How sweet can lovers be in love? People who have never been in love will never know.

Those idol dramas in the WeChat moments are always filtered, just a part of the couple’s life.

Some couples look serious on the surface, but you don’t know how “dirty” they are.

Can you imagine that? In fact, 90% of couples will secretly do these things!


In fact, there is a very strange phenomenon between lovers. When the girl asks you to check whether there is peculiar smell on her body, even if there is some unpleasant smell, you can accept it.

I don’t know whether love makes people’s nostrils degenerate or makes people’s tolerance evolve. Maybe this is the power of love.

Anyway, after they get together, she rarely uses her Cologne, Chanel and Cologne bottles, except to meet some other important people.


At the beginning of love, everyone is tense, trying their best to show their best. After a long time, they will unconsciously start to let themselves go.

The scale is getting larger and the limit is getting lower.

Don’t it say that we should be each other’s angels, let each other see the perfect appearance of you, infatuated with you forever?

You don’t know when it all starts, maybe that day is an important watershed of your relationship mode:

May be You accidentally farts in front of him. Instead of laughing at you, he respondes with another series of louder farts.

Then you laugh, no embarrassment, no disrespect, share each other’s stink. From then on, your feeling becomes deeper!


It’s said that the biggest trust in a person is to agree to let him deal with your ears, pimples and white hair.

Because it means putting your flaws and weaknesses in front of each other.

You believe that the other part will do it carefully.

Later, the other part will turn to you to find a place to start:

Ah! You have a big acne here. Lie down and don’t move. I’ll solve it for you!

Therefore, you can easily find the most suitable position for his operation.


Help to check whether the nostrils of the other part are clean, whether there is hair growing out of the nostrils or other strange things.

After all, where does a mirror have each other’s eyes that are bright and convenient?

You trust him completely,

Because, you are a team! If others laugh at him, they are laughing at you!


Some people always grow one or two hairs in strange places,

Like near the nipple, like near the ear, or on the nevus next to the nose,

At this time, you will ask your partner to pull them out, as if they never grow out!


Between lovers, even a shit can be a topic of discussion.

Especially for some constipated partners, if they pull out smoothly, they must let their partners know.

Because in defecating, she really needs sympathy and care.

As expected, the other party will definitely give you the most enthusiastic response and feel happy for your smooth shit.


Because you forget to bring your toothbrush when you go out, you can only share one with your partner.

The other side will not dislike you. After all, he just brushed your teeth with his tongue!

Between you, it’s already the same.


We’re an inseparable couple, and I don’t want to be alone even when I’m in the bathroom for a few minutes.

It’s really great to have you around to chat with me!

After all, love is sacred, but going to the toilet is also a very solemn thing.


Maybe I will gain five kilos after we are together, maybe I will get up early in the morning with eye droppings hanging around my eyes and black circles covering half of my face, I still have the courage to ask that sentence: honey, am I beautiful?

Your answer is always so sincere – beautiful!

Sometimes it’s different. For example, do my feet stink?

Will you marry me?

In love, there are not only sweetness, but also quarrel, anger, sadness, grievance and sadness. But there are also many moments like this.

All of these together make up our couple’s daily life.

When we are angry and sad, these sweet and everyday moments become the most healing medicine.

It’s said that when you can burp and fart in front of each other and pick up noses, and you don’t dislike each other, it means you can get married.

So, would you like to marry such a person?