“Soccer has a goalie now? Just don’t play football? ”

Inevitably, there will be one person in life who will suddenly make our hearts pounding.
From the moment you see him, you’re going to want a long-winded love affair. 
Say sweet words every day, invite him to go to your home for a hotpot, go for a walk with you in the middle of the night after the snow with wrapped in a jacket, sit on the street teeth and drink together, lean on him while half-drunk and ask: do you love me?
If he says he loves you, ask him again, and keep asking until he kisses you. 
But the reality is that by the time you get a feel for him and become familiar with him, you find out he has a girlfriend?
You’ re starting to feel desperate , but a little hesitation. 
Lv Xiaobu from AiiQingGongYu said, “ There’s a goalie in soccer! Don’t they play football anymore?” Relationships that aren’t married are not protected by law anyway.
So what do you do when the person you like is already in a relationship.


Identify Your Heart

In college, a girl likes a guy. The guy had a girlfriend, but she was out of school.
This guy is quite handsome, very few words, usually rarely provoke girls, seems to be good with his girlfriend. It’s the cool look of a guy that attract a girl’s interest.
The girl has been struggling with what to do for a long time.
So the girl asks herself in her heart: are you really like him? “Yes!” 
And then ask herself : can you be responsible for him if you get him? “Can!”
So the girl was ready to make her move. 
Some people will say that a girl is a bitch who steals other people’s boyfriends, and you can’t do anything about it if you have to think that way. But the girl thinks she’s not married and she’s confident she can make him happier than a guy’s girlfriend, so the girl did it.


Close Slowly
The first step must be the first to get the his contact information, such as: WeChat which you can borrow money from him, your own mobile phone can not find so a boy’s mobile phone which can make a call from your own phone or something. Anyway, be natural. Don’t reveal your motives.
After adding WeChat, girls usually chat with guys on WeChat from time to time, but in real life just meet and greet greeting friendship.
He’ll think it’s not too much to ask for a female friend, just a normal conversation. 
So you’ll let his guard down at first. To make him think that you simply talk to him, have no other thoughts about him, and would normally be in front of people because he has a girlfriend avoid arousing suspicion.
That’s a good sign that you’re thinking about him.


Know His Interest

Through observation, the girl knows that the guy likes to play games and that the guy’s girlfriend is annoyed that he plays games
So the girl download the game to play with him. Note that the girl plays game occasionally, not pestering the guy all the time. Playing games isn’t the important point, the point is that the stated attitude is that it’s a nice hobby for guys to play games, and indicate that they have the common interest. 
The girl also observes that his boy enjoys watching movies and occasionally discusses it with him.
The point is, be sure to get what type of movies he likes. He talks DaHuaXiYou and you tell him about Prometheus and you are out! Or if he likes Korean dramas and you insist on talking about British dramas, you’re out too! You have to be nice to a guy!
Anyway, talk to him about whatever he’s interested in. Ultimately get him to come talk to you as soon as he feels like it instead of going to his girlfriend. To make him feel like all the girls around him are idiots, except you!


Tell the Love to Him in Comfortable Opportunity

After a while, you both got to know each other pretty well. At this point, even if he doesn’t have a crush, he certainly don’t hate you. 
Observed that he was sexually discordant. His girlfriend only comes to date him once every two months. 
So the girls think the boys are probably pretty horny!
The girl feels almost familiar with the guy and starts to hook him, only existing physically in real life, such as sitting close to the guy in class and jokingly spanking him after class
But absolutely no chatting about slut-shaming on WeChat, because talking too dirty on WeChat and then ripping it out is to keep the mystery of what you really mean by making guys confused
Sure enough, the guy later took the initiative in WeChat and asked the girl, “ Why do you only amuse me every day.” The girl said smoothly, “ I like you!”


Loosen the Reins Only to Grasp Them

After the confession, the girl left the guy alone for a week. 
Isn’t it particularly bitch to confess and then cold-treat it!
No matter what a guy asks a girl something on WeChat, the girl should to ignore it. Usually avoiding boys in everything you encounter in class. Avoiding eye contact and questions, the girl acted as if she regretted her actions
It’s a good idea to play hard to get, but it’s definitely the most useful for men! And another thing, girls are letting boys think for a week.
Boys will think: She likes me? Why are you ignoring me again? Regret it? Do I like her or not? Should I break up with my girlfriend and stay with her? Was it worth it for her? Is she like that with other men?
In short, the girl succeeded in attracting great attention and becoming the center of a guy’s thoughts.
This week boys will be thinking about all the things they used to do, and they won’t even be in the mood to play games. And then the guy looks back and all he can think about is how nice the girl was, how much she fit in with him, how sensible and smart she was.
That’s where the buildup comes into play.


The Final Killer.

Later on, the girl often asked the boy out at night, because at night, they can’t go back to the dormitory after the door is closed, so we all know what happened.
The next morning, whatever girl wakes up, gets up, gets dressed and goes to do what she has to do.
No boys seeing such a lingering glint in a girl’s eye! For the rest of the day, the girl kept her mouth shut about it unless the guy mentioned it.
The girl was coming out of the hotel wanting to cry, feeling like she had given a lot and didn’t know if it would work out with him. 
But the boys didn’t disappoint the girls. Boys aren’t the person of irresponsible. Not to mention the fact that you won’t be treading on two boats. Just three days later, the guy asks the girl out and says he wants to talk.
The girl went. The guy comes up and tells the girl that he broke up with his girlfriend. Boys think they like girls better. 
Ask a girl how she feels about boys.
At this point in the story, the girl is almost done with the guy, but it’s not enough.


Keep the disatance
The girl replied then, “I quite like you. I think it’s pretty good that we’re keeping things the way they are.” It means, “ I don’t want to be your girlfriend, let’s be booty call.
What’s the situation? Divorced the original spouse for the third party and the third party refused to take responsibility?
From then on, they stayed friends for over two years until they graduated.
The principle of the girl’s treatment of boys is: supply the sex life, talk about interest tube enough, talk about the future no discussion
Why do girls hang out with boys like that? It’s about guys going crazy for girls and then falling in love with them.
The boys’ fighting spirit between those two years was completely ignited by the girl. It’s no exaggeration to say that guys are simply like courtship euphoric birds, trying to show off, trying to impress, trying to prove themselves in front of a girl.


Say Yes
You can’t hang for too long, and you can’t hang for too short a time, you have to be just right. 
Let the guy know that he’s got you the hard way. 
At this point, the initiative is in your hands and your initial goal is accomplished. 
I don’t know if it works, but it’s made up.
Most men, on the surface like innocent, cute and weak women, but in reality they like sexy, mature and independent women.
And it’s a sexy one, preferably one that only he’ll see.
So everyone remember to keep an eye on your other half, because you never know what kind of opponent you’ll face!