The 90s are now living at an age where they don’t want to contact old friends or make new ones.
And so, by avoiding socializing and recycling work day after day, I became “ suicidal singleness.” 
“Suicidal singleness” is the act of staying single and not actively expanding your social circle to make new friends, but thinking about having love every day.
Worse yet, some people become “homicidal singles.”
I saw a video where the man in the video managed to refresh my mind.
I’m ugly, but I’m proud. If you don’t fall in love with me, we’ll delete each other.
In the video the man analyzes why the reason he’s single.
Women like rich, handsome men, not me.
Women like braggers, not me.
Some women earn 3,000yuan a month and still want a man with a house in Beijing.
There must has something wrong with this man. What you want to be? How conditions? You don’t know yourself ? You didn’t look in the mirrors at home?  I am not a internet troll but to be honest that you are going to die alone if you still in such a state.
So what kind of man is destined to be single for the rest of his life?


Over-reliance on Online Dating
A man in the marriage online text to the opposite sex about 60,000 messages, add 20,000 customers of QQ, 80,000 courtship, he thought he can not find the true love in reality. The only way to find the lover is to go online. And online dating itself is dependent on the illusion of the internet. And the probability of success is too low.
Although the Internet is a good way for people with narrow social circles to make friends, the Internet itself is concealing, deceptive, depraved, hypocritical, etc., and if you want a deeper understanding, you have to do it in real life.
This psychology of expecting too much from online dating or idealizing an online dating partner is one of the main reasons why he’s single.


Extreme Personalities
Because of single and can’t find a girlfriend, so I go out on the street holding up signs looking for a girlfriend. I delete your contact information if you don’t talk to me, and people who can do things like that are extreme. 
It’s most insecure to be in a relationship with someone with an extreme personality, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get domestic violence, or threatened with slit wrists, or harassed someday, or Stalked. The well-known case of Jiang Ge is also because of the extreme personality of her roommate’s ex-boyfriend, who killed her after a failed breakup. The roommate was mercilessly killed. 
Falling in love with people with extreme personalities is the worst because they are so damaging that they even make us fearful of love and have a shadow of love, which is why many people don’t want to choose extreme people to fall in love with.


Too Eager For Love.
This guy sees a girl he likes on the street, goes up and asks her if she has a boyfriend. He has a crush on her, and says he’s worked up much courage. But people don’t care if you work up the courage or not, this will make the girl resentful anyway because it’s really embarrassing.
Also, when he talks to people online, he sticks to the same principle of deleting each other if he doesn’t talk to me.
Without knowing anything about each other, meeting one another, observing for a while, or chatting online and saying that you like each other, making a such a frivolous act. Can he or her accept you?


Pursue the Good Looks
A one don’t have good-looking, and short and frustrated, with no house and no money, and he is not related to the rich and handsome. But his demands of girlfriend is very strict that :pretty and thin.
Don’t you know that the lovers have to be evenly matched in love?  If one neither has an interesting soul, nor a good-looking skin, nor a waist-high financial capacity. Girls are beautiful, well-built, and have a good personality, Why would such a girl who’s agree with you? Does she blind?


Poor and Blaming Girls Pursue Money.
It’s shameless to say that girls nowadays demand houses. You know that houses are the most basic guarantee of life and the first step to starting a family, that girls want a home. Is it wrong to ask for a room? There are a lot of guys who talk about girls’ materialism because they can’t afford it.
It’s not wrong for a girl to be looking for a woman who’s looking for a good deal more than just a good deal more than just a good deal more.


Arrogant and Self-important
When you are not very good in all aspects, you say that you are good in character, that you are filial and obedient to your parents, that you are a good person, etc. Not to say that these are not merits, but the people who say they are good in character are generally no better, right? 
In fact, this man’s pretensions are more likely to be derived from the pride of inferiority in real life, which has no foundation and cannot stand the test.
Singles are all single for a reason, and while we have to be on the road to love, the more the merrier, some of problems are better corrected before it’s too late.