Why is it that there are always some girls around you who are just average, but are good at provoking boys and always find good boyfriends? Are they born with peach blossom?

In fact, it’s just that they have mastered those provocative skills. .

The two sexes are a jianghu. Men and women are independent, depending on who is more skillful and can point to each others’ key points.

There’s no god who can’t handle it, only a refusal to be a leprechaun.

You mustn’t believe that love is able to wait, if you just wait, what you’ll get may be the full moon wine of the god’s child.

So, in the end, how should you provoke your favorite male god?

I’ve summarized the “practical guide to provoking men” for you, which is based on the experiences shared by several provoking experts around you.

This kind of stuff can only be shared with your dear girlfriends!


Know oneself and the enemy well, know what’s going on in one’s heart 

The first step in provoking a man must be to watch.

Even if you see a boy on the street who amazes you and want to provoke.

You also have to first make sure they’re single and they like girls !

Before provoking a guy, it is important to have a basic understanding of him.

Theses include his temperament, habits, hobbies and specialties, the type of girls he likes, and it’s even better if you can get information about his emotional history.

This will allow you to target the topics he likes for further contact in the future.

You can also rule out the possibility that he is a playboy.


Get the other side’s attention
If you want to get to know someone, make them want to get to know you first.

Maybe it’s human nature, but mystery and contrast will always come with attraction. And there’s not a lot of interest in something that’s immediately obvious.

So, before he has had in-depth contact with you, be quick, accurate, and fierce! Arouse his attraction right away. The more interested a man is in you in the early stages, the smoother the progress will be in the later stages.

If you’re in the same company or the same school, but you’re not particularly familiar with each other, don’t go out of your way to ask for We Chat number and directly start talking to him.

It’s best to have a buildup and let him know about you through others’ mouth.

After leaving some good impressions and curiosity on the guy first, you guys can chat or meet up. This has a completely different effect than just chatting up straight away.

If there is no chance of direct contact before, pretend to create a few close encounters.

In occasional encounters, pay attention to dressing, personal image, to meet his aesthetic, but not deliberately, but to naturally leave a good impression on him, and then strike up a natural conversation afterwards.


Seize the moment and close the distance

When you have added each others’ We Chat and you can talk from time to time, make sure you seize the moment to get closer.

Finding common ground is a useful way to do this.

This is where the results of the early research on him come into play.

You know he likes to play King Glory, then send a moment visible only to him, revealing that you want to find someone to team up with to play the game.

Then, after you become teammates, you’ll have a chance to connect even more.

And later, by sending small gifts that won’t be too valuable or very ambiguous.

For example: I recently bought flowers and someone gave me an extra pot of green lilac, give it to you so that your house will look more vibrant.

In this way, every time he sees the green lilac, he will naturally think of you.

That’s what it means to see and be in love.

And it’s also a great way to start a conversation by asking from time to time, “How’s the little flower I gave you, have you got abuse it?”

Slowly, before you know it, your lives will intersect more and more and the distance will get closer step by step.

The great provocative tactics are all about giving a guy the sweet feeling of being deeply in love.

In other words, although you are friends, your actions/vibes/speeches at the moment all reflect the feelings of being in love!!!


Emphasis on specificity, sense of uniqueness

During your relationship, you must make the other party feel from time to time that he is special and unique. Just in case the more you talk and get to know each other better, you end up becoming buddies instead.

For example.

You: You know, I actually especially don’t like it when people send me this emoji.

He: Huh? Then I was just…sorry.

You: It’s fine, I don’t know why, but I think it’s kind of cute that you’re making that face.


You: I have a secret that I’ve never told anyone, in fact, I’m very fond of….

Can you refuse this kind of ambiguity, if any?

It’s about provoking him from time to time and making him think you’re attracted to him, at least not quite like other men.

But, you don’t make it clear, so let him obsess over you and flip-flop over what you mean.


Play cat-and-mouse game
Regardless of what stage of provocation you are in, we must pay attention to playing cat-and-mouse game.

When chatting, even if you like him very much in your heart, you want to chat with him until 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, until the sky is dark.

You must also tense up and remember to learn to stop abruptly from time to time when you’re having the most fun chatting.

This will make him eager to chat the next day.

Moreover, don’t take the initiative to talk to him every time and reply every time he sends you a message in seconds.

Are you that free?

This will only make him feel that you are posturing too low, which encourages him arrogance and makes him think that he is extraordinarily special, thus putting you in the queue of the spare tires .

Make him wait from time to time to create an image that you’re very busy and excellent, too. Let him have some sense of crisis, he will be more likely to be attracted to you.

It’s been said that the highest level of provocation is that it is obvious that you are pursuing him, but you must make everyone think that it was he who first loves you and that he’s after you.

To put it simply: men are not for chasing, but for attracting.
Some women may think it’s cheap to take the initiative to provoke a man, but with all due respect, if you don’t have value, it will be cheap to provoke or not.

In fact, there is no magic formula to provoke a man, the only secret to provoke a man is to try to make yourself better.

To provoke a man is the preliminary work, but the most difficult thing is to get along with him after successful provocation.

If you don’t know how to maintain the relationship between two people, you won’t be happy after all, even if you have provocative means.