May day is going to have a holiday soon, and the gathering of the students around us has started again. Last night, we discussed the arrangement of the party in the group, and talked about not bringing family members. I quietly make complaints about it: I want to take it but I don’t have.
A classmate in the group blew up: are you single? Didn’t I hear your boyfriend was a college student?
I was lost in a moment. When did I have a college classmate’s boyfriend, I don’t know? What can I do? I’m also desperate.)
It’s not terrible to be single. What’s terrible is that you are clearly single. Others think you are not single.


I know a lady who often posts a good-looking little brother photo, the kind that looks like it’s making people’s blood run cold, and I just thought it was her boyfriend at first, after all, the two of them still occasionally stand together and smile at the camera, and how they look is a couple of hot lovebirds who like to show their affection. 
The last time I saw her send a travel photo, it was the same good-looking little brother. After seeing it, I quickly praised it and commented: wow, your boyfriend is so handsome and MAN, did you guys go for wedding photos?
In the end, the lady replied back to me: ah, I’m single, huh? I didn’t have a boyfriend, that was a customer.
I found out later that she chose the photography industry after graduation, and when she took nice pictures, she would post them to her friends. That little brother was her customer and used to come over and take pictures, plus the hard photos were very passable, so I used to send his pictures.
Then my friend asked me: do you all think I have a boyfriend? I hesitated and answered truthfully: at least I thought so, and you were so good looking. I heard that there were boys in the class who also liked you, and then saw that you often send photos, thought they had no chance.
Later, the lady said: we college morning and evening together, the real living me is standing in front of everyone. If a person does not choose to look with his heart nor open his mouth to ask what kind of a person I am, but from the ears of others to hear that  what a person I am and judge my situation, then such a person is not a pity to miss it.
It’s actually quite shocking to hear this, but I suddenly can’t think of anything to argue with. How sad that I am a real person standing in front of you, but you choose to get to know me from the mouths of others.
If you like a person, don’t listen to other people’s mouths what he is like, to use your heart to see, only you contact will understand each other the real self, remember in love do not be self-righteous self-made.


There are also some people who look very cold and have a “no one in” air about them.
On the first day of university, my grandparents and grandparents sent me to school because my family had some business to do here. At that time, the university town was still very desolate, and my parents drove around for a while without finding the university’s entrance. By the time we found the registration point, we had actually circled around a few times. There was also just a lot of anger, accusing the leaders of not pointing out the signs.
I’m actually a roadkill, and when I dropped my family off, I couldn’t find my dorm when I left the gate, and then I called my mom to find out which dorm I was in.
When I got back to the dorm, my roommates were not very familiar with each other, so I just stayed in bed and looked at my phone without making a sound, and I didn’t know how to communicate with everyone. 
After a semester, the environment became familiar and the people became more relaxed, and the roommate said, “Actually, you don’t know, I was next to you on the day of the opening ceremony. , and then you didn’t talk in the dorm either, and we all thought you were the spoiled, well-behaved kind of kid you grew up to be. Now I realize that I made the most important cognitive mistake of all, I actually thought you were a good boy, you were a tease. You’re so funny!
Some people aren’t actually cold, they just can’t quite take in unfamiliar surroundings. Once you wait for familiarity, you will find that he comes with funny attributes. 
So, when you feel that the person you like seems to be high cold, try to slowly get to know open the other person’s heart, you will find that he is not only not cold, but also very easy to get along with. 
A cold and arrogant god like Shonai is not yet hating to fall i love Bei Weiwei in a minute.


I don’t know if any of you have such people in your circle of friends.
They like to post very pretty pictures, artsy stories, delicious food. But they don’t expose all of their lives to the public, which in turn certainly leaves a little bit to the imagination. 
Even when we’re single, we still love life, working out, baking and growing, eating and partying, and shopping for drama. Even if we are alone, we still live our lives to the fullest, we never care what others think, we never let the outside world Factors stop you from moving forward.
The most advanced singleness is just that, not shrouded in emptiness and loneliness, not dependent on others and still living abundantly and contentedly.
When one can please oneself, when one lives a more interesting and worthwhile life, when one can enjoy the process of fighting against loneliness, even if one is single, one can live a wonderful life.
If you have love, it would be great, no love, it does not matter, now we have something to do and dreams to chase.
In fact, for a single person, living as if you have love  which is the biggest compliment to us.
Every day I will work hard, early to bed and early to rise, gentle and generous, kind and intelligent, we are not pretentious in front of people , ask for comfort everywhere.  People like us, piously do our own, will definitely meet the best, and that person will be worth all your waiting.
If you are a single person, you will be mistaken for someone else. Send it to your friends and name yourself. If there are silent guardians who like each other, let’s be together.