“After you try, you’ll find out that three views are an insurmountable chasm in love.”
Chatting on We Chat may seem like a random thing, but every conversation has a hidden meaning.
How many couples in life love each other, but end up being strangers, and how many people have a blacklist of the people they loved most?
How screwed up are Chinese marriage and love relationships? Refuse to communicate face to face and silently dedicate behind. The slightest hint of smoothness in extremely poor communication is called moving.
I remember when someone used to joke with me that my blacklist was my crematorium, sending all the memories and misses I had with my ex in.
I’m wondering what kind of people I meet that my feelings will only get weaker the more I talk to them. So I’ve compiled a list of what people who are very low say all the time, and I hope you can all avoid the minefield and meet someone you like!

Hello, beauty.

This is such a creepy opening statement that there is no desire to answer at all.
Because this slightly pleasing remark is usually followed by something that makes people less than happy, either pulling out 99 kinds of 9.9 free shipping products or asking you for help to solve something troublesome.
Especially “beauty”, “handsome guy” this kind of call, will definitely remind people of the old saying: there is no free lunch, you must be up to something.
There’s really no need to ask if they are there, if they are, they will naturally reply to your message, and if they are not, the system will not automatically reply, so you can just explain your intentions openly, or bring up the topic, giving people the feeling of being much more comfortable.
Some even come up and ask, “Do you want to date?” Such kind of guys is generally shameless and their brain follows the command of the lower body of the animal. They don’t know and think that the teddy is a sperm.
Don’t such people black out and save it for when you drink too much to make yourselves vomit?

Borrowing money all the time.

Before, I chatted with colleagues, talking about Mr. Chen, I just suddenly remembered that he left last week before the loan of three thousand dollars has not yet returned. I sent a We Chat to ask him, only to receive a system response: the other rejected your We Chat.
Seeing this message, I was amazed, he should not block me for that money!
Then I called him again, but the number was already empty.
My colleague also tried to send him a We Chat and he replied: what’s up? Beauty!
The coworker replied to him: you blocked out her We Chat, and she just called you nut your phone was down!
Less than a minute after the message was sent, my colleague was blocked too!
We sighed to each other and then didn’t mention this person again. In fact, if he’s tight on money to pay back, he can just talk to us. It’s not like he has to pay it back now. Is it funny that he blocks us so he won’t pay us back?
The truth is that no matter how nice you are and how well you treat the people around you, there will always be people who don’t like you and delete you because you don’t have any friendship and you can’t cater to everyone, he only treats your relationship as a deal!
The ones who ask for money shamelessly just like your money, not you.

Very impatient with you.

Don’t you know that? Do I have to tell you?
Guys who can say things like that are usually completely self-centered and selfish ghosts. They think that in love, women should revolve around him and understand him. If the other party is not able to understand their thoughts and feelings, he will stubbornly think that the girl does not love him enough.
This kind of guy has no empathy at all. He won’t care about the girl’s feelings and he will just keep his own needs as the first and foremost priority.
This type of men will always blame women for not being considerate enough and not understanding their own feelings and needs. Through these actions, they make the women themselves feel guilty and blame themselves.
Don’t you block this kind of man out, are you afraid that your face is cold or that his ass is hot?

He came up here to check the account.

Some people think that they are good at chatting and have a book of topics in their mind.
The first time he add you, he can’t wait to tell them what he cares about.
“How many times have you been in love?”
“How many brothers and sisters do you have?”
“How old is your fifth cousin, and is she married?”
The other party will be embarrassed. They say they are natural socializer.
It’s really rude to ask brainless questions like this and still think he’s smart, so just block him out.

The first time he came up here, he wanted a picture.

Soon after greeting, he starts asking for photos. If you don’t have any photos, he will immediately reply, “Well, you take one now.
If you give him a p-rated photo, he’ll ask you: is there a plain one? I can’t even tell by the makeup.
How long has it been since you’ve talked to a human, seen a picture, or seen a woman? What are you so hungry for?

Open yellow gun. 

Don’t use bawdy word if you’re not familiar with the girl. Really, it’s not flirting. It’s harassment.
Most of the time girls don’t think you have a sense of humor, they just think you’re rude.
The funniest thing is that some trash have no idea how inappropriate and shameless their words and actions are. Instead they think you pretend to be cool and you don’t give people a chance to communicate and get to know each other.
No, no, no. We’re not from the same world. Let’s not get to know each other.

If you don’t fit, don’t force it. Separate early to stop the loss.