After a few days’ rest and full of blood to revive, I opened the backstage to see a full message and reply, “how can I have a good relationship”, “my boyfriend always says that he is tired and wants separate and calm “, “what are the love skills”…

Love has a very strong truth, that is, loving a person can not be unscrupulous to show themsleves. That is, we can not be who we really are. Because the real self is not perfect, there is bad temper. But in the face of our true love, we can be imperfect, but we can not always him face our worst side.
There are routines and skills in love. Today I will share with you three key skills for a good relationship.


Love is important but understanding is more important.
There has a famous film “later we”. Many people can’t understand, the original two people deeply in love, why they go further and further, why they can’t go to the end.
If two people don’t love each other, breaking up can also be accepted. But it is clearly that they still love each other,why do they come to this bad situation?
In the film, Jing bairan doesn’t know what the other side wants. He just moves himself from the beginning to the end.
Because of the family environment, Zhou Dongyu always wanted a home, a home that may not be so big but two people can support and love each other. So when she saw a sofa, she wanted to take it home when she thought that two people could nest together.

And Jing bairan, can only play games in the basement, and can’t even work hard for the home she wants. Only after Zhou Dongyu left, he suddenly wake up.

Later he said: if you didn’t leave, would we be different? Zhou Dongyu said: then you will not succeed.
After the separation, she went back to the basement and took the sofa away, because for her, it was the home she wanted.

He thought she wanted a good day, but in fact she wanted a day with him.

In predecessor 3, Meng Yun has been working hard to give Lin Jia the life she wants, but for this reason, she lacks many important moments for Lin Jia.
For her, what she wants is the future, but more importantly, there is the future with him.
Sometimes there is no right or wrong in a relationship, but it really can’t go on.
Everyone is different. You don’t know the other part, don’t understand him or her thoughts.
If you love him or her in the way you think right, you tend not to have good results.

It’s like I pick a basket of apples for you, and I don’t keep one for myself. However,you don’t care to say, oh, actually I like oranges.
It’s like I try my best to love you. But in your eyes,it it very simple. The highest level of my expression is just common in your heart.
Love in the wrong way, it seems not to love.


It’s terrible to fight,but the cold war is more terrible.
On the Internet, I see a boy’s message, saying that his girlfriend is easy to cry, she is often angry and secretly sad, and he has to comfort her for half a day every time.
Someone askes him, you girlfriend often need your comfort, are you tired?
He says: I’m tired , but the thought of her being sad makes me more tired.
The most painful thing in love is not quarreling but cold war. It is clear that there is anger and dissatisfaction in her heart but she is not willing to express it. She must let the other part think about where he has done wrong, put the obligation of expressing emotion on others, and imply that the other part can meet her own needs in the way of cold war.

When you are dissatisfied with your feelings, you must take the initiative to tell the other part instead to let the other party guess. In fact, the cold war is a process of slowly adapting to each other. When the cold war is over, the feelings will be cold.
I would rather quarrel with you, than let yourself suffer in silence, rather than let you fall in love with others.


It doesn’t matter if you have a bad temper, but don’t leave the worst for the one you love the most.
I have a friend named Xiao Zhang, she is very beautiful and excellent, but her boyfriend has not been more than three months since the University, and some never make it to the end.
At the beginning, everyone said that the other side was a scum man. It doesn’t matter if someone is not nice. But later, when we got close to her, we knew that this kind of person who didn’t know how to restrain herself and regarded hurting the other side as her own nature should not meet true love.
When her boyfriend confessed, she once said: my temper is really bad, and it’s not as perfect as you think. If one day you find out that I’m really bad, will you leave me?

At that time, the boy said: since I want to accept your good side, I will also accept the bad side of you. What I like is the whole person of you.

Of course, we all envyed Xiao Zhang and thought that she had found her true love.
After they were together, Xiao Zhang’s nature began to expose. When she was angry, she quarreled and said she had no sense of security. When her boyfriend yelled at her, she thought that he didn’t love her. When she was late for a date, it didn’t matter. Whe her boyfriend was late for the date, he made a big mistake. She did not answer the phone in time means she was busy. While her boyfriend did not answer the phone in time means he didn’t like her.

Girls often say that only those who can accept their bad side can enjoy their best side, which is true love. And they comfort themselves, saying that she could only be unrestranined in her temper at true love. It’s an expression of love.
Everyone has a bad side, but no one is obliged to bear your bad side. You can’t leave your worst temper to the one you love the most. We say that true love means that you can be yourself completely, but not that you can him in the name of true love.
The mouth is for kissing, not hurting. The right way of expression can make the person you love love love you more. If you use it wrong, the person who loves you will be sad.
It takes skill as well as routine to please the other side in love.
Although routines are copied and skills are learned, the heart that loves you is true.
It’s true that I always think about you and my love for you.