“One wants to be forever, one wants to be apart.”
A fan asked me: Why did my boyfriend suddenly want to break up with me?
In fact, when you ask this, you can remember carefully, was it really good between you? Was it really a sudden breakup?
Every person who breaks up suddenly must have waited for your change for a long time but you don’t notice; every person who wants to give up,  must have given you chance after chance and you didn’t even realize it.
While browsing the web, I saw a topic, “What were the signs before you broke up?”
“I’m telling you today…” “I’m a little sleepy, good night.”
“Let’s just calm down and not contact.”
Only when you were suddenly broken up, realize that the other person has been planning this for a long time. Just you don’t know
So what are the signs before breaking up?


Unbalanced love.
The most frightening thing in a relationship is that one person is thinking about together forever while the other is thinking about running away.
You can be caring and devoted to him, but if he doesn’t give you response and lack in enthusiasm, he is always perfunctory and never seems to care about your emotions, then even if it hurts, you have to put up with it.
Many of these questions are not so hard to understand once you accept the answer that he may no longer love you.
You’ve been loved by him, you’ve been worried by him, he used to be able to detect your little emotions, he used to come in first to admit and apologize when you had a fight. You’ve seen what he looks like when he loves someone, so you should know what he looks like when he doesn’t love you.
If the true heart cannot be exchanged for the true heart, don’t force it.
Those who want to go can’t stay, those who pretend to sleep can’t wake up, those who don’t like you can’t be touched.
Sometimes girls think guys are too easy to give up a relationship, actually maybe it is not easy, and just he does not have any feeling for you.


The conversation is getting perfunctory.
–This movie is great, you can see it.
–I bought you breakfast today and put it on your desk.
–I don’t want overtime this weekend.
When we are first together, we always had endless things to talk about. However, gradually, the chat recording of phones were filled with simple phrases such as “ok” and “nice”, and replying to messages was like replying to work. Looks like two strangers are talking
Each time, you expect a lot, only to get a pile of disappointment and save up a bunch of words that haven’t say out

This makes you feel powerlessness and emptiness.


Alone time is greater than two people’s time
–I have a cold.
— drink more water, the game will begin soon.
There is a relationship called a widowed relationship. There were no surprises on every holiday together, and I don’t even remember how long we were together or what the ritual meant.
On Valentine’s Day, everyone is in love, sending flowers, money and chocolates, while your plastic boyfriend sends nothing and doesn’t say “Happy Valentine’s Day”.
Once had expectations, but also knew there were no miracles. Until later, there are no expectations and no disappointments.
He’s become  impatient than he was at first, less willing to coax you, and you know it all, but you just want to hang on and give each other another chance, and maybe some of it really is a misunderstanding.
Why not tell the other side about your mental activity and to let them know that you are giving the relationship the last chance. For most straight men, you’ve probably been struggling with the idea for a long time, and he has no idea, much less which point you Made a mistake.
To a guy, he may not understand or read your words, so it’s best to be straightforward.
In the same way, for those who are not able to talk and communicate with their girlfriends in the wording, I wants to say that if you are cold and mean to them, one day they will leave and in that time it is too late for you to save this relationship
For the girl, she saves up enough disappointment to leave, and the relationship is no longer salvageable.
If you love each other, talk more, do more and work harder.


No more elaborate preparations.
At the very beginning of a relationship, a girl always wants to put the best her forward in front of her boyfriend, such as an appointment to meet at 10 a.m. She always wakes up early, then takes a shower, puts on her makeup and appears beautiful in front of the guy.
However, after a while, girls become more casual in long-term relationships, and what used to be elaborate dress-up time turns into time to play with their phones and eat fries.

Honestly, a girl like that makes guys’ heart feel nothing.


 Never had a fight.
Fighting is a form of communication, and if two people never fight, either one of them has been putting up with it, or they haven’t been seriously in love.
If you just want a short-time lover, it is don’t be too serious, don’t be too calculating, if you are too busy then I won’t bother you, you don’t quit smoking also doesn’t matter happy, we just need today’s happiness.
But later, the deeper you love, the more you realize that the nature of love is care.
From the big spiritual trivialities to the smallest habits, you need to get used to each other’s a lot of habits.
As a lot of boyfriends think their girlfriends are really unreasonable, she will be angry about a lot of things,  in fact, they are not angry things itself, just sad that you do not have the original attentive, just want you to care about her more.
A child will only ask his doting parents for candy, never run to the grocery store and shout, “Give me something to eat, sir!
A sincere exchange of ideas or an angry fight is a statement of demands. If she doesn’t argue, it’s proof that she’s lost expectation of you.

If you don’t catch up after that time period, the urge will diminish or even disappear
The memory of a person lasts about 120 days.
If you’re still thinking about that person after this period of time. It means you love that person so much.
The one who sticks around the longest, if not the one who loves you the most, must be the one who will miss you the most.