“You’re a fairy from the sky. I know it’s face to the ground after you take off your makeup.”
Some people let go of their reserve, then they will get hurt; some people love a person firmly, while some people are unfaithful in a ralationship. That is women.
On the surface, some women are stubborn, but in fact, they are fragile. The girls who look thin actually eat a lot; the girls who look fat actually eat very little. Girls who look glamorous may actually be dirty and messy at home.
In the emoton, the girl is to let the boy can not figure out.

Usually, if you think she doesn’t like that guy, she might like him instead. As for the boy she usually talk with, she just treats him as a friend.
So, it’s normal that some boys can’t catch up with girls, because they don’t know girls at all
So today I have interviewed many girls around me. What secrets do real girls have that men don’t know?


She will fall in love with the people she talks to every day.


Girls will say that they are not good. Just listen to but don’t agree with her


Girls have seen chatting records, laughing and crying


It’s easy for girls to talk to guys with handsome icons.


Girls like being held.


Girls buy a bunch of beautiful books and don’t use them.


Girls shout to lose weight every day, but they can’t help purchasing delicious food. Then they will regret.


It is unreasonable to quarrel with girls, even if you are right, the best way is to hold her and give her a strong kiss.


It’s said that girls are dignified and generous in front of strangers, while very casual in front of acquaintances.


It’s said that girls like sunny boys who make them happy.


Girls like to have someone to go to the bathroom with at school.


Girls don’t like to listen to their parents’ nagging, but they love their parents and care about them, but they are not good at showing it.


When girls say “nothing”, it means they have something not good or maybe serious. If it’s “nothing” ~ “it’s really nothing.


Every time a girl is disappointed, she will do less to love you until the final remark is changed to the full name. She cancels her special care for you and no longer interacts with you online.


Only a woman can tell which woman is a bitch


No girl likes to do housework. They are forced to be diligent. They are lazier than boys


If their boyfriends say something gentle on Wechat, the screenshot will be kept.

Sometimes it feels like gambling to love someone.
You bet your time, your energy and your whole heart. You just want him to look back at you once more. You bet more and more, you are less and less willing to let go.
Some people win, others lose.
Don’t say you don’t ask for a return. No one at the table wants to go with an empty pocket.
Everyone is like this. When you love, you pay all your heart but when you leave, you regret.