There is a saying in the Shangshu Pastoral Oath: “The mare is morning, but the house is the sor.” What does that mean?
It’s that if the hens of this household crow (implying that the women are going to ride roughshod over the men), the household will fall.
The time I spent visiting relatives for New Year’s Eve showed me what kind of deformed outlook the older generation has.
There was a group of middle-aged and elderly men sitting there, chatting overhearing their conversations.
“Then whoever has guests, the woman doesn’t serve the food, but sits there chatting with the guests so her husband can serve it.” 
After hearing this a group of people looked at each other stupidly, then they were happy and said, “This woman is so unruly, alas, the men are no good either.”
The topic of the status of gender relations has been debated since the dawn of time, with the default assumption being that men are more important than women, and that men would have a bid shot. A woman’s strong character is also not good for the family.
So let’s make a hypothetical today about how much better a girl’s day would be if the genders were switched.


Feels Better To Ask Questions On A Blind Date.

W: Hey, hello. You’re Xiao Liu, the guy Auntie Zhang introduced?
M: Well yeah, that’s me.
W: Well, let me introduce myself first. I’m currently a department manager at a listed company, I have a car and a house. 
M: I’m a salesman, 5,000 a month.
W: Then you’ll quit after we get married! Men, taking care of the family and children is the most important thing. So what other hobbies do you have?
M: I usually like to play golf, but I also play games occasionally.
Women: I think the boys are a little more plain and good, don’t always engage in these have no waste of money. It’s better to have the energy than to clean up at home and learn more about cooking. By the way, how tall are you?
Man: I’m 1.8 meters tall. 
W: So short. I’m ok with it, but I’m afraid it will affect the height of my offspring. And although our family doesn’t prefer girls to boys, we must have a daughter. Also, I have to put my family first when it comes to supporting the elderly. It’s not easy for my parents to support me all these years. Don’t go back to your mother’s house anymore. 
M: … 
W:So, that’s all ? Checking out AA, right?


Finally, a reason not to clean.
A woman in the company broke her bones and stayed home to recover last days.
During the time she was home recovering from her injury and living all day, a co-worker’s mother said to her, “You action likes your father now.”
My colleague was a bit stimulated by this, and immediately said to us in WMS, “So it’s so cool to be a man.”
If men and women’s sexual are exchanged.
M: Look at your shoes and clothes where you lost, you also do not put away ah!
W: It was thrown that way on purpose.
M: Look at you, you’re so sloppy, you haven’t washed your clothes for a few days.
W: It’s not stinky yet.
M: After we finish eating later, why don’t you go brush the dishes?
W: I’m too tired, leave it there, I’ll brush tomorrow.
M: Look at you, sweeping the floor where you can see it, and not sweeping it where you can’t see it, right?
W: Why are you sweeping it up if you can’t see it?


You Won’t Hear That Kind of Gossip.
W: Look at that guy, he must be very slutty with so little clothing.
W: And this man is driving a million dollar car?! Bought, right?
W: A man with such a nice phone, a woman bought it for him, right?
Woman: Look at this guy’s circle of friends, every day to go out and play, spend also do not know whose money, really loser.
W: A guy who’s seeing someone and still goes to the gym every day? Who are you practicing for?


You Can’t Imagine the Joy of Bragging

Previously started a campaign on Twitter where female users assumed they were boys and then came to comment on photos posted by boys.

It’s an easy angle to spit out.

I was attacked seriously when I thought this one was impeccable.

Fully clothed, not even a face, no filter.
Do you think this will escape the Internet barrage?
In fact, I’ve always wanted a girl to have as few relationships as possible. 
If you can, I want the first person you meet to be together to the end.
In that case, you’ll always be the same wonderful, passionate person you are.
So, you have to face the ups and downs of life alone and try to forget.
Forget who and what was once there. One goes to love the sky, to love the sea.