“It’s worst that two people have different levels of free time during a relationship.”
Many people have said that if you truly like someone, you should accept all of her, appreciate her strengths and tolerate her weaknesses.
I won’t deny that, but one thing: tolerance ≠ liking.
A man will tolerate your shortcomings, but tolerating doesn’t mean he likes them, and it doesn’t mean he’ll ignore them.
Like Liu Bozhu’s girlfriend, who’s an avid stargazer, actually I think it’s more like a follower.
After the “hip-hop” fire, Liu Bozhu’s girlfriend turned into a West Coast hardcore girl, said everything to dye her hair pink, buy a bunch of fake supreme satchel, say two Chinese must add a sentence in English.
And then the variety show “Trainee” became a hit, and Yoo Bo-joo’s girlfriend fell in love with the kid.
Since the former kid time on the hot search accident, the girlfriend is more like a person, online brush mobile phone while cursing swear words. The first time I saw Liu Bozhu, I pulled him to pour bitterness, but also said while cursing, full of negative energy.
Liu Bozhu was confused, which brat was the brat?
The girlfriends also pull Liu Bozhu a piece of scolding, take Liu Bozhu’s mobile phone on microblogging post; Liu Bozhu not let, the girlfriend said: you do not love me. . I don’t know what to say, but I’m not going to say anything.
In the end, Liu Bozhu feels that his girlfriend has changed and become obnoxious. So he broke up with her, and Liu Bozhu hasn’t kept her.
So I interviewed a lot of guys around me and came up with what are the girls that guys hate the most?


Take excessive demnands for grated
I’ve read a street interview asking girls how much they think guys should earn before they can get married, and the answer is generally more than 1W yuan per month, which may not seem like a high demand, but the place where the interview took place is a second or third tier city where the average monthly salary is less than 4,000 yuan.
When interviewing guys again, ask, “What do you think about girls who want to get married with an annual salary of around 20W? ” a few of the boys stared, “Going to be a bachelor for the rest of my life! “
A while ago there was a hot topic online: “Can your boyfriend afford to support you with a monthly salary of 5000? “One user shared her personal experience saying, “My boyfriend earns $3,000 a month and the most expensive gift he’s ever bought me was 1,000 It’s too embarrassing to tell your girlfriends that your boyfriend sent you the bag.”
Even if you pay a third of your salary, it’s still “humiliating” in some girls’ eyes.
There are also girls who have hit the nail on the head: “How much is the monthly salary first, but why do you say that women need to be supported by men? It’s not like they’re so incompetent that they can’t make money themselves.”
No one is taking anyone for granted, and women are most afraid of unmotivated men, and men are most afraid of overly demanding women, who want brand names, respectability, and pampering, but also self-awareness: do I ask for more than my own beauty, ability, and character!


It’s more problems than it’s pretty
In fact, the girl is normal, occasionally tossed or spoiled a petite, give the boyfriend a little sweet storm, a reasonable little play is to increase the relationship between the two sides of the lubricant.
The worst part is that some girls don’t know they are doing this behavior, for example.
Woman: My roommate asked me to go out shopping, but I was tired and didn’t want to.
M: Then let’s stop playing and get some rest.
Female: Then they say I’m not a good match, and I want to buy
M: Then go out and play.
Woman: But I’m really tired.
Man: … Do whatever you want, it’s up to you.
Female: You actually let me do whatever I want, you don’t love me anymore, do you? I knew you blablabla….
If a girl knows she’s actually doing it, she can actually accept it if she wants to play with him, and if she wants to hug him, that’s fine. There you go, just trying to get you to coax me” end of story. But if the girl thinks it’s normal, then it’s the boy’s fault anyway, and it’s even worse to say no.


Like to be calculating and often in a bad mood
Guys don’t like girls who are calculating, because then they will live a trivial and unhappy life
Imagine that someone cuts in line, and you remind them of it, but the person next to you is unrelenting and cursing all the way, then you remember the incident all the way to the end, and you get into that indignant mood
In life, things don’t go as planned. I was bumped into by someone on the bus in the morning, my lunch order couldn’t be delivered on time, my boss said I had a meeting at the end of the afternoon…these Things are all very common, but when it falls on a calculating person, she can talk most of the time and still clip a lot of negative emotions
Life is not easy to begin with, and we all want our other half to bring us sunshine and happiness, to make us forget the little things that don’t matter and make us unhappy!

A calculating girl, on the other hand, always brings boredom and frustration. Of course guys will hate such a girl.
It’s common to hear people say, “I want to be myself! Can’t change for boys!”
I think it’s true that we shouldn’t change ourselves for anyone, but we do need to make ourselves better. In fact, a good and sensible, filial and polite, a smile can bring positive energy to people’s girls, not only the boys like, girls also fond

Let’s stop doing things that upset people, even if it’s for our own sake, we need to get better.


In the name of love, I lose my temper
I’ve always been told that I’m angry at you because I like you, and I only dare to fly in front of people I like.
There was a girl around who was like this, and her phone call with her boyfriend was interrupted by a bad signal. When her boyfriend called back, she yelled at him and he was furious.
Do you blame the boyfriend for the bad signal? No! Doesn’t she know the consequences of cursing, yes! She was just upset about it and wanted to let off some steam!
They will also say, I like to get angry at you because I love you, I don’t love people I don’t bother to get angry. If the boy dares to get angry, they will also say, the original chase me that little bit of sincerity which went, just a bad mood to vent your anger. Let’s break up!
In the name of love but doing selfish things, feeling bad is no one’s fault but the ones close to them, because shouting at them they won’t leave.
To this type of girl, I just want to say that a guy who is nice to you is expecting you to return the same goodness to him, not for you to mend the knife in his heart.


Comparing boyfriends to other people’s boyfriends
It’s supposed to be personal.
When a man grows up being compared to “other people’s children” by his parents, and tries to argue, his parents will say, “What? And you’re talking back?
When I was growing up, my girlfriend compared me to other people’s boyfriends and tried to argue, she would say, “Are you mad at me? I’m trying to make you better, aren’t I? Don’t you love me anymore?
The girls who are most offensive to guys are probably the kind of girls who don’t really know what they want, but see what other women have and they want it.
Feeling that the rice in the bowl doesn’t smell as good as the rice in the pot and that the pot doesn’t smell as good as someone else’s.
In love, we tend to give each other more hurt than we give each other love.
Don’t live a life that’s too clear. The clearer you live, the more painful it is.
One person or two people, just look the other way and live a life of ignorance.
Happiness comes from contentment.