“Money isn’t everything, but not having money is not ok.”
They say people are too materialistic nowadays, and there’s always a conflict of interest in love.
But I don’t believe it, the king next door goes on a blind date and the woman asks, “Do you have a room?” King said, “No, ready to buy it.”
“Do you have a car?”
“No, haven’t bought it yet.”
“It’s okay, I’m not that realistic, I don’t mind.”
The old king was so touched that his eyes were red, “Girls like you are rare already.”
The girl asked, “What kind of fruit do you like?”
King: “I like watermelon, don’t you like?”
“I’m sorry, I don’t like food, I don’t think we’re right for each other.”
Since so many people now value material things, what kind of women would rich people like?


Women with money.
For example: it’s normal if a BMW driver can’t afford a Ferrari, but if a Ferrari driver wants to trade back to a BMW, that’s a real problem!
As the old saying goes: it is easy to be turn frugal into extravagance, and difficult to turn extravagance into frugal.
Do women want to marry rich men, but men don’t want to marry rich women?
Of course want! A friend of mine from a state-owned enterprise told me that he just wanted to marry with a leader’s daughter, my father-in-law just help me a little, life less struggle for twenty years. How cozy it is!
In fact, I do know some men who have made their fortunes off their wives’ mothers’ wives. With my father-in-law’s connections and resources, it was easy to change social classes.
You may despise this practice, but who can deny that it is a quick way to “win”?
Okay, I know that some of the female readers, are going to start cursing. But before you are against me, ask yourself, would you still want to get married if marrige would lower your quality of life?
We’re all human, you would think so, and so would men.
This is what I’ve said countless times in my articles, don’t think highly of men, human weaknesses are common and there are no gender differences


A mature, responsible woman.
Alan Yang once interviewed Bill Gates and asked him: Is the smartest decision in your life to create Microsoft or to be a big philanthropist?
He said no, it is not, but finding the right person to marry.
Melinda, the wife of the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, is not a beautiful woman, but an ordinary woman with an average appearance and average stature. In Bill’s eyes, Melinda is not only Bill’s partner at work, but also a competent, but more importantly, she has the qualities of a good wife: meek and generous.
Stock Buffett said, “When I was younger, I dated the most beautiful girl in our state, but it didn’t work out. I’ve heard that she’s been divorced three times since then, and I can’t even imagine what the future would have held if we had actually been together. So, the most important decision in your life is actually who you marry, and it will cost you a lot if you are wrong in choosing your partner! And the loss is not just monetary.”
He, like Bill, also believes that the most important decision in life is who to marry, not any investment.
They will, therefore, be very prudent, in their choice of wives.
That is, the consideration is not whether you have enough face value to draw me closer to you. Rather, do you have the wisdom to walk with me.
The elite are more interested in a woman’s intrinsic value than in her external form. Vanity Fair is never short of beautiful and sexy women, the elite have long been aesthetic fatigue, makeup technology, plastic surgery technology, plastic surgery technology the spike is further illustrated by the growing lack of a good-looking face and a sexy body.
The lower the income, the larger the preferred female breast size for men, and the smaller the preferred female breast size for men with higher incomes. Because the lower income population’s love of boobs stems from the uncertainty of the future and the need to hoard as many resources as possible, the boobs symbolize The thing is more food and resources.
Love can’t make you grow old together, happiness has nothing to do with love and nothing to do with feelings, anyone who’s been with a lover without feelings for a long time. It also creates deep feelings, and it’s the ones that last the longest that are the most time-tested. We tend to overestimate love, but underestimate the goodness and responsibility of human nature. We thought it was only through love that we could do those things: endure poverty and blandness, embrace and overcome our physical desires.
In fact, one’s own kindness and sense of responsibility will outweigh the power of love. Love has nothing to do with fidelity or fidelity, but with man.


A woman of equal status.
There was a time when it was always said that a man marrying a virtuous wife wanted a simple, unworldly older girl. Personally, I feel like it’s the last generation of big brothers who chose their spouses, and their perception of women is stuck in the traditional mold
A demure and virtuous housewife is the portrait they paint of their wife, preferably a virgin, or a minimal love affair is a plus.
But this generation of rich people, a certain segment of the population would never have chosen such a woman. The girl is simple, and the rich may pity her from the bottom of their hearts. If you’re a boyfriend and girlfriend, a rich man will love you and take care of you, but he may not marry you.
Isn’t that amazing? Not for a simple girl, but for a complicated woman?
When you get to this level, you can’t talk about being high, but you don’t think too much like the mainstream public either. Marriage is finding a woman whose life is tied to her relationship, life, interests, life and death….
For such a big thing, it’s very childish to focus on whether the other person is beautiful or not.
Falling in love is fine, but if you get married, women only consider the handsome or not, love or not, good or bad in several areas, also very incomplete!
So some people talk about love when sweet and honey, but after marriage, but the ground floor, nothing more than a standard before the use of love in the consideration of marriage just, their own seeds have to collect the fruit of their own.
Rich people don’t like mere women. In some movies and TV shows, a deep-hearted man will be smitten by a heartless woman, and a rich man will feel the same. The phenomenon doesn’t make sense.
In fact, rich people only think they’re stupid. If they get married and have children, the rich will also worry that such mothers will produce sheep who eat grass, not wolves who eat meat
A wealthy man wants a woman of equal worth to face the calculations, uncertainties, and unknowns of the outside world with him, to preserve and strengthen the fortune they have made together.
Some of you may be wondering why no pretty women were written about
It seems to me that rich people choose really few good-looking women, and most people who looks for beauty are upstarts.
So self’s excellent are the biggest fortune.