Like other things, love is a skill that needs to be learned.
 Except for a few lucky people, most people will inevitably have some hardships on the road to find the true love.
 From school uniform to wedding dress, then from wedding dress to white head is a very romantic ideal.
 In reality, many people have gone from adolescence to maturity, from the ignorance of their first love to the ease of later, and they have tossed a few arms and changed some lovers.
 There are a lot of truths in love, only those who have been in love a few times will understand.


The shortcomings that you initially cared about were often the fuse that eventually broke up.
 Xiaowen and his ex-boyfriend are like this. Xiaowen herself is not tall, so she especially wants to find a tall boyfriend.
 Unfortunately, the height of her ex-boyfriend’s is only 170, so when he initially pursuing Xiaowen, Xiaowen especially minded this.
 Her ex-boyfriend was so kind to her, and she later accepted it and was with him.
 But after being together, she couldn’t say she didn’t mind.
 She would not want to introduce him to her friends because she felt her boyfriend was not tall, and she would not want him to appear in front of her colleagues.
 Later, her boyfriend felt particularly injured, and they often quarreled for it, so they broke up.
 In fact, when everyone looks for the lover, they have an ideal type in mind, and they secretly set some standards and requirements, but when that person appears, some can ignore these standards, and some people still stick to the standard.
 For example, some people only like good looking person. If you don’t look good / handsome, you may be cruelly killed by him or her; or he just likes thin girl, you are too fat, so he won’t be interested in you …
 If you unfortunately do not meet the other party’s hard criteria, you are better in other ways, maybe he or she will not like you, or even if you are together, he will still care, and even feel that he is wronged, is reluctant.
 This grievance and unwillingness will become a thorn, and there will be pain in your relationship.
 Feelings will never be reluctant to come, and your persistence is not wrong, but if there is no way to fully accept the other party, don’t just start a relationship.


In feelings, the most serious person is the most easy to feel hurt.
 Murphy’s law also exists in love: the more you love someone, the more you are afraid of breaking up, but the easier it is to lose each other.
 Feelings need distance. If they are too loose, the two will be separated. If they are too close, they will suffocate each other.
 No matter when, don’t love too much and lose yourself.
 The same is true of breaking up, like playing with rubber bands, the one letting it go at the end must be the one who loves more, the one who cares more about this relationship, but it is this person who is most injured.
 The party that broke up often still fell into the dilemma of being abandoned and self-doubt, and could not walk out for a long time.
 There is a saying, I would rather you are the one who left first and bear all the infamous happy life, rather than suffering in the middle of the night.


There is no love that lasts forever.

 No matter how good love is, it will inevitably fade with time. This is an objective law that cannot be reversed.
 When feelings change from a period of passion to a period of indifference, it takes two people to work together to find a more suitable way of getting along, and add new vitality to love from time to time.
 Don’t be entangled and label the change of the other party: he doesn’t cherish me when he gets me. Tag him and ask him: You are not as considerate as before, do you not love me?
 Let the burden go, don’t embarrass yourself,  also don’t blame others.


Details beat love.
 When love enters a stable period, it is more of a trifle that bothers both sides.
 In this world, there has never been a perfect match for your partner, who can always care for you, take care of you, and help you solve all problems.
 Everyone is an ordinary person and has its own strength and shortcomings.
 If you want to hold hands together for a long time, you must learn to support each other and compromise with each other.
 After all, it is too difficult to change a person, it is easier to change yourself.
 And when you learn to compromise and change yourself, a good partner will also change accordingly.


The death of a relationship often starts with indifference.
 In feelings, silence is more terrible than quarrel.
 When you can no longer find anything new from each other, you fall into a long awkward silence, when you no longer share each other’s world, when you no longer care about each other’s life, this relationship has already embarked the road to death.


And the most important point is that after [seeing] the passage, you can have sweet love.
 Some people say that love is an exam. What kind of partner you choose tests your ability to resolve. Whether you get along well depends on your ability to solve problems. Finally, you choose to break up. The test is your ability to choose.
 I have fallen in love many times, just like taking a lot of exams, maybe I will have a lot of test-taking experience, I will be more calm in the face of failure, and I know how to lick my wound after breaking up.
 But if you haven’t summed up your experience from past feelings, learn, improve myself, and meet a new person next time, change a test question, maybe you still can’t graduate successfully.
 Our feelings are a glass of wine, the more times we pour it to others, the lower the concentration. Having experienced too many failed feelings, perhaps even more do not know how to treat feelings seriously.
 So, I still hope you don’t lose the courage to fall in love anytime,
 I also hope you have more luck and meet that right person as soon as possible.