Last weekend, what was supposed to be a relaxing and restful weekend which was interrupted by the lovers next door!
It’s not the sound of the bed board puffing against the floor in the middle of the night, but the sound of clashing pots and pans, and a man and a woman’s shouting and arguing.
The cause of the quarrel was not heard, except that as the final quarrel approached silence, I heard the woman shout in a heart-rending cry : “I won’t say it! Please stop fighting.”
At about two or three o’clock, I heard a door opening across the street, a sound of running footstep and a man shouting: “Come back!” 
And then, there are no more sounds anymore. That girl won’ t come back.
When I came home from work yesterday, I saw the girl’s best friend was moving across the street, cursing and moving at the same time. Through the half-open door, I saw a men sitting in the living room was smoking cigarettes, and the atmosphere was awkward.
When the man’s friend came over to see him that night and they two were smoking in the hallway, I heard the man say in the dialect, “ Now this woman is too preoccupied and is becoming less and less willing to suffer.”
Why now less and less girls are not willing to suffer?


Chinese Woman is too tired
In most Chinese family values, the neatness of a home directly indicates whether a woman is diligent or lazy.

But doing housework was never the criterion for determining a man’s worthiness.
There are even a lot of in-laws parents and husbands using the strange reason that man is going to do great things in the future. This a good reason to avoid doing housework.
The company requires women to be independent, brave, self-confident, serious and meticulous and dare to challenge, creative and pragmatic.
Husbands require their wives to be gentle and considerate, hardworking and virtuous, cook well and care for house.
The child needs an educated, nurturing, companionable and emotionally stable mother, preferably be a book that like with a more detailed version of “100,000 Reasons Why.”
In China, such demands on women is normal.
A woman’s life is so exhausting.


The unequal of this society
With the increasing pressure of life, every one wants to be equal in a relationship, including: equal status, pay equality, economic equality.
Society now advocates equality between men and women, so what is equality?
A simple example of inequality!
Men use the toilet was standing up, women need to squat.
But now the design is the same size as the men’ s and women’s bathrooms.
So let’s think about it, is it really fair for men and women?
The answer is not fair.
A couple of days ago, I read a report on the Internet. 
A woman in Yangzhou, Xiao Lin, was forced by her husband and mother-in-law to give birth to a son, and she already had two daughters. In order to not give a birth a baby, she got on a birth control ring. As a result, her husband found out that he had made a move on her and forcibly took her and her two daughters to the hospital to have the rings removed. Due to this threatening nature of her husband’s actions, she felt disrespected and chose to call the police.
A lot of people was praise for Xiao Lin, but I think it’s a little too pathetic.
A woman could have decided on her own whether or not to have children, but now the decision has turned into a brave act of defiance in the eyes of the public.
 Xiao Lin’s approach is celebrated because most women choose to be submissive.
So sometimes it’s really not that you don’t want to suffer anymore, it’s just that the suffering, it’ s just too much to bear.


Nobody can be relay on.
I was particularly saddened to see the 58-year-old Song Dandan talk about marriage and life weibo. 
“There are really only three words in a woman’s life, on my own. You can’t rely on anyone but yourself. Why do you want to stay? I don’t want to stay with anyone. Anyone who doesn’t want to be with me is free to do as they please. You live your life. Life.”
Its not just women, it should be everyone.
Not tying attach anyone’s life, it’s the kind of attitude only a confident person has. The greatest source of security for a person is to live well.
I’m happy because I don’t need you to be happy. Can’t you make yourself happy?
So why are you asking me to go through all that extra pain when I’m on my own?


It’s not about suffering but squeezing.

One online experience I read about.
Before marriage, she ran a life of her own, however, after marriage, everything was different. Her husband and her agreed to settle down together and buy a house, and the two of them fought for a future life together. 
So she worked hard to save money and lowered the standard of her regular spending on entertainment while taking the money she earned to pay off her loans 
On the other hand, the husband who said he would work hard with her did desertion, and the loans that should be repaid were pushed to her, and the money was spent on dinners and fun on the daily buy and play.
She confronted her husband in puzzlement, but he said, “ It’s not always easy to go to work and have fun. It’s harder for men to save money than women, so you pay back more.”
Her husband never wanted to share the stress with her and didn’t even want to take on the responsibility when she was pregnant. She’d been hospitalized for a hard pregnancy, and as she lay in her hospital bed, her husband’s primary concern wasn’t her health or the well-being of her child, but still asking if I paid off this month’s loan.
The marriage had worn her down physically and mentally and she had to choose to end it.
The experience made her see that this was not a love shared by two people, but a suffering in the name of love
Nowadays, all a girl wants is a cherished and understanding embrace.
Only a stale love would blame the other person for it.
Love is about supporting each other, not blaming each other.