It is said that love makes people beautiful. However, the ideal is plump, the reality is bone-chilling. Yesterday I saw a topic in the know: “Girls’ The most obvious change after a relationship is that you have gained weight and your face has changed. It’s fat.”
What’s more: every time you break up, you get more beautiful, all kinds of flirty, all kinds of dressy. On the other hand, when in love, because they are too familiar with each other, a little less concerned about the appearance. I believe that this psychology is common in many people who have been in love, the initial stage of the relationship may be make you have a big change, once the love of time is long , it will be another mind.
In general, before and after a relationship, a girl’s appearance goes through roughly three stages of change.


before love
Because I’m single, I dress up every day before I go out, thinking that if I meet the love of my life on the road, I’ll definitely… Be beautiful at all times, this belief supports you going forward…. 
This is the time of year when you wear makeup, but it’s all about simple basic skin care, foundation, the occasional eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick, and it can Say you’re more of the original you.
This is the time when you maintain your youthful skin and face, and your innocent and unpolished temperament becomes your greatest attraction.
Occasionally you will be lazy and relaxed, and at this time you usually put a mask on yourself and never allow yourself to appear un-powdered! In front of the boy of your dreams.
Finally, heaven forbid, you meet your current boyfriend and start a relationship.


Early Relationships
The early stages of a relationship, in fact, which is also a time when the two of you are in love. And this time, because of the sweetness of hot love, you have an incredibly strong inner determination to become beautiful.
The first thing that you need to do is to get a good deal more than just a few days before you get a chance to meet him, you will be able to choose a set of clothes that you think are the most beautiful, and even think that your clothes are not enough to wear, only to keep shopping, in addition, every time before you meet him, you have to wash your hair, makeup (sunscreen 100 + foundation 300 + loose powder 200 + eyebrow pencil 50 + eyes shadow 200 + lipstick 200), in short, no two hours you can not get out of the door, and then the face of the radiance of the yuan you are particularly confident.
After meeting him, you pay special attention to the image in front of him, eat chew slowly and swallow, speak softly, walk chest up, this time you are really beautiful. Even friends say that, you fall in love, simply with a change of person like.
On top of that, you’re controlling your diet, stepping up your workouts, and sticking to sports and fitness because you want to try to get better and become what you think he’ll like.
Finally you become more and more beautiful and you think you’ve met the right person.


After a long relationship
At this point, because you’ve been dating for a long time, you’ve lacked a certain amount of freshness with each other. So you feel that you already know each other well and have seen all of each other’s faces. And, you start to become casual in front of each other, even unkempt. 
At this time, unless you go out to meet friends will dress up your own, in front of your boyfriend you are basically plain, clothes are also how comfortable how to wear, do not care how your boyfriend look, you begin to become mindful of him to see your new pimples and big dark circles under the eyes, and even you jokingly call each other pig. 
The more you talk about food, the more you eat, and the more you eat, the better your relationship will be. 
Your love can only end up in two ways.
One is, your boyfriend can’t stand the shape of your body and breaks up with you, or you yourself feel like you’re about to get fed up with yourself in this state, and then you start to pick yourself up again and start managing yourself again, and then you dress up in all sorts of ways, and your face value climbs a stage again.
The other is that whatever you  fat or skinny, your boyfriend still love you, he has always held you in his hands and spoiled you, you no longer need to maintain your appearance to get the other person’s love, you feel loved in his eyes, in his behavior, and in the details of your relationship.
Your boyfriend gave you enough security in this regard that you never had to worry that if you got ugly and fat, he wouldn’t love you anymore.
And for the rest of your life, you are enjoying a relationship where you are assured of gaining weight.