Before I have to share a essay that “man dare not pursue the 10 types of the girls”, dare not chase the reason is mostly out of men’s face problem, face than their own strong woman, they don’ t have courage .
But if you want to ask boys what kind of girls they hate the most? What kind of girls are most worried as girlfriends? These are the questions that truly reflect a man’s inner preference for women, and I have been asked before to the men around him, probably as follows Several.


Excessive insecurity

Although women are naturally insecure and men should give proper care and love, proper accommodation and tolerance. But no man who loves you can stand the thought of you acting like a madman and saying all day long.
“You aren’t loving me anymore.”
“I think you just don’t love me anymore.”
“Fuck off I don’t love you anymore!”
“Do you still love me.”
“Do you have another woman?”
“I have reached the end of my love for you.”
Many women try to dominate themselves to be the center of a man’s attention after falling in love, even step by step, this behavior does not make a man feel any good, but makes him extremely easy to get bored and away from himself.
You have to let yourself become a man’s gentle home, so that the man can unload in front of you disguise, so that he is willing to put the heart of the matter to you, he is unhappy, you quietly accompany him.
The two people together is to share, encourage each other and gain positive energy, rather than being suspicious all day long, making the person you’re with nervous.


Unwilling to give

Nowadays, there are many girls who treat dating as a kind of transaction, and the commodity they sell is themselves.
They feel that they are with the boys is the biggest pay, so, men have to buy things, gifts, care for girls, love girls, all kinds of festivals, whether it is the eve, or Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, are to candlelight dinner, holding flowers, all kinds of gifts, themselves, only responsible for moving. 
A lot of girls don’t know how to take the initiative to care for guys, and even didn’t realize the necessity of this, they think they are with him, they have to be unconditionally favored by him like a princess. 
But men are also people, men also really need to care, in the tired time also hope to be understood, hard time also need girlfriend’s heartache.
Some girls are misguided by the current emotion poisonous chicken soup, they feel love in the man to do is submissive to the woman, all the pressure should be borne by the man, they are only responsible for enjoying it.
You can’t get out of your own Mary Sue fantasy, you’re not strong enough, but you can also ask your boyfriend to be a sheltered harbor forever.



There is such a kind of girl not only hypocritical, but also to compare the higher, so that most men can not stand.
Those girls are very material and money worship, but say they only for life security. They often compare themselves with others. What they say most to their boyfriends is that you see what their boyfriends give their girlfriends. They have bought houses and cars again.
Moreover, they also love acting and camouflage. In order to raise their own, they will have some excessive behavior. if the man finally can’t stand her and wants to break up, she will beg for peace. If the man does not forgive her, she will slander him behind his back.
When they need help from men, they say they are vulnerable groups. When they meet the benefits, they declare that they want equality between men and women, call for women’s rights, and even abuse boys. Obviously, they are too selfish, but they think they are naive.
They claims that they chase love, but love is only their capital to show off and their own rapid access to capital and the higher class.
For the sake of material, they would rather be cheated, without love or unhappy. They choose to cry in a BMW, rather than accepting people who treat themselves well.
They treat their beauty as their core competitiveness. If they are beautiful, they will think that other beautiful ones are bitches.
This kind of girls will find all kinds of excuses for their hypocrisy, and even form their own set of perverse theories. How can such girls make boys love.


No self-awareness

He is lazy, unmotivated and unmotivated by learning, and thinks that he will rise to the top one day.
He has nothing of his own and longs for a boyfriend with a car and a house. 
These girls will always see the most beautiful angle of themselves.
There was an older female colleague with average education, average family, average looks, and a monthly salary of 5,000, who asked everyone in the office to help introduce her a boyfriend and listed detailed criteria for choosing a spouse.
“I do not require much, height can not be less than 180, weight can not be more than 80kg, monthly salary can not be less than 20,000, preferably Local, only child, car, house (preferably fully paid), no bad habits, spoils me like my dad.”
Colleagues: …
When it was suggested that she was asking too much, she gave her reasons.
I am good , so why look for the bad.
I feel like this girl is giving herself a 10 even though she’s only a 5. If you’re so good, why don’t you work here?
It’s not that we don’t have the right to self-appreciation, but we have to recognize ourselves.
The most valuable thing a person can do is to know how many pounds he or she weighs, otherwise he or she will only become a laughing stock over time.