Recently, I have received so many messages in the background such as “how to chat with girls” and “how to avoid OGQ” that many of her partners may have The same question arises when you are talking to someone, but suddenly they ignore you, no matter how enthusiastic you are. Find the other person, even try to please them, and they’re just cold to you and you feel baffled because you really don’t know. Where you’re doing it wrong.
And the truth may be that you’re breaking the taboo of chatting with men and women, so if you want to avoid the minefield of dating chat, you can seriously look at the following The following points.


love story
Many people may think that in the process of dating to tell the other person about their own emotional experience is no big deal, because a really love their own person must also be able to accept their own past, and open their own heart and the past can quickly let the other party to understand their own.
It’s not, and this kind of big talk about one’s love history is a big taboo in gender relationships. 
The seven friends from the movie “Perfect Strangers” come to a party to share their secrets and love affairs with each other.
By the end of the film, it seems as if nothing has happened. They appear to be friendly and in love, but a rift has opened up between them, and it is impossible for them to love each other as they once did.
Moreover, these frank secrets and histories are likely to become fuel for future fights and will become a flashpoint in your relationship problems.
Not only does confessing your love history not increase your trust in each other, but it adds a lot of potential problems to your relationship.

So, it’s better for couples not to attempt risky behaviors like talking about their love histories.


negative energy explosion

During the dating process, some guys are full of negative energy and toxic talk from start to finish. 
When talking about certain topics, they always think of things in a bad way, looking at life negatively, and are full of complaints. Maybe it’s because life is not as good as it should be, or they are dwelling on their past failures, so hostility is high, and when they encounter problems, they always look for the External causes, never looking for causes in themselves.
Earlier, a young girl in the office told us about her strange experience on a blind date with a guy who was an undergraduate. But because of all the disappointments, he ended up working at Foxconn as a production line worker, and throughout the matchmaking process, the guy kept complaining about society. Injustice, and that people without knowledge are managing people with knowledge like himself, he is full of negative energy, the little girl can’t wait to bet his mouth Get on, then hurry and flee the scene.
In fact, life is not as good as nine times out of ten, and people have their own difficulties in the world. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of the problem, you’ll be able to get rid of it.
The most important thing you can do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you are doing.


Speak one’s mind

This self-talk comes in a couple of ways: one is that two people are not on the same page in terms of their three perspectives and ideas, and two people communicating are simply The chicken and the duck, he says his words, you say yours, each side says its own.
The other is that one party talks too much and never stops talking, regardless of whether the other party is interested in what they have to say or not, in the conversation. The other party was not involved in the whole chat.
There are also some people who keep looking for topics to chat about in order to avoid a cold chat, even asking questions like checking accounts. A bunch of meaningless topics.
Either way, it’s a big taboo in conversations, and conversations should be about you and me, interacting evenly, and we shouldn’t just be Talking to yourself and letting the other person go all the time as a listener should find a way to engage her.

So, during the conversation, you can use more rhetorical questions, such as, “What do you think?” , “What do you think?” and so on.


Show off one’s wealth
Some guys show off all sorts of wealth and high profile flaunting of their financial prowess during the dating process, thinking they’re rich and girls are on their knees. Even directly labeling women as a commodity. These men are extremely arrogant.
In fact, you do not know how to respect this kind of behavior, will only make girls feel that you are a megalomaniac with no substance.
You think the girl is now snobbish, you think money can make you get her easily, but for women:  bread is important in love, but sincere and respect is more important, sometimes, money really can not buy love, money can be for you icing on the cake, but never the only absolute.
On the other hand, if you want to attract girls by showing off your wealth in the beginning, you must attract a very materialistic girl, if she simply like yourself, the  person, these vain things are not any temptation for her.
If she is better off than you, then you will only leaves  her impress that you are a “jumper”.
If she is similar to you in wealth , she will find you ostentatious and devoid of substance.
If she’s not as good as you are, then you saying this will make her feel doubly stressed, will make her feel like she’s not good enough for you, will make her feel like she’s not of the same world as you, and will lose her sense of security….
The real attraction for girls has never been a humble gentleman who is both inside and out, not just a boastful guy who knows how to boast in front of girls, showing off his “great achievements”.