I’m nice enough doesn’t like human.
Yesterday I saw this quote.
“In the boy’s world, if you love me, you won’t leave; in the girl’s world, if you love me, you’ll come to me. So, in the end, you didn’t hold me back and I didn’t come back to you. Just passed by and never saw you for the rest of your life.”
That’s how men and women are, different genders, different minds, different ways of loving people, different perspectives on things 
Being around a couple of friends, I once asked them, “When was the happiest moment you had together?”
Boy says, “It must have been when she gave me sneakers for Valentine’s Day.”; girl says: “It was the first time together when he hugged me and kissed my forehead.”
See, men and women like the “point” is not the same. So, in the eyes of women, men have what “posture” most women like?


Touch The Head
As soon as a girl gets angry, all you have to do is gently touch her head and she’ll lose her motivation to get angry.
It’s a comforting action when a girl is sad, anxious and worried, and it’s one of the actions that makes her heart explode.


kiss on the forehead
A kiss on the forehead is a sweet sign of love, it indicates when a man puts a woman on a woman and it usually means that the Protection. So if you’re serious about kissing on the forehead, this must-have is the most gentle way to provoke a girl in the universe.


Silent Concern 
As the woman shivered, the man silently unbuttoned his coat and draped it over her
On a rainy day, when a woman looks around in a daze and complains why she didn’t remember to bring an umbrella, the man holds an umbrella over her head.
When the usually lively woman suddenly one day bloodless, painful covering the stomach lying in front of the table, not a word, the man passed by the woman silently put down a can of heated milk. 
Men generally give people a feeling is rough, even dull, but once the rough lines of men can do this kind of small things, once women realize that this big old man actually so small heart, will be man deeply felt.


Speaks Softly And Gentle
In a woman’s heart, she prefers love to be a “tender place” rather than a “battlefield”.
In the survey, 34.81% of women would like their partners to be “more gentle and talk more lovingly”, while 27.43% would like to The partner can “”ake care of their emotions.”
A lot of men hope that their passion is unlimited, with the strength to conquer women, and in fact, thoughtful and lingering more to bring a woman’s good feelings. In addition to the hope that women take the initiative, the man better give women some foreplay time, more than a few words of fleshly words, such as telling her, “darling. You look beautiful today,” etc.


When A Man Introduces His Woman To His Friends
Women are insecure, and countless women are angry about one little thing: men barely mention their presence to anyone else
They’ll feel uneasy that you don’t think she’s yours; they’ll be anxious that they’re not good enough for you to want to take them into your circle; they’ll even get suspicious that you’re preparing in advance to leave her and find someone else.
And when a man holds their hand and walks towards the crowd, telling people loudly and proudly that:this is my girlfriend, this is the moment they are happiest time.
She feels recognition from you and commitment, they realize: she is proud of you!


Stand up For A Woman.
When Dahlia was in the sixth grade, there was a dispute between Dahlia’s family and a neighbor, and the neighbor’s master threw a brick at Dahlia, but it actually only hit her foot.
The most important thing is that Dahlia’s father is usually a really easy-going person, and Dahlia has never seen such a scary side of him before. 
No one’s as good as your father. 
The story went something like this: Dahlia’s mother and the other party got into a dispute, and then Dahlia and her father came out when they heard the noise, and saw the other woman grabbing Dahlia’s mother’s arm, and the man pointing at her mother’s nose.
My dad went up and pulled my mom behind him, and started the theory, and the other side didn’t take advantage of it to say that he couldn’t say Dahlia’s dad, and finally got angry and fought.


Pay For Something
Of course there’s another super-luxurious way to provoke a girl, and that’s to pay to kill. After all, there’s nothing for a girl that can’t be solved by buying, if anything, more often!