“A woman’s heart is like a needle on the bottom of the sea, it’s difficult to guess”
Recently, a girl asked me in the backstage: Why are more and more boys not willing to chase girls?
I think it’s true, but when boys meet someone they really like, they will definitely go after them.
As for the reasons for this, please refer to my previous article “a stage most lovers will go through: Pa Pa Pa Pa”
Another reason is that it’s easier to get along with boys than girls.
If boys are straightforward and open-minded, girls are duplicative and inconsistent.
The most difficult language in the world to decipher and understand is what women say.
“I’m hungry”: talk to me for a while?

“I’m hungry”: I can’t eat because I want to buy that bag!

“I’m hungry”: I’m really hungry!

What a girl says should not only be understood from the surface, but also from the time, place, environment, mood, atmosphere and other factors
So don’t take what girls say seriously


It’s too expensive to buy
You must learn how to interpret this sentence. “Too expensive” is for herself, “not to buy” is for her boyfriend.

If a girl doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to buy it, she will say: look others!
If a girl likes it but doesn’t want to buy it, she will only say: it’s too expensive.
When she says it’s too expensive to buy,
This sentence shows that she really likes it, but she can’t express it directly
Correct interpretation: send it to me for the next festival or birthday.


Just give me five more minutes.

It’s a fixed sentence.

You can add various situational statements like + “I’ll wash my hair,” “I’ll pick out a dress,” or “I’ll put on makeup.”
Give me five minutes and I’ll wash my hair: do you think girls wash their hair fast?
Here’s the procedure: rinse – knead – conditioner – knead – rinse – knead – count how many hairs fall out – rinse – put shampoo on – rinse – towel dry – blow dry – curling wand roll – styling spray.
You think all those steps can be done in 5 minutes? No kidding!

Give me five minutes, I’ll pick out a dress: you think it’s easy for girls to choose clothes?
Wrong, big mistake! When she says that, it was mostly because she has no clothes to wear.
New clothes are old clothes once they are put on;

Once seen by others, it’s old clothes.

Take a picture and send it to a friend’s circle. It’s old clothes
There’s not a new dress. How can she pick it out in 5 minutes?

Give me another five minutes to make up: do you think it’s fast?
First of all, let’s popularize the order of make-up for the male:
Wash face, water, cream, foundation, loose powder, thrush, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, and repair.
These are the most basic operations. Do you think you can finish them in 5 minutes?
So, understand it correctly: 5 minutes = 50 minutes.


It’s all right, you keep playing.
Straight men will be happy to hear this sentence and then start to play the next game.
And then they will receive a message: we break up.
Straight men still feel confused
Correct interpretation: you continue to play! I get angry!!


It doesn’t metter what to eat.
Be careful!
When a girl says this, go to see her Wechat moments quickly. Has she followed on a restaurant recently?
Or does she like some food pictures on Weibo? Take her to eat directly.
Don’t take her to eat the food she’s eaten recently.
Otherwise you will face the following situation:
Hot pot? … too oil

Eating Japanese food? … I‘m on my period. 

KFC? … We have eaten recently

Sichuan food? … Too Spicy
What would you like to eat? Whatever!

Correct interpretation: if you don’t know what I want to eat,you are making mistake!


I’m not angry. You’re busy!
This sentence usually appears when you say something wrong or do something wrong.
 The girl says this is to test you.
Just remember!
Nothing is something

It doesn’t matter, in fact it does.

Not angry is really angry
You will die if you care and coax me!
Correct interpretation: you are busy! =  NMB!


I’m going to lose weight
There are three things girls will do forever.
Never have enough clothes, never satisfy their hair style, never succeed in losing weight.
Girls say they want to lose weight, they will never insist more than a week.
In a few days, she would eat and drink and say, “I’ll lose weight when I’m full!”
Correct interpretation: praise me for being thin!

The most proud thing in love is not being chased by many people.
It’s someone who will never give up on you, no matter what happens.
The premise of understanding a person is to treat her very well, but it doesn’t have to be in exchange for heart to heart.
Don’t mess yourself up. You need to know how to stop when you don’t get a response.
You are young and kind-hearted. What are you afraid of?
Don’t worry, the sweetheart of the story is always behind.