You’ll lose a lot if you’re shy, but you’ll be surprised if you approach slowly
The reason why Hu Yitian made many fan girls fall in love with him is not only because of his high face value, but also the interaction between his role as Jiang Chen De and the actress in the drama “To Our Simple Little Beauty” is too much in love, it is a very sweet drama, which made many fan girls chase this drama. 
Some people say that Chen Xiaoxi can be really happy to be proposed by a man like Jiang Chen. She can be happy because she loves Jiang Chen unreservedly, and she actively and bravely pursues her love, holding on for a year and a One year of loving him. 
Some people also said that Chen Xiaoshi loved too lowly and bitterly, and the reason why she was suffering and the reason why she was separated from Jiang Chen for three years were all It’s because she’s too active and loves someone without reservation. She is destined to tug on every nerve, cry or laugh depending on that person.
Some people will ask, so like a person, should a girl be active or not. If you’re too active, you’re afraid you’ll be laughed at backwards, rejected or hurt. If you’re not active, you’re afraid he’ll hesitate to speak up and eventually lose him.
So, whether dating girls in the end should be active or not, look at the following points.


A girl can be aggressive, but all your efforts should worth something.
If you like him a lot, then you can take the initiative to pursue him and make him understand your feelings, but every little thing you do should be meaningful so that you can continue to like him.
If you make a cake for him, he will eat it and tell you that it is very sweet; if you knit a scarf for him, he will not discard it and tell you that it is very warm; if you prepare a gift for him, he will say to you very seriously, thank you.
In this way, your like is rewarded. If all your efforts, the other person is indifferent, he will not change his attitude towards you, he will not speed up the response to your tweets, he Won’t take your call, he can’t see all your efforts, then you should not take the initiative, because meaningless. 
We can love someone wholeheartedly, to pursue a person, no matter what the man or woman, but all the intentions we pay, should be meaningful to do, otherwise it’s like a meat bag hitting a dog, there is no return, you spend no matter how much thought and love to go on, no results.


Personally, I prefer to wait for the boys to take action.
I’ve heard the saying that men chase women across a mountain, and women chase men across a veil. Many people say that dating is usually as long as the girl takes the initiative, it will be easy to get the boy.
This is really the case? My best friend was in love with a guy, and she did whatever he told her to do, told her to be quiet, and just kept hugging him. ask her to buy the night snack ,she hold the phone to order; ask her to pay the phone bill, she will multiple recharge charges. 
My friend told me that she pursued him for six whole months, all attempts tried, so much so that she went drinking with him, surfing the Internet with him, accompanying him Going to play ball, but the other guy just didn’t feel like it, the boy just treated her like an obedient servant and went to serve him tea. 
Until one time, she saw the boy took the initiative to buy flowers for other girls, she understood that not the boy’s indifference, just no feelings to her.
A guy tends to be more desperate than a woman when it comes to someone he doesn’t like, if he doesn’t like you, even if you slept with him. And he’s only as a date.
So yeah, you have to understand that it’s good that you’re taking the initiative to show your feelings, and if he likes you too, wait for him to take the initiative to ask you out.


No matter who initiates it, you have to know when to stop.
In the drama “To Our Simple Little Beauty”, the only person I was heartbroken about was Wu Baisong, who was utterly in love with Chen Xiaoxi in the drama.
He goes to the infirmary to get a bunch of medicine for Chen Xiao Xi when she pretends to have a stomachache; Chen Xiao Xi wants Jiang Chen’s gloves and makes the excuse that it’s too cold, so he goes and buys them for her; Chen Xiao Xi says he wants to see snow on Christmas, so he risks disciplinary action by going to the rooftop to artificially drop snow.
No matter what Chen Xiaoshi says, he will take it seriously, no matter what Chen Xiaoshi wants, he will do it.
But he was so tired of loving and so humble that there were times when I wished he’d let go of Chen Xiaoshi quickly, because every relationship has a limit, and when we’ve loved someone with all our might, it’s hard to let go of re-engaging in a relationship. 
You have to know that if a person doesn’t love you, even if you give her the world, she still won’t love you.
After taking the initiative, there is no result, just give up before it’s too late, love, never rely on the enough initiatives and touches.
In fact, whether it is a boy or girl initiative, we should seriously pursue our feelings, love with all our might, give up without leaving a trace of miss.
If you like a person, you’ll be able to express it properly, and it’s not a shame to take the initiative, it’s a shame that those who like someone but too dare to say to end up missing it.
If you are shy, you’ll lose too much , but if you slowly get closer, you may be surprised. if you have the one you much into, and you must tell him .
Maybe the love story belonging ,  your love story will start from there.