It’s common to get angry and quarrel in a relationship, and I believe that no matter how good-tempered and in tune the two people are, there is a time that they will inevitably have conflicts.
Angry is a not terrible thing. The key is to know how to comfort the angry girlfriend, and in reality many guys don’t understand why the girlfriend would be Angry? Your girlfriend is going to be so angry that she’s going to vomit blood, but you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. This is what makes it terrible.
In fact, it’s not that hard to make your girlfriend happy, just with your heart , and today I will share with you the following to make your girlfriend happy In several ways.


Take care of her emotions first thing.
The reason why you should not use the cold treatment method when you are angry with your girlfriend, many guys will think that it is better to calm down and then solve the problem, which will only make your girlfriend feel that you don’t care about her.
Girls are sensitive. You’ll only make her think much. She may even break up with you.
The time you ignore her when you thought that she will reflect, self-review, but in fact, the longer you delay, your shortcomings in her psychology will be put the bigger!
In fact, not a few girls are quite unreasonable, just sometimes in anger, just want to have a cold war with you, who hope you can come over to comfort her, as long as you admit your fault and comforting in time, everything will be ok.
But, pay attention, be sure to take care of your girlfriend’s emotions in the first time, otherwise, it will take a long time for her to forgive you.


Kisses, hugs and sweet words
In fact, most girls angry with their boyfriends, not really angry, and rarely will really embarrass you, as long as your attitude and position to make your girlfriend feel that you care about her, you love her, things are still very easy to solve. 
So, when your girlfriend is angry, whether it’s crying, or ignoring you. There is no hug can’t solve it, the more she resists, the more tightly you hold, no matter in the process, she bites you or punch or kick, you just don’t let her go, of course, you can also add kissing action, or even come to a sex.
When she gradually does not struggle, you can gently whisper “apology” and some sweet words in her ear, your girlfriend has a high probability to forgive you.
In fact, when the girlfriend is angry, as long as it is not a matter of principle, the guy can obey her will and can get back together.
Remember, don’t fight over problems that can be solved with words and acts of love, and a sign of declining love is not bothering to comfort the other person.


sugar coated bullet
On this point, we can see how the boyfriends of netizens do it:
@Great circle
When I was angry, my husband bought a spicy hot pot and the anger subsided. It’s the same every time. I feel very upset
@A red
My husband knew that I was angry, and he would fry eggs to coax me. Later, when I was tired of eating eggs, he began to buy me with other delicacies. As a foodie, how could I resist the temptation of delicacies? So I forgave him.
@Cheerleading Fairy
I’m angry. He has no idea. In two days, he will give me a red envelope, 52.0 or 88.88. Then I was bribed by money.
@Mountain sky
I was angry not to answer the phone, a person walking on the road, he found me in the car without a word to pull on the car. He was silent all the way, and I didn’t ask why. As a result, I got to the top of the mountain and opened the door to see the stars. I was not angry at all.
@Rain dream
We quarreled last night. I ignored him all night and kept him away from me. As a result, I received SK-2 skin care suit and HR lipstick the next day. My boyfriend specifically asked my girlfriend what skin care products and lipstick I used. For the sake of his carefulness and heart, I temporarily forgave him.
When the girlfriend is angry, the husband wants to take her to eat, buy her a favorite gift, and take her on a go and go trip. There is no unhappiness in the group.


Shameless + coquettish and cute
Coax once is not good, then coax several times more, take out oneself thick face to chase girl’s energy, in a word, you always stay at her side, you never leave her. Play cute and make her happy. If you can’t, pretend to be pitiful.
Remember, women are made of water, their hearts are soft, and they all have maternal psychology. If you are pitiful, you may be forgiven. Here is an example:
When he was angry and ignored, he looked at me with two big eyes open. He was cute and a little daughter-in-law was wronged. I am the one who has been wronged! In the end, I have to comfort him!
If this method doesn’t work, go to another method until you impress your girlfriend and forgive you.
The man who can coax his girlfriend is very charming to girls.
However, girls also need to remember that in love, a little work amuses me, but a lot of work distracts me. Occasionally, you can make a scene. If your boyfriend is willing to comfort you, please give him a step by the way. Don’t make it to the point of breaking up.