A friend left a comment in the background the other day with a question that made me ponder deeply.
Can you tell me what love is like?
This philosophical question, I don’t know, I interviewed 7 men and women around me and they gave me a lot of answers.


@ Pain and ecstasy
I’m a sleepy person and I get up late every day. I open my sleepy eyes, and the first thing I do is pick up my phone to reply to you with a good morning, and I don’t have to think about it to know that at 7 in the morning at .30, you Just send me a greeting.
I never sleep with my phone on silent mode, because I’ll be the first to know when you call me with something.
You know all of this, so when I’m not get up, you won’t say anything except a good morning.
You also get a little sassy with me and will occasionally explode over a word. But when I’d hold you, you’d still fall into my arms.
A long time has passed, and you’ve gone from being the one I love to being the one I love. I still love you, but no longer passionately, but deeply. Every day to get up must see your smiling face, as if to the habit of get up with stretch.
From the beginning, every sentence caused the throbbing “darling” to the later open mouth “darling”.
Love is like not wanting to hurt each other.
Even if you’re fighting, you can’t say anything to break up.
Emotions don’t last overnight. Just get some sleep.
After every argument.
Both will love each other with more certainty than ever before.
Everyone’s trying to get better for each other.
Naturally, they’ll hold hands tighter and tighter.
The road gets further and further away.
Honey, I love you.


@A little rabbit lives in the heart of a tiger.
After being with my wife, she married happiness, I married happiness………
Love is like never giving up.
When the passion fades.
When the love goes on and on.
Life can be boring.
They’ll probably have nothing to say to each other.
But the decision to be together never changes.
At any time.
They’ re all happy and joyful.


@Koushan one insect nests
in the quilt together in the room, watching movies and playing games, or doing his own business quietly without disturbing each other. When he is hungry, he orders a takeout. He doesn’t have to worry about going out and even wearing underwear. He doesn’t have to worry about who cooks and washes dishes. He is just as comfortable as when he is alone. How nice it is. 
The appearance of love is full of sense of security
perhaps few confession, not to say provocative love words
when hot summer to prepare water for you
when winter cold take off your coat to wear for you
because of his existence, you are more happy
each other’s everything is recorded in the heart
silently grateful and with the same love feedback to each other


We are in the same space with each other. You do your business, I do mine. I occasionally put my head on your leg. You occasionally frown and feel the work task is cumbersome. We don’t disturb each other or even talk to each other, but the air is very comfortable and quiet, and there is no distance between our hearts. It’s what I think love looks like best.
The appearance of love is that you won’t be embarrassed if you don’t speak
You play your games and I watch my TV
In fact, as long as I can be with you
Even if you don’t do anything, watch you quietly
I’m happy


@Revolution in the soul
I think the appearance of love is my husband and I.
We fell in love for 13 years. That year I was a sophomore. After graduation from junior high school, adult self-taught undergraduate, doing technology in the construction site.
This love was opposed by all my relatives and friends. Although many people are still sarcastic, I know what kind of happiness I want.
In 16 years, I gave birth to a baby. He asked for a month’s leave to take care of me. He took care of me and my baby day and night. I was hungry in the middle of the night. He could get up at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night to make snacks.
What I am most proud of is that from the birth of the baby to now, as long as he is at home, I haven’t got up and soaked in milk at night, although he even forgot his wedding anniversary. He works far away from home, has food and lodging, driving back an hour and a half, but he insists on going home every day, and would rather get up an hour and a half early in winter.
The appearance of love, not those who talk about the magnificent
It’s the gray haired grandparents in the park
A simple shoulder to shoulder
Mountain without edge
It can’t be better than after strong wind and heavy rain
A bowl of steaming tomato and egg noodles


@Fox, rabbit
Once I had a nightmare. I dreamt that I lost him. After I got up, I looked for my mobile phone like crazy. It was about three or four o’clock in the morning. When I opened wechat, I saw the message he sent me. He said that he dreamed of me and I left him. The last sentence he sent me was: the dream must be the opposite. I don’t want to leave you.
At that time, tears immediately came out. Dating for more than a year was not particularly appropriate. There were even a lot of contradictions and painful experiences during the period, but I knew it was worth it.
In my opinion, no matter whether you come to the end or not, you can feel guilty every time you think of it.
The appearance of love is always worthy of each other
No one has an obligation to endure his endless negative energy
Try to solve problems when you meet them
Instead of leaving the difficulties to the other side
You can’t lose your temper when you are upset
Learn to control yourself


@Lilith starno
Spirit is interdependent, life is independent and blended. The relationship is flat and stable, and the two sides can continuously obtain new energy and develop continuously. 
The appearance of love is determined
Loyal to each other, maybe we have our own work and life
Maybe we can meet for a long time and say we love you
But no matter when we can’t contact each other
Let alone cold and violent anger
As long as we have each other’s space-time and distance
We can’t destroy our unswerving faith in love