, dinner! What are you eating today?”
 “My wife, I miss you again! Have you missed me!”
 “You have ignored your baby for more than three minutes!”
 “Huh, you don’t want people, you are ruthless! The baby is so heartbroken!”
 “The baby is angry, it needs you to be a kiss”
 If I keep ignoring him, he will keep sending it.
 These sweet and greasy love words, should I not to eat anymore?
 Makes me like a ruthless man.


 When he celebrated his birthday last year, I wanted to give him a surprise, and I bought a set of love underwear on a treasure.
 After unpacking, he looked at me a few times,
 Then say: That, let me try it!  I think I look better in clothes!


 I registered a trumpet, and someone who pretended to be a special profession came to add me and said that they can provide on-site services.
 Please!  I am a woman!  I ’m not your brother, OK?
 With him, I can understand a lot of paragraphs in seconds, and also developed the habit of clearing chat records every day, because the chat records are really unsightly, I am really afraid that my account will be reported!
 I really can’t figure out how he looks like a serious man.


 I once went for a walk with my boyfriend and saw a children’s slide next to a community. When he saw nobody around, he said to me happily: You show me people, I show you slides!
 Then, he played there alone for half an hour.
 All kinds of fancy tumbling, with sound effects while playing and whining, happily like a three-year-old silly kid.
 Was he so simple (sand sculpture), was I blind at first?  Does he think he is mature, stable?
 You think you have found a boyfriend, who looks like to be your son.
 In fact, every man who looks brave and invincible has a child in his heart. It is precisely because he meets the girl she likes that she is willing to show her the truest and softest side.
 So, even though many girls complain that their boyfriend is too sloppy, they still like him!