There are often friends who leave messages in the backstage. What should I do if the two of us have nothing to say? How to talk to the girlfriend, and so on. It’s not just a problem for one or two people anymore, but something that all couples face.
Maybe when love starts, because of curiosity and newness, we can keep talking to each other with our phones for a long time, but after that surge, you feel like the two of you are running out of things to talk about, you feel like there’s something wrong with your love, and you even want to give up on it, but it’s not.


If there is nothing to say, then talk bullshit.
There’s a conversation in Perfect Strangers.
“How do you know if you’re in love with her?”
“If you’re going to talk to her for 30 minutes a day, you’re in love with her.”
“And what if it’s 60 minutes?”
“That’s love her to death. The fact that you don’t talk much after that means you’re married.”

Passion in love will always fade someday, but it’s not gone, it’s still there, just in a different way.
Just like love in our grandparents’ day, when there was no We Chat, no cell phones, and it took more than ten days for a letter to reach the other person. Even so, there are times when they run out of things to say. But we still envy that they find a partner who can walk hand in hand in the alley when their hair is gray.
Many people tend to choose to let go when a relationship goes wrong. It is not surprising that choosing to continue the relationship and managing it with care is the best gift you can give each other.
If there is nothing to say, then talk bullshit.
Huang Lei once said in “Longing for Life”: “When I was young, I always thought that love and life are nothing but XOXO.It was only later that I found out that if two people only have XOXO, then life must be lumpy. To really live your life, you must find someone you can talk and eat together.” But if we’re both so busy with our own things that we don’t have anything new to talk about, we don’t fall in love?


When there’s nothing to say,
we can send each other what we’re doing.

Yesterday I heard Mona say that his assistant, who is so busy with work and has little to go anywhere but the gym and the office. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is in the police academy and has a full hourly schedule from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm.

We can see from the time they spend together that the two people’s interaction is too little, because both of them are busy. It can be considered very good to say a few words. A lot of people think it’s easy to have problems with a relationship like that, but girls deal with it like this.
Send her latest photos to each other, and even if she gets a double chin, she doesn’t hesitate to send i. Nice selfies are stereotypical but the real veggies are only sent to you. And the boyfriend will send his girlfriend everything he does throughout the day when he has a cell phone to keep her informed of his recent progress.

In fact, the pain in a relationship is not to have nothing to say, but each other do not feel care, and even less touch each others’ lives.
The two people can have nothing to say, but you must make the other person feel that you are always with him.


Just no words.
Don’t make it seem like you’re the one who doesn’t want to talk.

The unspoken question may be particularly obvious for long-distance relationships: “Well, I’ve got PowerPoint to do, so I’m off to work” and “I feel nothing to say. I’m asleep.” “What are you doing?” “Nothing doing.”
You don’t have anything to say, but you make the other person feel that you don’t want to talk to him/her.
Why don’t you make a date to meet up, for example, “Let’s go to Qingdao next month and see the sea together?

From the moment you say it, you and the other person will look forward to that day so much that you’ll have something to talk about throughout the month.
That’s when you’ll be able to deeply appreciate what the little fox said to the little prince: if you say you’ll come at 4pm. I just started feeling happy from 3pm, and the closer the time got, the happier I got.

I’ve seen a long-distance couple silently watch each other every night with a video on, busy working and studying, and the whole time they’re not talking much. But when they look at each other, there is happiness in their eyes.

Even if I don’t have anything to say to you right now, I still want to live my life only with you.


When you have nothing to say, spend more time with each other.

A full-time wife said to me, “I think it’s normal to have nothing to say, but it must be abnormal not to want to spend time with you.”
And yes, imagine that he plays video games on the couch, while you lie on his lap reading a book. He has a word with you when he meets a rubbish teammate, and you smile at his anger over this and continue reading.
When it’s almost dinner time, you get up and go to the kitchen to cook, and he gets his shoes on and goes out to pick up the kids. There’s not much to say, but you do say, “Come back soon.” He had nothing to say, but answered as usual, “Got it”.
This kind of life has nothing to say, but you won’t feel tired and unloved.
Love and marriage won’t be full of surprises all the time, and you can only talk about forever if you can live a quiet life.
I like what the know-it-all blogger  said that I have to meet and talk to a lot of people every day, and I can’t be cold. An awkward talk is just unemotional and won’t come to anything.
But you’re different, you’ll tell me, “If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t talk about it.”
The point of being a couple is that I can have nothing to say in front of you and not say a word all afternoon without having to impress anyone and deliberately looking for topic, not being afraid of awkward talk.
Everyone wants to find a partner they can talk to all the time, but I’d rather you understand:

The best love in the world is to have no ties to each other, no expectations, just to watch the sunrise and sunset together side by side.