A girl whined to me the other day, “A good love must be one where the girl gives way to the boy.”
I think I understand what she means, but I don’t get it.
She then went on, “Let him do the laundry, let him cook, let him do the dishes…”
I: “But don’t men still have to make money? Wouldn’t it be too much to do if he still has chores to do at home?”
She then said, “I didn’t say that men should do it all! Instead, two people share the work together.”
I found it interesting and started a discussion with her, who has since picked up a lot of information to show me.
After Li An won the Best Director Oscar, he said, “Home is not a movie set, and there are chores that need to be done.”
U.S. President George W. Bush, even with all the glamour, had to take out the trash and mow the lawn at his wife’s command.
Ge You’s been married to his wife for over 20 years. He’s a good housekeeper, especially when it comes to shredding cucumbers.
If there is a good relationship between the sexes, it is: to be equal to each other. Then this equality must begin with sharing the chores.


Miller Berman, in his book Intimacy, analyzes a statistical sample and states that marital happiness is negative when the wife does all or most of the housework, and vice versa.
Why do women in China have the lowest happiness index in the world?
A survey report shows that in China, men only take on of 33% of household chores on average, while women take on 67% of it.
So endless chores are the main reason why girls are unhappy; work during the day and do chores after work. May I ask who will be happy in this life?
A man who doesn’t do housework will think that the floors in his house are always clean, that his clothes are always washed and neatly arranged and that if he can’t find something in his house, he can just yell for his wife.
A man who doesn’t do housework won’t understand how boring and distracting it is to do grocery shopping, laundry, and cook.
Two people always fight and can’t communicate, not because they’re not equally happy, but because they’re not equally miserable.
So only when the pain is equal, the two are on the same level.
The same chores can only be shared by two people to promote mutual understanding.


San Mao said: “True love in the real world is the firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, and tea, otherwise it is false”.
Lu Xun said, “Women are born with motherhood and daughterhood, except for wifehood, and wifehood is all forced out.”
Men do housework, by willingness, by being able to understand his wife’s difficulties, by not being the shirker of the family!
No one should do chores, only who wants to do them.
A food number in Liuzhou once did a research and one of them, Mr. Liao, was very funny.
Mr. Liao said that he and his wife had set a family rule before they got married: “She cooks and I wash the dishes.” This seemingly nice rule came to a 180 degree turn in marriage, and the wife was rarely seen in the kitchen, instead Mr. Liao works in the kitchen every day.
It turns out that Mr. Liao’s wife is a photographer, usually very busy at work. When she’s home at night, she has to work overtime to retouch images, and she simply does not have the intention to cook. Instead, he works an 8-hour shift and has fixed working hours.
His wife works hard and is too busy, so Mr. Liao readily tied up his apron, went into the kitchen, and cooked for his wife every day after work.
“I’ve been married for a while, but I’ve grown as a cook. Now I’m thinking of ways to cook different meals for her every day.” Mr. Liao is enjoying this, “Now I cook and I wash the dishes!”
Now a lot of women are like Mr. Liao’s wife. Their work is not necessarily easier than men. Whoever is free to do the usual chores, there is really no need to specify who to do!
Most evidence and facts have long proven that a truly strong family must involve the man in domestic chores.


There is no hard and fast rule as to who should do the housework. The man who is willing to do the housework has an extra sense of responsibility for the family and makes his wife feel more secure as well.
In fact, the security that women want in marriage is nothing more than a husband who cares about the family and can understand her own feelings. If you marry a husband who is willing to spend time doing housework, ,women will also be less unreasonable in marriage.


I remember a user who left a message just the day before yesterday, roughly meaning, “The man has a house and a car, but also financially independent, if he can also do housework. What’s the point of having a woman then?”

I’m not going to lie to you, this guy is a treasure.
Believe it or not, if you cracked his brain open, you could find curios and antiques from several hundred years ago, and old-fashioned idea of male superiority, male outside and female inside.
It’s 2019, and there are still people who think that marrying a woman is either doing the housework or having a son.
But I still have to tell you that, that era is over, and marriage used to be complementary, now it’s a win-win situation.
What age is it now, do you still think you’re the only one who can work and your wife can’t?
Your wife can be stronger than a beast when it comes to negotiating with clients.
But the reality is, even though she works hard outside, she can’t escape the fate of doing all the housework when she gets home.
So doing housework alone is long gone, don’t always think that marriage is still a complementary model, now the best marriage is to share and progress together.


A number of other users also posted their opinions.

I hope you don’t always bring the pressure of survival into your relationship.
Loving someone is not about money but about care, a little care.

Regardless of men and women in the relationship, there is no one thing that one party must do.
But every single thing you’ve ever done shows your attitude.
And the saddest part is that two people lives but only one person does.
One person supports the lives of two people, of course, “not easy.”
That’s why you should cherish the person who shares your burden with you.