“He doesn’t care on the outside, but inside he’s in a tizzy.”
Xiaoyan’s ex-boyfriend, Achen, is left-handed.
In China, where it is customary to walk on the right side of the road, Achen stands out. As a photographer, Cheng can always take pictures with a different flavor, and that’s when Xiaoyan stepped on the road of photography.
In three years, Xiaoyan has become a leader in the photography industry, but he and Ah Cheng took very different paths. 
Later, we went out and talked about Achen with Yeon.
“Do you still love him?”
“No more love.”
“What are you talking about? Come take my picture.”
“Ah ok” 
“Make sure you put me on the right side of the picture.”
I was always puzzled as to why Xiaoyan always likes to frame the right side of the photo. Later on, I went to Xiaoyan’ s house and saw many photos, including the one of Cheng!
It turns out that Achen, a lefty, was always on the left.
Two people so close together, but not in the same picture.
You can gnash your teeth about how bad he is.
You can forgive him for all the bad things he did.
You can chatter like a patient, or you can bear the pain as if nothing had happened.
But you can’t lose hope in life.
At first, you may have trouble sleeping through the night. After maybe two weeks, you start to be able to fall asleep. For almost a month, you can really reengage in your work. After two months, you slowly start to regain your feelings for the opposite sex and stop constantly comparing your ex to everyone you meet. It’s a long time, isn’t it, but it’s in your best interest to understand that.
You should understand.


Don’t be in a hurry to get out.
I understand that loss is a sad thing, but don’t rush to get out.
People are all sentimental animals, and it would be heartbreaking to lose an object that has been with you for a long time, even a person.
You walked faster and faster, you’ll just accidentally break your foot.
After a breakup, your emotions will completely overcome your reasoning, you want to prove that you can live a better life, you quickly carry out another relationship, and then scrappy end, whether you dump, or be dumped, can not cover up that just past the failure of the relationship, which just let the other person in your heart make a deeper and deeper pavement 
All you have to do is look at reality and don’t run away. The other person is gone, is gone, but you will be okay and better off.
Time is the best medicine to heal the pain.
You have to learn to accept it, get up and slowly move on.


Leave him alone.
There’s a void in your heart that needs to be filled after the other person leaves.
In the early hours of the morning a few sleepless college friends were chatting in WeChat group, somehow talked about the topic of the ex, usually the most active group of several people suddenly stopped talking, in this topic is about to end, someone came to a sentence: last night also I dreamed of her, she wore a white dress  that I sent, she said to me that she wanted to hug me again, and then I woke up.
I can’t believe it[’s taken to him that have a dream like this in such a long time.
The next day I asked him, “Did you give her the word?”
He said, “No, it’s over, and it’s not coming back.”
Yes, don’t look for each other again.
At first, you’ll think, you’ll want to get back together, you’ll want a new lover, you’ll want the other person, not because you failed, but because you had the original Putting in. This is normal, because the other person is not as invested as you are, and your initial happiness may have been based on this cherished emotion you put into it, not the what the other side has done, and you know how to appreciate it, you will grow forever.
This growth will make you stronger.


Don’t think about it.
A user left a message in the background: once went to a restaurant to eat rice with black pepper beef tenderloin, it was a traditional French restaurant, after the food was served, he stared at the tenderloin and remembered a girl who often sat across from him, the girl picked up the tenderloin with chopsticks and said, look at this tenderloin is like firewood. 
He laughed when he finished thinking.
After laughing, he took a big bite of his food.
It’s ok , just admit the truth and get over it. 
There are many conclusions that in a few days you forget them, get confused again, suffer again, and go back into the alley. And even come to a different conclusion each time.
You will be sure that if you keep thinking and analyzing. The mind will come to understand more and more, closer and closer to that fact that you don’t want to accept.
There really is no way to change the truth anymore.


Face it.
That day, the elephant found the phone number of the giraffe from somewhere, and the elephant said, “Long time no see, I’ve found a new girlfriend, soon and Married.  The giraffe quickly said to wish you a happy marriage and an early birth. The elephant invites the giraffe to his wedding and the giraffe says yes! 
That day, the giraffe was in the highest view and could see especially well 
It turns out that elephants really don’t suit giraffe.
Because at the beginning of the story, we’re all dizzy and sentimentality takes over our thoughts.
So we have to take it step by step, slowly, and see ourselves as we are.
Relationships are never all there is to life, it’s over when it’s over, and there’s another one to come, and you still have to eat and get up, so wake up
When did you say the two of them drifted apart?
The other day I saw a strange tree and I didn’t want to share it with you anymore.
You said how to heal grief.
After reading a million correct answers, you still have to wait a minute for the answer.
Move forward with hope. Time will take care of everything for you.