“Without a heart, no one is hurt.”

What is a debauched girl? In short, she played with a few innocent boys.
No initiative, no refusal, no responsibility.
Whether you’re insecure, young and ignorant, or you like the feeling of hunting, in the end… it goes to the heart of the matter: that your prey is not good enough for you.

Everyone is born a blank slate, innocent, sweet and simple.
But then why are there so many debauched boys and girls?
It could be the family environment or the upbringing environment. Today, we’re going to focus on what makes a girl become debauched?


It’s because you don’t want to be someone’s “fallback.”
After work, I’ve heard from men more than once that this girl, though average looking, is virtuous and suitable to be a wife.

I didn’t want to be what they call a “back-up man,” so I decided to be a debauched girl.
But the truth is, guys’ real first love and permanent adoring nostalgia is definitely not for debauched girls, but for girls who have made a serious, hard effort and will be looked up by them forever in the years to come.
The debauched girls seem to have a group of loyal pursuers, yet none of them are sincere. Just like when I stopped playing the ambiguous game, the men all scattered. In fact, these boys, who were only turned on by my whining and my wakefulness, sobered up when I didn’t lie and found that I wasn’t enough to keep them waiting.
Debauched girls think they’ve got the boys’ hearts, in fact when you actually keep them out of contact for six months, you will realize that you’ve only buttered them up and you’ll have to keep doing that.
At the wine table, these men will share his ambiguity of the debauched girl year with everyone. When the night is quiet, they will think of those stories, nostalgia for their youth, and laugh at the fact that they should like that person back then.
I once had an affair with a boy, but he deleted me on both QQ and We Chat. What does that mean? They don’t miss me. They wish they never had me.
So, girls, the focused look you learn is more attractive than those girls’ pampered looks.


Because she thinks it’s funny.
People may see green tea whores or scheming bitch as disgusting, but guys really buy it.

Why would you be a debauched girl? Because I’m bored, because I’m young and fearless, because I’ve never loved anyone, and because I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong.
I was young, playing with my life, playing with my feelings, just for fun, but actually now I think about it as empty and spiritually barren.
It’s not for money. I will return their invitation to dinner or give a gift of comparable value to those boys. It’s not for sex, I just like the process of hunting, and I feel very fulfilled to get one heart after another, that’s all.
Usually after the boy confesses to me, I told him to be in a friend zone. I think I can almost stop playing ambiguous game and be indifferent to him as if the previous acquaintance is not real as well.
It’s not that I don’t have any feelings at all, you know every girl has no bullshit or patience for a guy who is completely insensitive. I think the guys I met didn’t live up to the imaginary line of love, so even if I am fond of some of them, I turned them down.


Because it’s easier for the debauched girls to live.
Scrappy girls are better at using than regular girls and don’t feel any guilt, so scrappy girls can use other guys in their lives to live more easily.
Having been at work, I met a so-called “green tea.”
Of course I don’t hate her. On the contrary, I think she’s a bit silly.
She’s pretty, cute and young. She was born in 1996. We work in a company with a lot of guys there, leading to quite a lot gossip man around her. And it’s very convenient at work, she often leaves the boys with the tough jobs.
So much so that I came to work a year after her (she graduated from junior college and got this job by pulling strings) but knew the business better.
She’s very good at whining and a lot of guys seem to be overwhelmed by her.
My psychology changed slowly. I felt that this kind of girl lived so easily and wanted to be a scum girl. 


Because she’s been hurt by scumbags.
They just enjoy the thrill of revenge.
It’s the worst, because what they really want is not to gain profit, to hurt you in the first place.
There are also two types of such women: those who only retaliate against single men and those who are married. If he’s been cheated on by a married man, she’ll deliberately break up his family.
Actually, they’re scary, but they’re the type who can easily turn over a new leaf.
Because there is a very soft part of them, in revenge, once they meet a simple, warm man, they will slowly change over. Of course, it depends on luck.


Because of the homeschooling factor.
I once saw a scum girl who had been debauched since elementary school. In elementary school, she found that using her praise, ambiguity, she can control one boy and get a few perks, like some snacks and protection, and then she went further down the road to scum. She has never been condemned by her conscience, because she’s been debauched since her elementary school, middle school, high school, and college, she was used to it.

She thought it was fine. There was no warmth in the house because her father used to beat her mother.
As pathetic as it sounds, it’s a pretty hateful thing to do, and this kind of scum girl is usually almost hopeless. Unless something very drastic happens, the personality has been formed.
This lack of warmth had become commonplace, and she herself was completely unaware of her lack of love. Since she herself was unaware of it, of course there’s no strong conscience, and since there’s no love to speak of, it’s very much a matter of conquering and being conquered, exploiting and being exploited between people. Theses are quite normal, and they will rightfully exploit and cheat men. Even if they meet a kind man, they feel with all their heart that he’s an idiot.
Say something naughty, only kids see the real thing.
But really, what adult is completely sincere, either in their desire for beauty or their love of money. And marriage is even more important for the family. Considering love as bread and without any material basis for the relationship will not be happy.
So, girls, toying with a few men is nothing to be proud of, and there’s no need to envy such women. The really smart ones are the ones who have been working with the gods for a long time.

Being a great person will attract people without any means.