Never fall in love with boys in Guangdong,
 Because it is likely to become fat and fat.
 After all, Guangdong’s delicious wife is too much.
 Falling in love with boys in other places, you can say three meals a day, but if you fall in love with a Guangdong boy, there are at least 6 meals that day: morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, evening tea, supper, basic  There is no time to stop.
 Guangdong boys who like you will take you to eat lean egg porridge, fried dumplings, glutinous rice chicken, fried horseshoe cake, chicken feet, pork ribs, pork belly, beef balls, rice noodles, shrimp dumplings, fish porridge, fried spring rolls, wonton  , Raw fried beef rice, wife cake, glutinous rice dumplings, tofu flower, egg tarts, honey sauce barbecued pork…
 Think about my saliva, okay?
 Moreover, the boys in Guangzhou are born with their own love BUFF, which is gentle and magnetic. When they speak love words in Cantonese: “Do not roar Zhong Yi Lei”.
 The boys in Guangzhou are more delicate in their thoughts. They can accurately get your mood changes and take care of you patiently. They will be attentive to what you say casually.
 They will also prepare surprises for you from time to time, as long as you want, they can learn soup for you.
 Falling in love with them can really make you happy!


 The title of Shandong Dahan is not called in vain.
 Shandon boys are tall and tall, and girls of one-and-seven meters will immediately appear petite and exquisite in front of Shandong boys.
 All of them are very man, full of manliness.
 Even if you are a majestic female man outside, in front of them will become a little princess who needs help screwing the bottle cap, with them full of security.
 Although the boys in Shandong are somewhat masculine, they are not excessive.
 They will also be very distressed about their girlfriends. They may not speak sweet words, but no matter what they encounter, he is willing to stand in front of you and try to protect you.
 In addition, don’t think that a Shandong TV station has been showing infertility advertisements all day because Shandong men do not have any problems.
 Moreover, the boys in Shandong really do not necessarily open excavators.
 However, I believe they are willing to learn for you, not to mention the excavator, the plane and the tank.


 The boys in Jiangsu are all like teenagers in romance novels.
 The eyes are clear, the white shirts and white sneakers are clean without any trace of dust, and there is not much deliberate dress up, but they can easily attract all your attention and attention.
 They are smart but not proud. They are the male gods who will explain the problems carefully to you and touch your head to laugh at your fool.
 They have a gentle personality, they will never rush with you or lose their temper, but will reason with you gently and meticulously,
 Sometimes, even if you are angry, you don’t want to show it. Instead, you will find out for yourself that there are some peculiar little pride.
 When you fall in love with a boy in Jiangsu, you will have a fresh and beautiful first love.


 When it comes to Zhejiang, many people’s first impressions are: very rich!
 In fact, the boys in Zhejiang may not necessarily have money, but they all have a strong sense of financial management.
 They don’t feel that there is anything wrong with liking money, and they never hide their desire for money.
 For them, it is a very beneficial thing to earn more money and let them and their loved ones live a good life. There is nothing embarrassing about being willing to fight for money.
 The boys in Zhejiang are very practical, very realistic,
 They understand the morals of the world very well, they will take care of the psychology of different groups of people, they will also rationally analyze the relationship with other people, and consciously make friends that may be useful.
 Fall in love with boys in Zhejiang, you will be moved by their tenderness and meticulousness.
 They are particularly willing to take care of their girlfriends, everything is not troublesome, and they pay great attention to details.
 They can perceive your subtle emotions from your tone and then coax you to be happy.
 A proper life assistant.
 With them, girls are likely to be spoiled completely.


 Sister Ai always felt that the boys in Henan were really seriously underestimated.
 Henan is located in the Central Plains and gathers people from all over the country. It is extremely inclusive.

 Just like the flavor of the food here, the dishes here may not have many special features, but no matter where they are, people in Henan can eat meals that suit their tastes.

 The boys in Henan are not the tallest, the most handsome, the smartest, the richest, nor the most intimate, but they are well-balanced in all aspects.

 The boys in Henan care for their families at home, and they are more willing to think about their girlfriends, just like the noodles in Henan. They have many bowls and large noodles. They don’t have a fancy appearance, but they are so down-to-earth and they will be really to you  it is good.

 They will learn to cook and wash dishes for you, willing to share household chores, pay your salary cards on time, and buy you the gifts you want.

 Their principle is: as long as you want, as long as I have.
 There are not so many routines, and some are full of sincerity.


 The boys in Beijing are very persistent about love. They believe that a girl will treat her desperately. As long as there is that person in mind, the rest of the girls will be stunned.
 They treat love in a straightforward way. They will think of you about anything and will be willing to greet all happiness and suffering with you.
 The boys in Beijing have a unique sense of chic and self-confidence. They like to be stubborn and stay with them. You can say a word to me and bury each other, and hehe ha ha passed in the morning.
 The most important thing in love is never how handsome and rich you are, but that the two are comfortable with each other.
 With boys in Beijing, you can always find a reason to be happy, so happy every day.
 In fact, for true love, region, race, and distance are never a problem.
 We can break through all cultural gaps, seek common ground while reserving differences, and find a happy path together.
 Because I like a person, and then fall in love with a province.
 Sister Ai just listed a few provinces. Where else do you think boys are good?