For this clichéd topic of breakups, many people also hold different attitudes. Some people are indifferent, after all, a single life is nothing bad.

From the perspectives of human nature and biological evolution, most people still desire long-lasting, intimate sexual relationships.

But being able to maintain gender intimacy for a long time is not easy, and it is affected by many differentiating factors. In general, the main killers of long-term love relationships are the following six. I’d like to share with you today.


Trust issues
Trust is absolutely necessary to maintain both the partnership and the intimacy between two people, yet it is also the most difficult to acquire and keep. If there is a crack in the trust between the two of you it will affect your daily relationship.

Every word, every look, every action of the other party will make you suspicious. Suspicion will lead to questions, questions will lead to mutual incomprehension, mutual incomprehension will lead to problems, and over time, if these problems are not resolved, they will cause deep damage to your relationship.

Whether it is between husband and wife, or lovers, trust is the foundation. Only by trusting each other can you achieve frank communication, and only by achieving frank communication can you achieve mutual understanding.



In a romantic relationship, if one partner is unfaithful, either the other partner can’t accept it and just ends the relationship, or the other partner choose to forgive, but you need to be careful with her sensitivity in life from now on. If you don’t love her enough, she can easily become insecure or even suspicious. If you mishandle it a little, she can be quite resentful and disgusted with you.

So, when infidelity occurs in a romantic relationship, it is devastating damage to the relationship, and the process of rehabilitating it is incredibly difficult and painful.

Even some couples have started accusing and making strong personal attacks on their other half without proof of infidelity, and sometimes this fear and suspicion of infidelity can severely damage the trust and intimacy you have with each other.


Communication difficulties

Communication difficulties are commonly known as no common language, many couples have arguments over communication difficulties, and communication difficulties can lead to failure in intimate relationships between partners.

Over time, you will begin to feel isolated and lonely and may look elsewhere for emotional intimacy. Also, lack of communication can lead to contempt and disdain for your other half, which can make every conversation you have full of sarcasm and belittling. It’s bad for gender intimacy.


Lack of balance

Lack of balance in a relationship exists in many couples, for example, one partner is always giving and the other is content to take it for granted and even belittle the efforts of the other party. If this state of affairs goes on for a long time it can bring about a great crisis in your relationship.

One side always puts your romantic relationship first while the other side takes it as a back position. When you place different levels of importance on your relationship and each other, it can also cause an imbalance in your relationship.

Prolonged imbalance can wreak havoc on the stability of your romantic relationship.


Although two people in a relationship have different values and worldviews due to different upbringings and native families, this is a time when respect and compromise are absolutely vital.

Because it’s very difficult to maintain an antagonistic romantic relationship, and a long-term comfortable relationship requires compatibility between you and the other party.

If you are not compatible and tolerant with each other at all, your lives will fill with arguments over many daily and trivial things, which is not good for the stability of a long-term romantic relationship.



No relationship should tolerate abusive behavior, because once you tolerate it once, the other party will continue and even intensify it, and then only pain and disappointment await you.

Abusive behavior is disrespectful to the other half, and we should resist it severely to avoid destroying the intimacy and trust between you because of it.

We’re all people who’ve broken down in the night. We’re all people who’ve died a part of us inside.

Every day we become more carefree, and every day after we refuse to be sensationalized, we cannot be happier. There has to be something hidden deep inside among our piled up irreverence, right?

I’ve tried so hard to live my life as a comedy, but there’s always sighing in my heart.