At our age, we have been urged to marry and been arranged many blind dates by all kinds of aunts. Every time we go on a blind date, we have a headache, especially when we meet their parents for the first time.
Including those strangers who have been in contact on mobile phones, the first time they meet and date is super embarrassing.They have a lot of online coquettes, but at the official meeting they are embarrassed as a dog.
Today, Sister Ai spent a lot of effort to organize a “Dating Guide” for you. whether it’s a blind date or dating or meeting parents, it is especially suitable for young girls who are active in the Internet but shy in the real life.

1.Before going out

No matter it’s a blind date or a date, the first thing you can do for yourself to make your partner more likable is good appearance.
In terms of physical attractiveness, those who have the average appearance should be well groomed, and those who have good appearance also should be well groomed. The first point in this society is physical attractiveness. Photos of Wechat moments are carefully edited. When we go out, we must make up layer by layer. However, we must pay attention to make-up with dressing and style, and try to choose some cool make-up in summer to ensure that it looks beautiful.

 As for body, face-lifting and weight loss are too late, then dress up with makeup, to let yourself more beautiful. Some girls are very clear about their strengths and weaknesses, and know how to develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses in the style of dressing.In this respect, we can only say that we need to work harder to learn what we are suitable for. Those with collarbone wear shoulder, those with big buttocks wear dress, those with butterfly arm wear lantern sleeve, and those with white skin wear short clothes.

2 .During the date

The most important thing about dating is to choose a place to date and play.

The location should be safe, interesting and convenient. If it’s the two of you dating alone, it’s suggested to choose a quiet place, such as a cafe, a concert hall, or a good-looking shop nearby, to have tea and chat; if it’s a group of brothers from a girlfriends group, then go to a crowded place, such as a restaurant amusement park. The meeting place should not be too secret. It is not safe to be alone in any place. It’s better to choose a place in a larger business circle, where you can eat, drink and have fun.

On the project, in the business district, we can generally do a day tour of eating, walking and watching movies without running. Try to order something easy to chew for dinner. It’s ugly to eat crab, chicken leg, roasted whole winged beef ribs, and there’s a high probability that the shredded vegetable leaves will hang on the front teeth… Walking can be combined with your common hobbies. Internet bar, Manzhan and bookstore are good choice. After chatting for a day, we can go to a movie together to end the awkward chat between you.

3. After separation

Since ancient times, you can’t stay in love, only the routine can win the hearts of people. The most important routine of dating is to let each other remember after separation. It’s very important to give a small gift at this time.
Before meeting, we must know each other’s preferences through chatting. It’s better to know what kind of small gifts they like unintentionally. This little gift can’t be too expensive or too cheap. It’s better to have some meaning.
This gift can refer to the other party’s Wechat moments, and find the gift the other party wants from the microblog circle of friends. On Weibo, the person who likes to forward the lottery must like something; in the Wechat moments, you can find her photos and the same type of small gift what she likes.

 If you don’t know what the other party wants, you are suggested to give the other party some handicrafts, such as handicrafts, crafts and specialty products. These unique and inexpensive small gifts can quickly pull into the distance between the two parties.
In order to take care of all kinds of feelings, these processes I also have prepared a flow chart for you:
Finally, I would like to tell you that the first date is the most likely to be cold, and the way you try  to find topics is very cold in the eyes of the other party.
So before dating, you had better learn the current news and information, browse mico-blog and Tik Tok and check her Wechat moments. When you are embarrassed, just talk about all these things that everyone knows. You can even talk about past embarrassments.
The day goes by quickly. Don’t always look at your watch when you are dating. As an old friend meeting and chatting, he will feel comfortable with you one day.
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