“The person inside the incidence is blinded by the incidence.”
A number of users have recently been asking questions in the backstage about what to do if their partner is cheating on them; these users want to know why did the other party cheat, did he/she do a bad job, or because they don’t have feelings anymore?
Lost in “Lushan” cannot see the “real” face.
Today I’m going to take a look at the inner mental struggles of those who cheat on their wife and children.
And what happened to their lives afterwards?


There are only zero and countless infidelities.
Feng Lin is a 24 year old male, a white-collar worker in a company with an average income.
Feng Lin had been dating his girlfriend for three years, but by the second year Feng Lin felt their relationship had gone into a lull. Feng Lin even felt a little tired.
That was the first time Feng Lin cheated on his girlfriend.
Feng Lin met a girl on a matchmaking app, and the two met and somehow got a room together.
Feng Lin felt so guilty after this that he showed special care and consideration for his girlfriend when he got home and offered to do some household chores.
Feng Lin also had thoughts of making a new life for himself, but then realized he couldn’t do it.
Because it didn’t take long for that itchy, torturous little fire to burn again, slowly growing bigger and bigger, and finally becoming a raging fire difficult to extinguish. The more he tries to , the more it burns.
The more you inwardly tell yourself not to, the more you want to try again.
Cheating is like an addiction. Once you’ve had it, you don’t want to stop.

Feng Lin said, “The thrill of sneaking around and cheating while worrying about being found out, I dare anyone, just try it once, even if there’s only one time, and then you get a taste for it and it becomes uncontrollable.”
So there was a second time, a third time, and countless times after that, but Feng Lin hid it well all the time.
His girlfriend doesn’t even notice that Feng Lin is cheating on her, and in the eyes of their friends, Feng Lin and his girlfriend are incomparable affectionate couple.
On top of that, every single one of Feng Lin’s cheating partners doesn’t know that Feng Lin has a girlfriend. Feng Lin declares to his cheating partners that he is single and never adds the We Chats of those cheating partners. All the contact details are done on the chat APP so as not to get caught with anything.
To be discreet, every time he goes to meet his cheating partner, Feng Lin hides an object.
That’s the ring on the ring finger.


Cheating and love don’t contradict.
Xiao Shi is a 21-year-old college girl with no income, living off her family’s money.
Xiao Shi and her boyfriend were high school classmates and got together not long after the entrance exams. They ended up not going to college in the same city. Xiao Shi is in the south and her boyfriend is in the north.
When she went to college, Xiao Shi started to go to nightclubs and have sex with various guys.
As for Xiao Shi’s boyfriend, at most, he would come to meet her every two weeks, eat and sleep overnight. Such meetings were all about Xiao Shi’s boyfriend coming over to see Xiao Shi.
Xiao Shi also said, “He did do quite a bit for me.”
One time it was the second anniversary of the relationship between Xiao Shi and her boyfriend, because they were not in the same city at the time, and they also both had things to do and were too busy to get together, so they agreed ahead of time that they wouldn’t see each other on Memorial Day. They’d find another opportunity to make up for it.
It turned out that on the day of the anniversary, Xiao Shi’s boyfriend was waiting downstairs at Xiao Shi’s home with a cake in his hand.
Xiao Shi’s boyfriend stayed up all night and sneaked over.
Xiao Shi’s boyfriend said two things when he saw her.
The first sentence reads, “Happy second anniversary.”               
The second line is, “Even if you’re crazy, you have to take care of your body.”
In fact, at that time Xiao Shi was so moved. From that moment on, Xiao Shi discovered that she still loved him.
Xiao Shi said, “It’s not as if there’s a contradiction between loving and cheating.”
But now Xiao Shi would still cheat on his boyfriend behind his back. To say that the guilty wasn’t nothing, but in the end it couldn’t hold up to the crazy pleasure of that one night.
Thinking that she’s going to graduate soon, she said she wants to marry her boyfriend.
But she doesn’t know how much longer she can fool his boyfriend.


So what if you cheat?
Pei Xiang is a 27-year-old boy, a successful business owner with a good income.
Pei Xiang had only cheated on her once since the beginning and was found out. They fought for a long time, then slowly calmed down, as if it never happened.
On the surface it seems like everything is back to the way it was, but many details of life have changed.
When Pei Xiang used to ask his friends to go out with him, his girlfriend would say, “Be careful on the road,” “Don’t drink too much,” and ” Come back early.”
Now when Pei Xiang says he’s going out to be with his friends, his girlfriend will first say “Oh”, and then some time later, his girlfriend couldn’t help but come over and say carefully, “Who are you looking for? Where to eat?”
The trust they had built up… had completely fallen apart because of that night Pei Xiang cheated.
However, Pei Xiang is not worried that his girlfriend will leave him, because Pei Xiang is rich.
Pei Xiang said: “She doesn’t come from a good family, and she doesn’t have a regular job, but I can give her everything she wants. I can buy her famous brand clothes, bags, shoes and cosmetics. It’s impossible for an invalid like her, who has lost her economic independence, to leave me.”
During which Pei Xiang took a drag on his cigarette and then continued to say
“I just think that she’s pretty, has a good figure, a good temper, and can do housework, so she’ll be a decent wife to marry into the family later. As for… Will she cheat in the future… We’ll see.”
Then he sighed and spat out that smoke.
A user told me his story: he cheated on his wife once and was found out. His wife forgave him and he decided that he would never let her down again in his life.
Then one day his wife said to him, “After all this time I realized that I’d like to pretend that nothing happened, but the more you do for me, the more you make up for it, it won’t compare to the harm you brought to me that time.”
In the end his wife left, leaving behind her words.
“Some things can’t be mended,”
Some injuries are irreversible.
Like something already carved, even if it could be hidden, it would still be there.     
And those who choose to betray, never deserve to be forgiven.