Lately there’s been a lot of comments from fans in the backstage: “How do I decide if two people are right for each other, and should I be with him or not?” In fact, there’s no absolute quantitative standard for suitability, after all, there are individual differences in people and their perceptions of things. Values are also different. Even if the same thing is a big problem for one person, another person may think it’s not even a thing.
These differences can cause us to do a lot of things that make the other person feel uncomfortable, cumulatively, or even explode someday and fight as a result. Over time, you may also feel that you’re not on the same page as the other person and suspect that the two of you aren’t right for each other, thus wanting to break up.
In fact, whether two people are suitable or not, the key is whether their spirit is well-matched, after all, love is not enough to let us accommodate the other without a bottom line. It is most important for two people to have their own comfortable mode of being together.
Consistent with the three views, you won’t get tired when you get along. Even if you occasionally hate each other and love each other, it will not really affect the feelings of the two people. After all, you have confirmed your eyes and are in the same path.
So today, I would like to recommend you a set of comics which are popular in the ins.
The characters, Jason and Ymei, are from Malaysia and are known as the “Potato Couple” by their fans. Their comical daily life is really explosively cute.
Shouldn’t the two people together be so comfortable and happy?
So, without further ado, let’s start with the comics~


I’m teasing you.
Not a chance.


It’s always safe to be around you.
I can sleep through the night with my mouth watering.


Let’s get into bedtime mode.
Spend the whole Saturday.


Boring to the max daily interactions
But it’s also sweet honey for snoring.


“Work can be lucrative, though.
Keep me company. You’ve earned it.”


On the subject of kissing you.
I’m not being polite either.


It’s also really impatient sometimes.
Learn about the “Pegasus Shooting Star Fist”.


It’s not the rain that’s most beautiful.
It’s to sleep with you in the rain.


I know your soft spot.
To give you the most accurate comfort.


You don’t know where he reads that cheesy pick-up lines.
Rolling your eyes in disgust, but accidentally turning red.


Know all about his
 hidden “dark” side.


Watching each other make fools of themselves.
It’s one of the motivations for living.


Curry and rice.
Soy milk and fries
Beer and BBQ
Me and you.


Only to be laughed at by you.
I don’t hate it.


The ice cream melts in my mouth.
You’re melting in my heart.
“Don’t let me see you….
Or see once and like once!”