How sick can a scum man be?

 Sister Ai has really seen it recently. 
 A few days ago, Cheng Cheng told me this situation.
 She was chatting with the newly-acquired male god on WeChat, and suddenly received a WeChat news bombing from her ex-boyfriend:
 Cheng Cheng, I really knew that I was wrong. I now understand that only you are the best for me.  Will you give me another chance?
 Cheng Cheng almost couldn’t resist throwing her phone out:
 Not that I am the best for you, but I am the easiest to cheat?  !
 Cheng Cheng and his ex-boyfriend fell in love in the third year of their university and spent the most difficult time at the beginning of graduation.
 Cheng Cheng is the kind of person who treats emotion seriously. She treats each other well and carefully takes care of all aspects of her ex-boyfriend’s life.
 She took care of her ex-boyfriend as a child.
 But who knows, her genuine deeds have paid for the man’s cheating and betrayal.
 Cheng Cheng, who witnessed the betray with her own eyes, chose to break up at the moment, but for a time she could no longer lift his confidence and courage in love.
 Later, under the guidance of Sister Ai, Cheng Cheng finally got out of the haze and was about to start a new love life.
 Unexpectedly, at this time, she was harassed by his ex-boyfriend. He said he was just confused for a while, regretted it and wanted to save Cheng Cheng.
 All he wanted to save was the versatile girlfriend, a good maid who could take care of him, not because he loved the woman so much.
 In fact, he is a standard scum man.

 A few days ago, Sister Ai received a message from another girl. She was pursued by a man who claimed to have divorced for three years for 2 months.
 The man looks personable and charming, and she is preparing to start further development with the other party.
However, she received a call from the man, but his wife called.
 His wife scolded the girl for being a vixen and ruined the marriage of others, and on the phone, it was clear that a man’s words came:
 My true love is my wife, don’t trouble me again in the future!
 The girl is so angry, she don’t understand, such a scumbag, how could he she blind to think he is very attractive?
 In fact, we never lack scumbags in our lives, the key is how to avoid being cheated by scumbags?
 Sister Ai feels that if we can avoid the following misunderstandings, we can avoid most of the scumbag injuries.


Don’t refuse,
Don’t have her own principle
 Some girls always complain why they always meet scumbags? Even the girl who was hurt by the scumbag no longer believes in love.
 In fact, some girls ’anti-temptation ability is too low. If some men are kind to them, being considerate, and gentle, these girls would ignore the other shortcomings of the man.
 This kind of girl who looks very easy to chase is usually the first choice for scum men. So, promise me, don’t be a girl who looks “easy to catch”


Not confident
Urgent need for affirmation and identity
 Many scumbags have a mouth that coaxes the girl till death and pay nothing. Every kind of sweet words and routines are even more handy.
 However, some girls themselves are lack of self-confidence and could not make a fair assessment of themselves.
 Encountering some boys who are very provocative, naturally can coax her into a heart.  It is also easy to be captured by scumbag.
 But the scary thing is that many scumbags start to beat your self-confidence all the time after getting you, and often compare you with the other women around them.
 It’s your fault if you encounter anything. Some simple girls are even really brainwashed and manipulated by the scumbag.


Take relationships too seriously
 If you know yourself while clubbing or drinking in a nightclub, or even through the software about online shooting,
 The pursuit of this kind of environment itself is not particularly simple, it is more sultry than real love, more is sex rather than love.
 Some girls, just stupidly indistinguishable, want to turn this kind of boy into boyfriends, not to say impossible, but the probability of success is too low.


The Virgin is flooding,
Don’t understand refuse
 Some girls don’t understand rejection in their feelings, they never say “no”,
 Because the Virgin Mary is flooded, she can’t bear to refuse others, she can’t bear to see others disappointed, so they all do their best to meet the expectations of the suitors
 Even if you make a decision that violates your own principles, over time, this weak personality has become the preferred reason for “scumbag”.
 Because they don’t want to live up to the goodness of others, I would rather choose to complete. This kind of thinking can often be seen through by a scum man. It is a breeze to use the kindness of a girl to achieve his purpose.
 To what extent does the virgin heart of some girls spread?
 Scumbags have been derailed countless times, and he really believes he will change and give him opportunities again and again.
 I really thought his love could impress him, influence him, and turn his prodigal son back.
 But the reality is that in this case, it is likely that the scum man lied to you, lie to you, and still scolded you stupid in the back.
Love petty advantages
 Some girls think they are good at masculine, and they can keep close relationship with several boys at the same time.
 When facing the boy ’s goodwill, they did not refuse, the gift was received, and from time to time they only speak some plausible words, but they will not determine the relationship with the boy, but continue to play ambiguous.
 Maybe some boys will give up decisively after seeing her true face, and some boys are still caught in it, willing to spare.
 But there are also some scumbags, who like to deal with such girls, and give her some sweetness from time to time, but in the end, it can only be the girls who have suffered a big loss for being greedy.
 Sister Ai would like to tell all the girls: Please be vigilant, love your life and stay away from scumbags.
 If you are disappointed and hurt in a relationship, please come out bravely.
 And believe me: you definitely deserve to meet a better person, your sincerity will always be exchanged for the gentleness of others