“It’s getting cold, you want to sleep on the warmest bed and sleep with your lover”

No matter how bad-tempered or hard-hearted a woman may be, there’s always a time when she suddenly wants to fall in love

When I was in college, in the club, there was a girl who always had a stinky face and a hard heart. Because her first love cheated on her, she said she would never love others again, so we all called her Shi Fei (this girl’s nickname)

A while ago, I received a call from Shi Fei. She was crying on the phone because she was in the hospital and had no money to pay the medical bill, she asked me to go to hospital

When I got to the hospital, I saw Shi Fei on the bed with her leg hanging off. I went over to say hello and then to pay the rest of the medical bill.
when I got back I asked her:

“What’s up?”

She said “moving down the stairs, the suitcase was too heavy to hold and fell down the stairs”


“If only I had a boyfriend”

After that Shi Fei’s eyes turned red, and she wiped her nose as she wept; I said, “It’s nothing, don’t cry!”

If you are single, you will inevitably feel lonely and helpless when it comes to difficulties. You say you’re happy to be single, but in fact you want to find a boyfriend who understands your needs

So I interviewed some girls and asked them when do they suddenly want a boyfriend?


Shi Fei  24 years old  moving house

When I moved house by myself, my luggage was so heavy that I couldn’t lift it. When I took the elevator, I discovered that the single elevator was broken, and I fell down the stairs while carrying my luggage to the double-decker elevators, feeling like the whole world was against me

Then I called a moving company, and by the time the movers got the stuff to the new house, it was 9pm. Suddenly I discovered that the balcony door was broken and the doors fell off

The door is heavy, and I failed to put it back on

I don’t know any neighbors, and I’m not familiar with property. When I’m aware that I would stay the house alone all night without closing the balcony door suddenly it makes me so helpless that I want to cry!

If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t have to worry about such things.


Xu Bei   22 years old  being sick

I don’t know how many times I’ve gone through illness, it’s always when I’m very busy or when I’m in under great pressure, and the cold, fever, big aunt or stomach ache always comes unexpectedly!

Sometimes people are a little fragile. When I ordered a takeaway, and ate a few then I couldn’t eat anymore. I went to the hospital for an IV drip, but there was no one to help me hold the bottle even when I wanted to go to the bathroom
Usually like a Superwoman, but in the end I’m suffering from loneliness


Lin   25 years old   Seeing someone else in love

Both cousins brought their boyfriends home for dinner today, but I could only play games by myself

Oh, God, I want to love!

The boy greeted my cousin’s parents and relatives and friends as he added food to my cousin

As my cousin ate and told her family how they had met with smile

At this time, there’s only one feeling in my heart: “I wish I had a boyfriend too.”


Ma TianXin  22 years old  Going out to eat alone

I want to eat a lot of food, but I can’t finish what I ordered. I want to eat hotpot, but I’m too scared to eat alone

I can’t even go to the bathroom alone at McDonald’s
For fear that as soon as I left, the waiter would take away the meal that hadn’t been used up. Thinking about it, I took out my eyebrow pencil and wrote a few words on the napkin, “Not finished yet, don’t take it, thank you.”

When I came back, I realized that I was next to a couple with dipping fries in ketchup and drinking Coke together, and then I looked at the empty seat across from me and suddenly I felt sad

Sometimes the smallest details can make you feel panicked, and it really has nothing with whether you’re strong or not
Afraid of two people, but more afraid of one


A netizen  22 years old   Going home in the rain

On a rainy day, other girls were picked up, but I had to take taxi to go home

When I was shopping with my friend, it was raining, and she called her boyfriend to pick up her, and I had to lie that I wanted to shop a little longer and wave goodbye to her

Rainy day, other people are waiting for their boyfriends to pick them up, and I’m waiting for the taxi driver

How I wish that the next time it rains, there will be someone with an umbrella who will pick up me, and he will put on a thick coat for me and hold my hand tenderly to go back home with me


Yan  23 years old  Traveling alone

I went to travel alone and trekked up the mountain to the best viewpoint. No one to help me take a picture, but it’s doesn’t matter. I’ll just extend my selfie stick a little bit

At first, I was so engrossed in the beautiful scenery that I had forgotten all my worries. But after changing all the angles of photograph, the joy was overshadowed by fatigue, and suddenly I felt so sad!

How I wish I could have someone to stand beside me and enjoy the beautiful scenery together at this moment

I crossed the hill and found no one waiting.


A netizen  22 years old   Dressing up 

When I put on my favorite dress, and tried to go to a new movie but I found out that no one was available for a date

One sunny weekend afternoon, I put on my favorite dress, took a long time to make up, and wanted to go see a new movie, to open my address book, but I found no one to meet or everyone was busy spending the weekend with their lovers

Suddenly, I felt so lost

Although one can also go to a restaurant to eat and to the movie theater to watch a movie, but at that time, you still really want to have a favorite person to accompany you

Eat whatever you want, say whatever you want, do whatever you want, and be happy


Nanako   24 years old  Seeing a beautiful menswear

I saw a very handsome men’s clothing in the window of a shopping mall and imagined how he would look in the future when he wore it, and suddenly I wanted to pack it up and take it home, but when the shopping guide asked about the size, I didn’t know how to ask

Yeah, I don’t know your size yet, even though I’ve paired you with a million different styles in my head!

How I wish there was someone who could wear the clothes I chose, and ask me with a smile, “How about that, handsome?”

I want to have a boyfriend to be tenderly cared for by him, and I want to treat him well with all my sincerity and love.

No breakups, no cheating, no cheating, no arguments and no misunderstandings

With a man to the old, that’s good

Suddenly I’m jealous of those who love each other forever. Preferably from high school, looking at each other.

The boy grows up from juvenscence toward mature, and the girl grows up from a simple and honest girl to a beautiful and delicate one

Boys will never understand how hard girls have to work to keep their favorite boys around after the novelty of supplying them wears off!

If two people aren’t in love with each other, that is just a waste of time.