Someone asked me, “Many of your fans are still single.

I thought to myself, more than two-thirds of the people who like me are girls.

So for the past two days, I’ve been surveying many of my guy friends around me and have come up with 10 behaviors that guys like better and that can warm them up and provoke them, so get out your little notebook and remember them!


If you’ve also watched “Weightlifting Goblin Kim Bok Joo,” you probably know the classic line in it, “Maybe. Do you like Macy too?” As you can imagine, shared interests are really a big help in a relationship.

So spend time with him doing what he likes to do, playing LOL, watching football games, sports, playing with cars, shopping in the digital plaza anything. If you’ve ever hated the fact that he shows impatience when you go shopping, then be on the lookout for yourself, and don’t show the same thing when you’re with him. Be impatient and try to give him encouragement and companionship.


Praise should be in place, and praise should go to the areas that the boy is most proud of. Preferably, it is possible to speak as if you know a little, but there is a lot you don’t know and admire so much that you have to ask him for advice so that he can be in You strut your stuff before you and enjoy your admiring glances.


A little surprise type warmth. For example, you can buy the electric, jersey, or sneakers he’s been wanting to buy for a long time, or hand-write a card full of love notes you want to say to him. Before you do it, you can do a little research and find out what he cares about these days.

The difference between this point and the girl is that girls will be more concerned about the birthday, Valentine’s Day and other special occasions, and for boys, I think the more touching is to turn in life, can be quietly close to the heart, is to play from the heart for his good, any time of the day.


In special situations, emotions can go hand in hand with rational thinking. In short, in addition to expressing your feelings, you can also give him insights into how to solve his problems, analyze the difficulties he is encountering. How it can be solved.

Things a guy dislike is unreasonable girls, who doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and who still thinks she’s cute when she’s being rude. . In fact, no, what boys like is maybe usually you are a little bird, but when the storm comes, you can also become his most solid rely. You need to let him know that even if he falls, there is still you behind him to support him, soft but not weak, strong but not tough, you are facing the future together. .


If he accidentally makes a mistake, he’ll instantly find he is wrong! then try to turn a blind eye, pretend that nothing is wrong and forgive him in the past, and do not turn over this account in the future.

It’s not the big dilemma that kills love, but the little friction in life.


Proactive little intimacy. You can stand in front of him , clear up his clothes, fiddle with his collar, tousle his hair, or even just squat down and help him with his shoelaces! Tie it tight.

When you do this, remember to get close enough to try that kind of physical contact… where your breath feels like it’s touching your hot ears. Offsetting, he takes care of the little details for him with innocent hyper-focused eyes. The key to this small intimacy is to be natural and tell him, you have me to take care of, don’t worry.

I’ve heard that even very slow wooden men blossom in the face of this small intimacy.


The dominant initiative. No one ever said that initiative belongs to boys, like a kiss on the cheek right before leaving at the subway station, then running to the car and smiling. Watch him drift away.

The point of this move is to be fast, like why is Haagen-Dazs good? It’s just a small quantity. A full Haagen-Dazs tends to be too sweet, gets tired, and isn’t appealing anymore.


Think outside the box and be able to self-examine. I can understand that every month there are inevitable moments when a girl wants to be a little unruly, and that’s ok in a proper relationship, the problem is mutual. If you’re able to get away with it when you know you’ve just gone a little too far and seem to be being unreasonable, then I hope you’ll be able to get away with it soon.


Empathy. No matter who you are, there are times when you are busy and accidents happen. When he occasionally shows up late, doesn’t reply to a text message, or forgets to tell you in advance when he’s going out, you’re better off understanding him than blaming him. Compassionate, gentle questions.
What’s wrong? Are you tired?
Are you all right? Is there anything I can do to help you?
Don’t worry. You’ve got me to keep you company too, don’t you?
You belong only to me, you can cry in front of me, let me hug you, okay?

If he does cry in front of you, he’s probably sure to be yours for the rest of his life.


Just the right amount of dependence. Usually you can suddenly hug him tightly and tell him how much you need him, Let him know that he owns you and you need him, but you can be independent for him occasionally. The sensible and sensible woman can not only accomplish her man, but also her happiness.

In the end, there aren’t that many rules in love.

The techniques in question are nothing more than little tricks that work a little bit on most people.

When you really like it, the most important thing is.

Look at the person you love with your whole heart and answer with love.

When you face him honestly, he will understand.

Brother Qi Zi, microblogging well-known emotion blogger, radio male anchor, write away heartfelt words, tell warm stories!